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What in Gay Hell is This?


[Photo courtesy of Yours Truly]

Take a gander at these new “What Will You Celebrate?” floral arrangements on the Main Street lamps posts inside of Disneyland. They’re so… um… lovely… no? Oh and they’re fake too, which is totally cheating! What’s next? A giant party hat on The Matterhorn?

Newport Beach-Red, Blue, or mostly White?

Last month on LA Eastside, Browne Molyneux posted an article sparked by another article by the LA Times.
While it was done in satire, it does bring up some valid points. Why if certain cities or neighborhoods are held to higher standards of diversity as compared to those areas that are mostly white? Is the fact that some of these cities have more money and influence to make their cities look multicultural?
Browne makes remark:

“I discovered that Newport Beach wasn’t as white as you could get, Newport Coast was as white as you could get. Apparently in Newport Coast there are lots of Starbucks and lots of shopping opportunities and even more if you go to Newport Beach.”

As a counter, Gustavo Arellano, a writer for the OC Weekly, make the point:

“Newport Coast ain’t as white as you get in Orange County. It has a bunch of Persians and Asians. As white as you get is Balboa–the Island and the Penninsula.”

You know what? I agree with them. It was something I never thought about until reading this article. I lived on Balboa Island for 9 years, and guess what? My neighbors were white, and I honestly don’t recall much ethnic diversity on Balboa Island unless you count the the workers at the restaurants or gardening or construction. It sounds kind of harsh, but it is true. Same goes for the Peninsula. Again most of the ethnic diversity is relegated to those that provide services to those that live there, or the beach going tourists.
Does Newport Beach lack diversity? According to 2005-2007 Census study, 89% of the population of Newport Beach was white. The second highest was Asian at 6.5%.
Not very diverse or multicultural. Unless one counts surfing, sailing, roller blading, tennis, shopping, and golfing as other cultures.

Kean Coffee Opening in Tustin!

Kéan Coffee is planning to open up their second OC location next month in Tustin! Yay!

Anaheim Public Utilities Gives Customers a Free Gift

Imagine my surprise when I opened the mail box and found two free Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) waiting inside.


One of the many reasons that my utility company is better than yours. I get drastically lower rates, better customer service and free stuff. If you don’t currently use CFLs you should start right away – at the very least they will save you some dough on your power bill. When I moved to town five years ago, the wife and replaced every bulb in the house with CFLs (or very low wattage halogen lamps) and since then we have only had to change one light bulb. One bulb in five years is a pretty good track record, and we have even moved once during that time!

IKEA usually has the best prices and they also package many of their bulbs in a rubber (cool to the touch) casing that looks like a normal bulb that you are accustomed to and gives off a nice warm glow – not the glaring florescent bluish tint that you see in grocery stores.


An Open Letter to Edwards Theaters in Anaheim Hills

We were not nearly as happy as these people

We were not nearly as happy as these people

Dear Edwards in Anaheim Hills,

First, may I start off by saying $8.50 is pretty expensive for a matinee showing? 

Especially when the Starlight Cinema down the street has matinees for only $5.00.  Sometimes cheaper if you go the the pre-noon showing. And their theaters are nicer, too.  I don’t usually go to your theater, but you happened to be the only one playing Slumdog Millionaire.

But what really upsets me is that for the same full price of almost nine bucks, you make me go sit in the cruddy theater, the one without stadium seating.  Somehow I feel that if I have to sit in the cheap seats, I should get to pay the cheap seat price. 

And maybe that will help get people back at your theater, because compared to the Starlight Cinema, you are deserted.  They even have a Starbucks and a Golden Spoon right next door.  Whereas you have, well, nothing. So in order to entice people in, you should consider lowering your prices.

Just an idea.



Our Zito’s Closed!

While driving through the little shopping strip on the corner of Chapman and Jamboree, I noticed that Zito’s Pizza was gone. I know they still havr other OC locations, but this was the closest to us. Bummer!

On the other hand, the pizza over at Wise Guys (in the strip off Chapman and Newport) is pretty darn tasty!

Give Blood, Beat L.A.!

Over on LA Metblogs, David Markland just put up a post that LA area public service agencies (police, fire and even FBI) are competing in their 3rd annual Battle of the Badges from January 20 – February 2.

“But Dave, what on earth does this have to do with Orange County???”

Well, as it turns out, Orange PD and Santa Ana Sheriff’s Dept. are participating too. So I say we show those LA folks we can rock it out down on this side of the curtain and kick their butt! For more information on the drive just click here.
In case you’re not convinced the Red Cross need your blood, think again. Less than 3% of our population donates blood. Not so good if you need an emergency transfusion. So do it.

If you require compensation for your blood, the Red Cross is giving out a FREE t-shirt and 2 free Clippers tix. (Orange is throwing in a gift certificate to Daphne’s Greek Restaurant too!)

Breaking News! Bomb Scare At Chapman??

Just drove by the Chapman campus and saw lots of people standing around outside the “caution”-taped quad. Then at the intersection of Glassel and Palm I saw this:

As I got closer I saw a glimpse of one of the little bomb-go-getter robots. I tried to snap a pic, but I was driving so I didn’t aim well enough and I missed. Does anyone know if I’m right?

Reactions to OC’s Rick Warren Inaugural Invocation

I had to DVR the entire inaugural ceremony as I had important things to do this morning. Can I just say how much DVR has changed my life? Seriously.

I watched the invocation from Saddleback’s Rick Warren with trepidation. Would he say something outrageous? Would he embarass himself?

Well, I would say that neither happened. I thought that it was fairly tame, actually. It seemed heartfelt. There was no speaking in tongues or crazy exhortations. So we’ll count that as a plus.

I know there are people out there who feel hurt and betrayed by Rick Warren, and I understand that unless a halo appeared above his head during the speech and he was carted bodily into heaven by angels, you will never like him. And heck, maybe not even then.

But, as far as the invocation goes, I thought it was fine. If I may be so bold, I even think that Gustavo Arellano was pleased.

What did you think?


Supercross in OC!

View of the track from my awsome seats!

View of the track from my awsome seats!

Saturday night, supercross came to Anaheim Stadium for the second time this year. For those not in the know, supercross is dirt bike racing, and is usually held inside a stadium. For the last 20 or so years, Anaheim Stadium has hosted this spectacular event. In fact, Southern California is really where the sport got catapulted into what it is today. But was it fun?

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