Standing Siesta

Yesterday while riding in Garden Grove I noticed this man taking a “standing siesta” around 8am.
I am guessing him to be homeless by the bags of stuff attached to his bike, but I could be wrong. With his cowboy hat tilted down over his eyes and wrapped in a blanket, it looked as if he had found away around the system. He leaned against his bike and the light pole to keep himself upright. I observed him for a few minutes while at the credit union and every so often he would look around to see if anyone were coming his way.. I am guessing as long as he doesn’t lay down, the cops won’t bust him. (coincidently, the cops had a woman doing a field sobriety test in the same parking lot at this time.)

I give him kudos for his lean-to nap ingenuity.
How do you readers feel about people napping in public? Is this any different than in a park besides being private property? Personally, if someone isn’t bothering anyone or in the way of a business, take a nap wherever one wants.

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