I Love You Man

Oh thank God it was funny… and a little sad. Even more depressing is the fact that I can identify with the lead character. This is someone who’s well meaning, pleasant and really does want to make new friends – even ones he doesn’t gel with. To connect with another person is essential to humanity, this is something our future robot overlords must remember if they want to keep their human slaves pets happy.

There is something so appealing about Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Andy Samberg.  I don’t know what it is exactly but I know I like it! Rudd eases into his awkward everyman shtick, Segel shows his legendary willingness to embarrass himself for our viewing pleasure and Samberg gives one of the most honest understated performances in film that’s chalked full of honest understated performances.

I suppose that’s the beauty of I Love You Man, it’s out-there but not too far out-there.  Take Jason Segel for instance, the wacky friend who makes those around him faintly uncomfortable, he never takes the performance to the zany levels that Ben Stiller, Jim Carrey or Jack Black probably would.  By holding back most of the crazy and reeling in the unrealistic antics he saves what could have been really really really annoying film.

They call it a bromance.  Hmmmmmm.  That’s a word straight people came up with in an effort to define a deep and abiding friendship between two men.  Why call it anything at all?  Why can’t we just accept friendship for what it is?  Rudd’s friendless character is lonely and he finally found someone, albeit someone a little off the beam, to fill that void. It is what it is. The whole experience is an exercise of turning stereotypes on their ear. Of course most of the social psychology might go over some people’s heads – if it does they’ll find joy in the vomit jokes. I found pleasure in both.

The Orange County Perspective: Residents of our fair county will find comfort in the warm SoCal locations and the rich culture of everyone’s favorite fantasyland that never was: Venice Beach.  You’ll also take note, late in the film, of the exploitation of California’s billboard roadside car culture.  Because that’s what OC/LA is all about: driving your car and consuming everything in your path. See a witty billboard with something for sale?  I’ll buy two of those!  The only thing that doesn’t ring true is Rudd’s character being a successfully real estate agent -yeah right!

I Love You Man is currently showing at all major OC theaters: Edwards/Regal, AMC, Century, The Movie Experience and Krikorian

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