Orange County Fair- With Kids

We attended the Orange County Fair on Thursday, and thank goodness the weather decided to cooperate.  It was sunny, but still pretty cool and a nice breeze, even at 1pm.

My experience is colored by the fact that I have a five year old.  Thus, “big people” rides, the wine tasting area and the artisan village tend to be things that I don’t get to frequent.

But, if you have a kid, try to go there on a day that has one dollar rides.  Trust me, it will save you a heck of a lot of money.   You have to purchase the tickets (and I say that loosely because they use pre-loaded cards) by 5pm and ride by 7pm. Still, it’s a great deal and a better money saver than the free kid’s admission.  You don’t want to go on kid free admission day anyway, unless you want your kids to stand in line behind large hordes of day campers.  I’ve got nothing against day campers, except when the descend upon a ride ten at a time.  Then, it’s kind of a bummer when you get stuck behind them.

They are charging a ridiculous amount of money for the games (again, using the pre-loaded cards) and I would try to avoid them.  The only one that is worth it is the “fishing” game where you are guaranteed a stuffed animal no matter what.

Definitely try to see the animals at the Centennial Farm area.  Yes, you can often pet some of the show livestock and there is a petting zoo, but nowhere else are there cute, cuddly baby chicks and piglets to pet.  And, there are ample sinks in which to wash afterwards, unlike the show livestock area.

They again had the great idea to have the kid fun zone inside a nice, cool tent.  Seriously, whoever thought of that needs a raise.  Last year was the first year they implemented it, and it is a lifesaver for both the kids and the adults.

All in all, a fun time was had.  We always do, and there was nary a scary clown to be seen.

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  1. Jon (oc_jon) on July 20th, 2008 @ 11:46 am

    Any experience that is clown-free is okay by me!

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