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Coastal lookout

Face in the Cliffs

Face in the Cliffs

The other say when I was down at the beach I noticed the what looked like a face looking out from the cliff. One of those natural erosions that may have been enhanced by humans.
Surf crashing on the Beach

Surf crashing on the Beach

You can view this yourself on the public beach at the Montage Resort 30801 South Coast Highway Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Koffee Klatch

Koffee Klatch

Koffee Klatch

I found another addition to my previously published Coffegedon Survival
I am always looking for an alternative to the big chain coffee pushers.
The Koffee Klatch in Laguna Beach is a great local coffee shop/ internet cafe. The ambiance reminds me of a mix between a european bistro and an opium den. In addition to good coffee and a large tea
selection, brekfast and lunch are served all day. A great place to meet people, read, write
notes, work on that novel, or just hang out. Free Wi-Fi is available, which is always a bonus. In
addition to the comfortable interior, there is a patio outside with plenty of tables.
If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it.
Koffee Klatch Sign

Koffee Klatch Sign

The Koffee Klatch is located at 1440 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach Ca 92651 (949) 376-6867

Would You Eat at a Place Called Pancakes R Us

I did and it was tasty! It’s like IHOP, only better. Mmmmmmmmm… pancakes. Oh oh and they have all these yummy syrups and you know how I love to mix and match my syrups.


Ok, so they could definitely stand to have a better name but if a hardy breakfast is what you’re looking for, then this is the place! Check it out, they are open 7 days, 6AM – 10PM.

[Pancakes R Us is located at 329 E 17th St, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Ph: (949) 642-9424]

Winds are blowin’!

Winds are blowin’!, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

Be careful out there today, the winds are blowin' hard. Keep praying for no local fires!!

Early Voting in the OC

Just a friendly reminder that Early Voting began this week in Orange County! If you want to skip the looooong lines on November 4, just head on over to one of the 12 Early Voting locations, including Chapman University, Anaheim City Hall, John Wayne Airport, Westminster Mall, and more. Early Voting ends next Tuesday, October 28.

For a full list of locations, as well as info on what to expect and what to bring, check out

Reusable. Replaced for Free Forever.


This is the lovely and talented Fresh & Easy 20 cent “bag for life”!

Every once in a while I stop in to F&E on the spur of the moment. Sometimes I am in the “other car”, which is to say that my canvas bags somehow always seem to be in the car I am not driving. Anyway, it’s nice they introduced this reusable recyclable plastic bag for just those emergencies. When the sturdy bag finally wears out just bring it in and they will give you a new one for free and recycle the old one for you. If plastic aint your thang, don’t worry they also have reusable canvas shopping bags for 99 cents.

Your Orange County Fresh & Easy stores are getting greener and greener these days. Their recent 500,000 square feet solar panel installation at the regional distribution center is the size of five football fields and is one of the largest roof-mounted solar installations in North America. Not too shabby. When you pair that with the fact that F&E stores use 30% less energy than typical supermarkets, I’m hard pressed to find a reason not to shop there. If it’s not the health food or the low prices that draw you in, maybe their eco-friendly practices will do the trick.

Haunted Fullerton Tours

I am muy late with this info, but did you know about the Haunted Fullerton Walking Tours?

It seems that Fullerton has many ghosts, including ones in the police station (a disgruntled former arrestee, no doubt) and at the former California Hotel.

Tours will be given Wednesdays and Thursdays through November 6.  Bring comfy shoes and some water.  The tour isn’t recommended for children under the age of 13, so dude, it must be scary.

Reservations are pretty much a must, and hopefully there will still be some open spots if you wish to go on the tour.   For reservations and more information, call the Fullerton Museum Center at 714-738-6545.  Or go here to view the official press release.

Cat Bush!

Oh. My. God.

It’s a cat! It’s a bush!! It’s a cat bush!!! How can something so wrong seem so right? You should see what they do to it at Christmas: It has glowing red eyes and a candy-cane tie. I kid you not.


You have to drive by when you get the opportunity. This monstrosity is located in Anaheim – across the street from South Junior High School – on South St between State College Blvd and Sunkist St. Make sure and take lots of pictures; I’m sure the residents just loooooove that.

Loose Screw

I was goofing off reading Twitter to pass the time on the bus ride home today when I heard something hit the floor on front of me. I though someone on the upper level in the back had dropped a quarter or something, but I was wrong.
When I looked down I could see a screw on the floor and the lower handrail bracket vibrating back and forth. I put the screw back in the hole and gave it a partial turn, but it wasn’t going in much. At the next stop I let the bus driver know what had happened, so hopefully it will be repaired tonight before it fully comes loose.

Screw and the bracket it fell from

Screw and the bracket it fell from

It is kind of unsettling to see something like that happen on a DOT regulated vehicle. Granted, I don’t know what might have caused it to come loose, but for two screws to come loose (both were loose, only one fell out) I don’t think it happened just today. I also think if something had struck it hard enough to pull the screws out, there might be some damage to the pole it was attached to.
Thinking back, I wish I would have jotted down the bus number so so could report it just on case the driver forgets.
I just hope that OCTA is not skimping on their pre-trip and post-trip vehicle checks, because who knows what other things may be loose.

Craigslist Ad Wants You to Live the Presidential Lifestyle

“$309999 Live like Nixon in this Yorba Linda Townhome

Uh, I’m guessing that’s the post-Watergate residence, right?

Yes, I know that even Nixon never lived in a condo in Yorba Linda, I believe his last years were spent in San Clemente.  In a very large house in a very gated community.

But, real estate in Orange County must be doing very badly for a realtor to start invoking Nixon. And thinking it will work.

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