My Eyes! They Burn!

So I was driving home on the Southbound 5 when my eyes were assaulted by this huge, horrible flashing sign which I think was owned by an RV dealership. I think it’s in La Mirada, or maybe Santa Fe Springs. Either way, the thing is an abomination, and in my opinion, totally unsafe.

Of course we’ve all seen those signs on the Vegas Strip, kindly informing us about topless dancers (Voted Best on the Strip!) and 10X Craps. But on the side of a very busy freeway that is also undergoing major construction? Stupid, stupid. I’d be interested to know if there has been an increase in collisions since that sign was put up. Anybody work for the CHP?

The scary part is that I was in the far left lane, and it still made me wince and have to shield my eyes from the glare. Not to mention I was already dealing with the glare from the headlights from the cars going northbound on the 5, so I was getting it from both sides.

I don’t know who approved it, but those types of signs have no business on the side of a major highway. Or anywhere, to be honest.

I’m surprised that this type of thing is done in Democrat-controlled Los Angeles County. I would think that the gung-ho, pro-business protectionist Republicans that make up the bulk of the lawmakers in Orange County would have, ahem, signed on by now. But whatever the reason, I’m glad they have resisted so far, since I’m sure most businesses located on the side of the freeways are salivating to have them.

In fact, I am glad that for the most part, there are no tacky billboards in Orange County at all. I’m trying to think of some, and I can’t. There is certainly some overbearing store signage, but no billboards come to mind. I loathe driving to grandma’s and having my son see the heaving bosom of a pole dancer from the Spearmint Rhino, or a building-sized bottle of beer.

Huh, imagine that. I’m actually agreeing with Republican lawmakers! I’m going to go take my temperature, maybe I’m coming down with something.

(photo source: Wikimedia Commons)

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