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Arrested Development Movie is a Go!

banana-standThat’s right, Orange County’s favorite dysfunctional family is reportedly making it to the big screen.

About damn time.

The Huffington Post has a clip of producer Ron Howard giving the affirm.

Apparently Michael Cera aka George Michael, is the lone cast holdout. George Michael, don’t make me come over there and kick your ass!

So, fans of the Banana Stand, rejoice!

P.S. According to a comment from my esteemed colleague pittrollie, I will no longer have to kick George Michael’s ass. You got lucky, kid!

Lush is the Poor Man’s Basin


So I took Tracy’s advice and stopped by Lush at the Anaheim GardenWalk. My reaction? Meh. It’s a nice enough environment but it’s nothing you can’t find in Basin over at Downtown Disney.

Oh and Basin is cheaper too. A little price comparison: Lush’s Big Blue Bath Bomb = $5.80 whereas Basin’s comparable Pacific Ocean Bath Bomb comes in at just $3.99. The ingredients aren’t identical but neither is tested on animals and both are vegetarian.

Also of note, some of Lush’s soaps seem to be a bit heavy on the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Propylene Glycol. Nothing like a little airplane de-icer to make you feel tingly all over!

For my money (and a discount for Cast Members as well), I’ll stick with Basin thankyouverymuch. Anyone know of a different (or even better) place in OC to pick some all natural handmade bath items? If so share with the rest of the class.

FREEEEEE Quiznos!!!

Hurry, quick! Go HERE to sign up and recieve a FREE Quiznos sub!

BTW, they’re only giving away 1,000,000 but lucky for you, as of this post, they’ve only given away 28,000.

So do it! It’s FREE!!!!!!!!!

Yes We Can! Uh, Wax Your Legs?

I always pass by Platinum Strands Salon on Chapman in Orange, and I’ve been baffled ever since they put up this sign outside.

I think it first went up after the November elections. Yes We Can! At first I thought it was just a sign showing their support for Obama, but as I read what’s below it, all I could think of was, “Wait, what?” Full Service Salon? So, they’re basically piggybacking on Obama’s campaign to advertise their services? Yes they can give you a new haircut, wax your legs, AND do your nails!

Piggybacking in advertising is nothing new, I know. This reminded of the poster spotted outside a hair salon in Venice, but this one just seemed … less witty and much more tacky.

You Know Who I Don’t Like?


The Orange County Mining Co. that’s who. What a bunch of tools. The wife and I called them up because we wanted some details about the special menu they were offering for Orange County Restaurant Week. Never having been there, we checked out the web site and couldn’t find any fixed hours. So when we called, the first question my wife asked (she was on speakerphone) was “What are your hours of operation today”.

The fellow on the other end replied, “Just one moment while I place you on hold”.

Then two minutes passed — thank God for those call timers on your cell phone — and finally a woman answered and said ”How may I help you?“

My wife again asked, ”How late are you open this evening?“

The woman said ”When would you like to come in?“

My wife again said ”I just need to know your hours please…“

Of course the women said ”Uh… just a moment“ and slapped her back on hold.

Finally, minutes later, a third man came on the line and essentially repeated the conversations above. She finally convinced this third person to tell her he wasn’t sure when they closed. ”8:30 perhaps“ was his final answer. When she hung up I wondered aloud how they could be sure it wasn’t a restaurant critic calling – to which my wife said, ”Who says it wasn’t?“ Touché.

So listen up OC Mining Co., figure out your hours, post them by your telephones and instruct your employees in the the basics of customer service. You’re running a fine dining establishment not a bake sale – the difference between the two being the bake sale organizers know when they close.

FREEEEEE Pancakes!!!!

FREEEEEE Pancakes!!!!, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

The picture says it all! This tuesday Feb 24 from 7am-10pm you can get FREE pancakes at your local IHOP. It says ‘;participating locations’; so I wouldn’t count on the one across from Disneyland

Will We Ever Shake This Image?

If you haven’t seen Milk then at least try to think back and recall the whole mess with Briggs, Orange County and Prop 6.

Oy. I swear we are going to be laden with this garbagey image for-freaking-ever. I suppose the image has changed a little in recent years. Now people think we’re vapid and shallow on top of being bigoted homophobic pigs. This new image requires a special shout out to Laguna Beach, The OC and The Real Housewives of Orange County – thanks assholes!

I swear, just when it seems like we’re getting a leg up reputation wise Rick Warren will go and say something really stupid or some deranged sociopath will shoot himself in the Crystal Cathedra. Now Milk takes us for a ride down memory lane, back to the bad old days when men were men and faggots had better start running… shameful!

Still there is much to love about where we all live right? Maybe I’ll try and post some “I (heart) OC” entries in the future. I love it here but I’ll be damned if I can figure out exactly why. What do you love about Orange County? Is it the people? Or is it the location? Or is it something else altogether?

O.C. Lush is open!

For all you Orange County Lushies – that’s what us Lush devotees are called – out there, the Anaheim GardenWalk store opened on Wednesday, February 18. All I can say is YAY! Unfortunately I was not able to be there on their first day of business in O.C., but fear not, I went today. 

Lush, Anaheim GardenWalk

Lush, Anaheim GardenWalk

Did I tell you I LOVE this store? No, you didn’t get the memo? Here is is again: I LOVE THIS STORE!!!

As I might’ve mentioned, I love the store. However, I’m not in love with the location. It’s still far for me, but closer than Santa Monica. I live in South County and granted, I was on the 5 at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday so it took me 45 minutes to get there. I personally think it would do better at the Irvine Specturm Center or South Coast Plaza. I was shocked at how dead GardenWalk was on a Friday afternoon. I mean no one was there. No one.  Considering what a gorgeous day it was I thought more people would be out and about. The mall is less than 50% occupied. I stopped by the Spectrum on my way home and it was much busier. Regardless, Lush will definitely bring people to the GardenWalk.

According to the store manager, Brittany, they will be hosting their grand opening party on Saturday, March 21. She encourages everyone to sign-up for e-mail notifications or to watch the Lush Forum for information. Brittany said it will most likely be a R.S.V.P. event and will include a goodie bag. 

Val007 made this post yesterday: 

We are so excited to be open, and we had a wonderful first day!
You can check us out and be our friends at Myspace (, Facebook (the group is Lush Anaheim), and Twitter (again, LushAnaheim). By joining our groups at these sites, you’ll be the first to hear about all of our events, promos, and PARTIES! Also, feel free to shoot us an email with your thoughts, ideas, and feedback at Can’t wait to meet everyone in our BEAUTIFUL new store!

If you want to score points with your significant other this is the store to go to. Yes, it may be a bit pricey, but everything is totally worth it and smells divine. Oh, and if you spend $40 you get a free Therapy massage bar.

Lush Anaheim GardenWalk is located at:

321 W. Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92802 

Let me know what you think. Are you as addicted as I am?

Orange County Restaurant Week

Zov's Bistro- Tustin

Zov's Bistro- Tustin

Recession getting you down?

What better way to drown your sorrows than in a great meal at a low(er) price? Starting February 22 and lasting until the 28th, it might be time to try out a restaurant you’ve had your eye on.

That’s the idea behind Orange County Restaurant Week, in which many cafes and fine dining establishments are offering lower prices. There are prix fixe dinners at $20, $30, and $40. Lunches can be had for $10 and $20.

Go here for a list of all participating cafes and restaurants.

Today’s Parking Tard …

… is brought to you by none other than SKWERT!



Found at the Souplantation parking lot off Newport in Tustin.

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