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Merry Christmas, Orange County!

Last year's Santa at Disneyland, taken by moi

Last year's Santa at Disneyland, taken by moi

Stay safe, stay warm. Enjoy time with your loved ones, because even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, chances are you still have the day off!

I’ll let you know later if I found a lump of coal in my stocking, or something a bit better.

Why Rick? Why?

Anyone paying attention to the OC Metblog site or the LA Metblog site has seen 2 or 10 references to Rick Warren, head pastor for Saddleback Church. While I’m not a “member”, I have attended the church on and off over the last 4 years and have recently been going weekly to a Sunday night service for people in their 20s-30s called Fuse. Rick does not teach at Fuse.
I have always enjoyed when Rick would teach, he is an excellent speaker, however I haven’t always agreed with his views. Especially as of late.
More after the bump. (more…)

Oh How Embarassing

If Orange County were one big family then Rick Warren would be our slightly creepy but completely crazy as the sky is blue step-uncle. I have family members who attend his church – an Aunt whom I almost never speak to. I can’t imaging trying to engage her in a conversation about what exactly the mental deficiency is when someone, in this case Warren, believes gay marriage is equal to “having a brother and sister being together and calling that marriage” or even better, an “older guy marrying a child and calling that marriage”. Vomit.

Our friend Chal Pivik at LA Metroblogs recently pointed out that Rick has wandered blindly out of Orange County and has somehow stumbled into West Hollywood. Oh how embarrassing. He’s one of those members of OC’s great big famiy I’d rather just forget. And going to WeHo? Really? That’s like pissing on your mother’s new carpet and then offering to take pictures of yourself down at the local Carpeteria as retribution. How bout you get down on your hands and knees and beg for forgiveness huh? And while you’re down there…. kidding.

If you want to see a picture of Rick with his arm around (what can only be) a terrified homosexual click here. Take note of how, um, delightful Rick looks. Mmmmmm mmmmmm! Doncha just wanna dip him in honey?

Where in OC: Holiday Results


[Click to Big-O-Late]

The results are in and you are all losers! Either that or the picture was too tough. I figured the giant sunburst on top would be a dead giveaway.

Anyhoo, the answer is: The Christmas tree in the Lobby of Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.

If you have never been to the hotel, it features a rooftop pool, standard rooms and a pretty tasty Hawaiian themed breakfast with Lilo & Stitch.

Tip: Want dinner but dread the hassle of Disney parking? If you eat at one of the hotel’s two restaurants (Yamabuki or PCH Grill) you can valet the car for free. No fuss – no muss – easy as pie.

Join me again next time (probably in June) to play Where in OC? Hey what do you guys think of me opening it up to user submitted photos? Sounds like way more fun than doing all the work myself huh?

Fans of the Double-Decker, Rejoice!

For Bob’s Big Boy is returning to Orange County!

According to the Fast Food Maven, they will be opening at the Stadium Promenade, down the street from the Pond the Honda Center on Katella.

Whenever we go to the Griffith Observatory, we always make sure to hit up the location in Burbank, so I will be happy to decrease the drive by several tens of miles to fulfill my Hot Fudge Cake fix.

Hopefully, the new location will maintain that old-fashioned feel in its shiny new digs. And between this and the Farrell’s openings, I will be able to spend almost an entire culinary day back in the 1970’s.


A report from Senator Boxer about the economic health of California counties has this to say about Orange County, with the figures most likely coming from Moorlach, the Senator’s local contact.

Population: 3,121,251
Unemployment rate: 6%
Foreclosure filings Jan-Nov 2008: 42,995 (1 per every 24 households)
Local Contact: John Moorlach, Supervisor Chair, County of Orange
Boxer Staff Member: Gina Semenza
Date Contacted: December 3, 2008

Orange County is experiencing reduced State funding, property values, and sales tax revenue. In December, the County disclosed plans to lay off 210 social service jobs along with mandating over 4,000 additional workers to take two weeks off with out pay as a direct result of anticipated reduction in State funding. Targeted employees are social workers and welfare eligibility technicians, whose work directly impacts the neediest individuals and families.
The County does not yet know the extent of recent tax loss, but the County Treasurer’s office has noticed a significant increase in the use of multiple credit cards to make one property tax payment. The existing tax base is shrinking because of a slowdown with commercial buildings and a lack of new properties being built. The County does not report any significant increase in crime or code violations as a result of foreclosed and empty properties.

Did you see that foreclosure figure?! One per 24 households?! That is truly an insane number. I’m figuring that is pretty much one house per block, on average.

I also noticed that unlike other counties, Orange did not state actual numbers of estimated revenue shortfall, which is either disingenuous or alarming, depending on how you look at it.

To view the entire pdf report for all California counties, go here.

Brea Mall Hell!

I just survived the trauma of shopping at the Brea Mall. Barely.

Why is it a form of torture?

Because the way they have the parking lot set up, people coming in to the mall have the right of way (sorry suckers that are trying to leave, we’ve already taken your money and there’s nothing you can do!), making it pratically impossible to get out. Add to that the general lack of parking and the shitty way the parking structures are set up with anybody being able to go into any lane, and you have an experience that leads to an inevitable rise in blood pressure. It took me a half hour just to get out of the structure. I would have been better off parking across the street!

Whoever thought up the design for that kind of parking lot should be forced to spend their afterlife trying to find a parking spot during the holiday season, the Brea Circle of Hell, if you will.

Holidays in OC: The Horror of Macy’s


[Photo by yours Truly – Inside the Main Place Macy’s]

Good Christ! Just because something costs a fortune does not mean it’s in good taste. Case in point: this wall of overpriced holiday sweaters at Macy’s. See, this is what happens when you ban WAL-MART Super Centers in Orange County – other retailers steal their inventory.

Cotton Candy Menorah

This afternoon at the Irvine Spectrum Center as I took my break I was greeted by a large crowd and a cotton candy menorah. (last year it was made of donuts, I believe) Music was playing, people were dancing, people of all faiths and backgrund were dancing. A great time. It is the first night of Chanukah and the Chabad of Irvine is hosting it’s annual celebration at the Irvine Spectrum Center.

They will also be celebrating Tuesday evening at The District in Tustin.

Happy Chanukah Orange County!


[Photo of the tacky electric Menorah in my front window taken by Yours Truly]

Yes, I know, I am not supposed to have them all lit until the eighth and final night of Chanukah (not pronounced Can-ook-uh you dumb ass). However, I don’t plan on doing a nightly update of each torch being lit for the Metroblog, so for photo purposes you get to see the big show before the end. Think of it as me prematurely blowing my holiday wad.

I hope you all have a grand time kindling the Chanukah lights and reciting the Hanerot Halalu. Be sure to have some extra helpings of tasty fried latkes for those who don’t participate. Best wishes to all!

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