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Sustainable Cinema Film Series

This Sunday, July 20, The Camp in Costa Mesa will be screening five short educational films from the Wild & Scenic Film Festival as part of their Sustainable Cinema Film Series this summer. Each film addresses Southern California’s water shortage issues, the choices consumers make, and the effects on our oceans.

The films will be be shown outdoors in the parking lot next to Adventure 16. It’s BYOS (bring your own seat), but drinks and snacks will be available for purchase. (Though I’m not sure what their rule is about bringing your own food and drink.) Raffle prizes will also be available, with proceeds benefiting the Orange County Coastkeeper.

Your Guess is as Good as Mine


BUTTICE? WTF? I’m stumped. How ’bout you? Any guesses?

Fashion Island: Orange County’s Best Outdoor Mall


In our previous discussions about outdoor lifestyle centers malls, no mention was made of my favorite, Fashion Island.  Often overlooked because of the behemoth that is South Coast Plaza, it is a small gem of a place.  Owned by the all-encompassing Irvine Co., it actually manages to feel cozy.  

The good thing about Fashion Island is that you don’t even have to shop there to have a good time, especially with kids. There are many things to play on, around, and in, including the koi pond, splash fountain, carousel, train, and two other entertaining fountains.  I would describe it as very kid-friendly overall.

Due to its proximity to the beach, the weather is usually cool, even in the summer.  Well, at least cooler than a lot of other places. 

They don’t seem to have as many cookie cutter stores like some malls I will refrain from naming.   Granted they have the department store anchors, but many stores are ones that are at least a little harder to find.  The great store Toy Boat comes to mind.

If you go up the stairs or the escalators to the second level where the movie theater is located (not a very good one, unfortunately ) there is an extremely pleasant area with various restaurants and lots of seating, including some comfy couches. 

Sometimes when I don’t feel like spending a whole lot of money but feel like hanging out, I take my son and we always have a blast.

In my opinion, Fashion Island is definitely the best outdoor mall in Orange County.   Although if you are not a big fan of dogs, this is definitely not the place for you.  The last time I was there, at least one in ten people seemed to have a dog.  And surprisingly, even with all the dogs, I have never seen a doggy mess.  Which can only be a good thing.

Chew on This

I had all these little tasty morsels of news nuggets just lying around my “possible-post” folder and none of them really warranted a full fledged entry all their own. So here’s a little round-up of bloggy items that caught my attention.

LC from OC

It has been “reported” that OC native and former star of Laguna Beach, Lauren Conrad has just had her clothing line dropped from all the Los Angeles Kitson boutiques. Such a shame. It always breaks me up inside when a spoiled celebutant from who never deserved a stupid clothing line to begin with suddenly finds that she is not very successful. Meanwhile, in the real world, people like me are trying to figure out how to afford a home located somewhere near the ass-end of Anaheim. A goal that seems almost unattainable. I guess we’re both failures.

Angels Fatigue

Guess what? People don’t like the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Shocking. A snazzy post over at the LA Metroblog outlines the reasons why. If there was ever a topic that was more befitting of an LA/OC crossover blog post the Angels would be it. So this begs the question, if everyone else hates the Angels what does Orange County think? I smell a poll coming on…


Bat-shit Crazy

We may (or may not) want to be saddled with the Angels in our county but there is no way in hell we ever wanted convicted Manson devotee and psycho killer “Susan Atkins to be freed to spend her last days with her husband in Orange County.” Luckily that isn’t gonna happen as “an 11-0 vote, [by] a state parole board on Tuesday denied a petition”. Let her stay in the 909 because we certainly don’t want her. Yucky poo.


O’Neill clothing recently flung open the doors to the company’s one and only flagship store located at the Anaheim GardenWalk. Oooooh Aaaaaaah.They’re awfully proud of their big fake “wave wall” – apparently they’ve never laid eyes on a Ron Jon? Also, while I loves me some surf wear, I’d rather see the classic Orange County original Pacific Sunwear open a flagship store instead of O’Neill. We’ll just call it local pride.

That’s all there is. Run along now children, there’s nothing more to see here…

Obama Evildoer’s to meet in Secret OC Lair

Mu ha ha ha ha… as the sound of the evil laugh echos throughout the canyons of Orange County, there are evil doers amongst us who seek to do harm. They meet in secret to plot there dastardly plan to thwart the one that has been called the “great hope.”The location of the evil lair: Orange CountyTo be more exact, the location is Newport Beach. The same location where Barack Obama just raised more then John McCain.This league of evil-doers includes Floyd Brown and Jim Lacy, Brown is the man behind the “Willie Horton” add and Lacy is the Chairman of Western CPAC.The man behind reverse-discrimination (Now that is an oxymoron) lawsuits and the man who was called by USA Today the “dirtiest campaign strategist” are planning another evil deed.Get ready to fire up the “Obama” signal… (Hey, I had to work in my Batman reference)

Crosswalk Removal

I noticed this sign at Irvine Center Drive and Tesla.

It was only for the north/east side of Tesla as it crosses Irvine Center Drive.
Picture 5.png
The south side looks like it will still be open. I wonder why only one side? Does the signal use that much energy?

Has anyone noticed any other crosswalk removals?

Dog Days of Summer

I was going through my friends list on LiveJournal this morning when I came across a question about dog-friendly swimming locations in the OC Community. The original poster asked if there’s a public pool or beach in the OC where he can go swimming and let his pooch run around unleashed. A few folks piped in to suggest the Huntington Dog Beach, which stretches to about a mile along PCH between 21st St. and Seapoint St., and where dogs are free to run around on the sand and in the water.

I haven’t had a dog since I was in high school, but this sounds like such an awesome place to take our furry friends. If you’ve been to the Huntington Dog Beach, let us know what you think!

Old Towne Eats


This place needs no introduction to most North Orange County residents. However if you’re one of the few who haven’t heard of it, you are missing out big time.

Felix Continental Cafe (official name) is known for serving Cuban food…….good Cuban food at amazing prices. What many people don’t know, however is some of their dishes are from Spain (Sorry I don’t know which ones). The Cafe was established in the 70s and has managed to stick around all these years. On the weekends they serve International Breakfast dishes. I’m sad to report I haven’t tried it yet, but it always smells amazing and the breakfast menu is almost as big as their regular menu.

Not Cool Anymore, If it Ever Even Was

Listen, I attended a concert last night and just as the band took the stage, some idiot yelled out “Freebird!”

My fellow Orange Countians, I am sending out a universal call to all the drunken dumbasses out there:

Stop yelling “Freebird!”

You aren’t cool, it isn’t clever, and no one thinks you are funny. 

Or is it just me?


OC Register Misprint

Reading my local feeds this morning, I came across this typo took a screenshot (Left) . By this afternoon when I had a break I checked again and it was fixed (right).

Picture 3.png Picture 4.png

Anyone else see this?

Could this possibly be the result of having local news stories Outsourced to India for editing? Or is it just a typo that slipped by?

Edited to clarify: They spelled “Barack” “B a r a k” in the headline.

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