Anaheim Public Utilities Gives Customers a Free Gift

Imagine my surprise when I opened the mail box and found two free Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) waiting inside.


One of the many reasons that my utility company is better than yours. I get drastically lower rates, better customer service and free stuff. If you don’t currently use CFLs you should start right away – at the very least they will save you some dough on your power bill. When I moved to town five years ago, the wife and replaced every bulb in the house with CFLs (or very low wattage halogen lamps) and since then we have only had to change one light bulb. One bulb in five years is a pretty good track record, and we have even moved once during that time!

IKEA usually has the best prices and they also package many of their bulbs in a rubber (cool to the touch) casing that looks like a normal bulb that you are accustomed to and gives off a nice warm glow – not the glaring florescent bluish tint that you see in grocery stores.


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  1. frazgo on January 25th, 2009 @ 10:05 am

    Jon the one problem people seem to forget is that CFL’s can cause some serious health problems for people.

    In the UK the Epilepsy groups successfully litigated to stop the ban of regular bulbs in favor of the CFL on the basis of health problems. Turns out that the constant flicker of a CFL is enough to trigger a seizure in those sensitive to light.

    Migraine sufferers joined in the litigation for health reasons as well. As a migraine sufferer I can tell you that when I am in pre-migraine stage the flicker is enough to push me over the edge. While in a migraine the flicker is not unlike electrically charged spikes running through my head with each flicker, which is 60 times a second. (Even the scanning line in the TV brings about the pain…dim incandescent is at least tolerable)

    CFL’s are great, but the old fashioned bulbs need to be around. I have plenty of CFL in the house. On days where migraines aren’t an issue we use them. The point is you can’t just ban as there are plenty of people whose health is significantly impacted.

  2. Jon (oc_jon) on January 25th, 2009 @ 11:59 am

    We’ll just agree to disagree on this one. I don’t want to get into a whole debate about it. Suffice to say there are solutions that would work for those with medical issues and still allow for a ban of these grotesque power hogs.

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