Speaking of OC Mega-Churches…

With all this talk of Rick Warren and his retarded emotionally stunted views on homosexuality and gay marriage one might be tempted forget about Orange County’s other obnoxiously ulta-religous evangelical elephant in the room: Mariners Church.

They’ve “been in and out of court” ever since Bob Gunn (a worship director at Mariners in a prominent role) was outed by the church’s director of women’s ministries. Within in a week, he was fired by pastor Kenton Beshore. Nice. You can read Beshore’s “lawsuit-insiring” sermon if that interests you. You can also consume a fantastic article in OC Weekly, titled “ When Mariners Church Fired Choir Director Bob Gunn for Being Gay, It Sparked a Six-Year Legal Battle”.

Gotta love OC’s mega-churches and their mega-asshole pastors. As Dave said in his recent post, “I’m quite positive my wife and I aren’t the only normal ones of the 60,000+ Saddleback members.” Can’t we have some really nice, open-minded people from Orange County get national press? Why do we seem to have so many of the other kind of people?

Who can I pick on next? Robert Schuller seems ripe for the plucking. Wonder what he’s been up to lately- besides firing his son that is? Actually, Schuller refuses to attack gay people and welcomes everyone to the Crystal Cathedral. He states he has no desire to add to the problems heaped on gays and lesbians by society and has had “homosexuals as representatives of [his] church the last 40 years”. Well I guess they’re not all mega assholes – and I do like that sexy gray and purple robe he wears on the Hour of Power. Still, if Schuller is the best we can do for an “accepting” OC mega-church then we’re in deep trouble.

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  1. Dave Share (daveshare) on December 26th, 2008 @ 1:50 pm

    We attended Mariners briefly. Eh…….

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