Bummed on the Bayou

Listen, I love Disneyland.  I am not a Disney hater, else I would not have shelled out the bucks for annual passes for the last eight years or so. 

But.  Warning because there is a major rant ahead.

Whatchu messin’ with the Blue Bayou for, Disneyland?

It was our son’s 6th birthday, so off we went for a day of escapist fun.  Wouldn’t it be nice, we thought, to have lunch at the Blue Bayou? We don’t do it often due to the prices, but considered this a special occasion and made the reservations.  Oh, and I figured I would order a Birthday Bucket as well so that a candle could be blown out.

Big mistakes, all.

First off, the man who scanned our passes at the gate did not even let us know that we could go to City Hall and get the special phone call and birthday button.  I mean, yes, we already knew, but what if we hadn’t?  Boo to the crabby old guy at the entrance gate.

Then it was finally time for lunch.  We were shown our table, exactly two steps from the waiting room.  Uh, no.  Waited ten minutes for a table right by the kitchen.  Sigh. Fine, we were hungry.

What happened to the lovely crusty sourdough rolls? What happened to the clam chowder?  What happened to the salads on the menu?  The au gratin potatoes are completey different and sucky. And what exactly happened to the kids menu? I know it’s supposed to be a classy place, but only four choices? No dessert included anymore for the young ones, either. Double boo.

Now we come to the complete ripoff that is the Birthday Bucket.  We all know that anything Disney is a bit of a ripoff, but this really took the cake.  The really, really bad and almost unedible cake that comes with the purchase of the bucket.  When a six year old pushes the cake away after three bites, that is a BAD cake.  And I wouldn’t exactly call the bucket “brimming” with surprises.  Try a Mickey sorcerer keychain, stickers, and a pin.  Not exactly my definition of “brimming,” and I’m a wee bit bitter at the twenty bucks we are out.

So next time, skip the Blue Bayou. And the Birthday Bucket. We would have had a better time eating at the Hungry Bear and throwing bread to the ducks.

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  1. Jon (oc_jon) on September 27th, 2008 @ 5:33 pm

    I’m with you Gina. Personally, I’m not a fan of the Blue Bayou. It’s prohibitively expensive and looks more appealing from the ride than it actually is. Even a seat by the water is less exciting than you’d expect.

    For a more pleasurable experience, where you can get the world famous Monte Cristo Sandwich, try the patio at Cafe Orleans. It’s cheaper and exactly the same. It may not offer a view of the New Orleans bayou but the views of the Rivers of America aren’t half bad.

    Oh and the garlic fries are super yummy!

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