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The official name is “Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen.” The experience, however, is far from your typical SoCal Mexican restaurant.

I was surprised to see it called a Mexican restaurant. The 4 times I’d eaten there, I tried food I had never tasted before. The dishes that stand out most are the mole dishes (that’s mole’, not the animal). I never thought of mole being a mexican dish, but in SoCal, most of what we get is either Baja-type food, or crap El Torito-type food, so how was I to know? Every meal I’ve had there has been amazing, and everyone I know who has gone there says the same thing.

I would suggest for you to sit at the bar. I’ve read some reviews telling readers sitting outside is perfect, but (as with The Filling Station) I feel outside can be too loud, as Glassell is a main thoroughfare. More importantly, however, when you’re outside you miss the amazing ambiance that has been created by Gabbi, the owner. Seriously, it’s beautiful inside. And I always suggest people sit at the bar whenever possible. Not only do you typically get faster service (no waiting for name to get called, server is stuck behind bar), but usually the bartenders are just so much fun to talk to!


Back to the interior of the restaurant. I LOVE it. I love how the outside is so plain, you could pass right by it and never know it was there (in fact I think I did for the first few weeks of operation). I’m pretty sure it was a good several months before they even put the “g” on the front of the building. And the interior…….wow. I’ve stated before I will not go into restaurants I’m not dining in to take pictures (until perhaps I get a nice camera and can look more professional), but I will direct you to their website for some gorgeous shots of their interior, menus, and the story behind Gabbi and her restaurant.

Have any of you eaten there? What were your experiences like?

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  1. elserracho on August 11th, 2008 @ 4:09 pm

    i concur with your bar sitting suggestion. that place can be an utter madhouse. best to get a couple of drink’s at gabbi’s then walk a couple of blocks over to taco adobe for superior food.

  2. Dave Share (daveshare) on August 11th, 2008 @ 4:46 pm

    Taco Adobe. I’ve been wanting to try that place since I moved to Old Towne 3 years ago!! I hope to try it soon and you can read about it in a future post! Any suggestions for their menu?

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