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It’s Freeeeeee! Part XXIV

Are you a teacher?

Do you like Chipotle?

Then today only (May 6, 2008) from 3pm to 10pm, flash your id showing you are a teacher, faculty member, or administrator and eat your tacos or burritos for free!

This is part of Teacher Appreciation week, and it’s nice to see teachers getting some love!

Have you done anything nice for the teachers in your life yet?

Fresh & Easy Pausing to Breath

Spent all weekend crying because Avril Lavigne canceled her concert in Anaheim? Turn your thoughts to something else. We’ll work through this together. [Insert gagging sound here] Try this on for size:

I know we discussed this when they first opened, but I thought I’d give and small update on the first 100 days. You see, there seems to be a sort-of “Go back to England” sentiment among commenters (from both trolls and casual commenters alike) about Fresh and Easy’s rethinking of their rollout schedule. I suppose it makes sense that people inherently don’t trust the British – our country was founded on not trusting the British. Still, I don’t really get the whole reactionary glee with which people seem to want this particular venture to fail.

Who’s behind the negative sentiment? My wife thinks it’s the union because F&E has non-union employees. Likewise who’s behind the seemingly endless media delight in trying to reduce Pinkberry to pile of rubble? I think it’s TCBY. Ok, I’m getting off track…

I have grown rather fond of F&E and have become a frequent shopper. Honestly it has to do with the low prices and the proximity to my home. If there was a Trader Joes in the neighborhood (which there isn’t) I might split my visits. Still, I think once you understand the concept of the small-format grocer, not unlike the kind I grew up with, the place takes on a sort-of convenient charm.

So what do you think?


Be sure and leave your thoughts in the comments…

Well, Excuuuse Me

I’m sorry Ms. Trader Joe cashier.

I’m sorry that my admittedly quite large reusable Costco shopping bag failed to meet your approval.

In fact, I happen to like it better than the rather tiny Trader Joe reusable bags because hello, I have a family and I can fit a lot of things into it.

I’m all for employees showing corporate loyalty and all that.

But when you audibly cluck your disapproval of my bags not once, not twice, but three times, I’m a bit offended.

I’m still doing my part to help the environment. Unfortunately, my bags did not pass the easy for you test, which seemed to be the biggest problem, despite my having brought them to your store many times without a peep from anyone else.

And you annoyed me enough that my extra large bags and I just might seek you out on purpose next time. 

It’s Freeeeeee! Part XXIII

I stole Gina’s famous subject line, but it’s for a tasty cause:  Free Stuff!

OC Weekly’s Gustavo Arellano says the flan at Taleo is the “best in the universe” and he’s not lying.  My wife has these weird cravings for the delicious concoction that require us to head south to Irvine and consume it with wild abandon.  We actually tried their flan before we read Gustavo’s review and proclaimed it the best we had ever tasted… ever… on the entire planet.  Yes, it’s that good.

So, ‘tis the season for good Mexican food, why not head down to Taleo and get a free appetizer or free dessert.  Of course I recommend you get the flan!

Click Here for the printable coupon and extensive review at The Orange County Mexican Restaurant Blog.  The coupon is legitimate (I used it last week with no issue) and is an excellent bargain.  Plus it doesn’t expire till 12/31/2008.

Eat up!

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