Octomom Hiding?

I’ve been trying not to follow the Octomom saga, but it’s everywhere! Plus, I’m generally pissed off at the idea that any of our taxpayer money has helped her horde children, ESPECIALLY since she doesn’t consider the benefits she has been receiving as “welfare.” Sorry, honey, but the only reaction you got from me by going on TV with your perfectly manicured hands is one of anger.

So now she’s supposed to be in hiding, according to an OC Register story. I kept wondering what I would say to her, if I ever ran into her in person. Would I tell her that our own hospital bills from St. Joe’s and CHOC to deliver our SINGLE preemie child amounted to $126,000 and change — then ask her how she intends to pay for her bills to deliver her EIGHT babies? I would ask her if she planned on shopping her story to the media, knowing that it would be sensationalized, in order to earn money to raise her kids. Or did she just expect that the government will continue to bail her out? (Ha, everyone’s getting bailed out anyway, right?) Maybe she and her publicist (yes, she has one) are simply relying on the good will of others to donate funds and items. Don’t forget, their web site takes all major credit cards and Paypal! In these tight economic times, anyone still rich enough to help her raise HER children should at least receive updated letters and photos from her kids.


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  1. frazgo on February 15th, 2009 @ 11:58 am

    AT least it isn’t going to be your freaking tax dollars footing the bill she lives in LA county (whittier) and the babes were born at Kaiser Downey also LA County. At worst OC will get stuck with helping with her education at CA State Fullteron IF she is serious about that nursing degree. LA County gets the estimate freaking ONE MILLION dollar price tag on the delivery and neo-natal intensive care afterwards.

    Damn…I wish I had a way to breed and get the county and state to pick up the tab for me.

    I sincerely hope the nimrod running the fertility clinic has to cough up from his med-mal carrier for this breach of ethics.

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