What Will You "Celebrate"?

So tell me something, have you been out to see Disneyland’s newest parade? The Parade of Dreams went bye-bye and the newest pavement spectacular, Celebrate!, debuted at Disneyland on March 27th, 2009.


Our new found friends over at the Around DIsney Blog have also posted a “taste of” video highlighting parts of the new parade currently snaking it’s way down Main Street USA on a daily basis.

These videos look… um.. interesting. So what do you think? Does this new offering measure up?

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  1. Dave Share (daveshare) on April 2nd, 2009 @ 1:03 pm

    Ha! I was just having drinks with the dancer in the red shirt last night! (Hi Nick!)

    As someone that’s been hearing about this parademoving show-stop for a few months now from the different performers, I have to say…….I didn’t dislike it. I know for 50th Disney stepped it up with Parade Of Dreams (well….the floats were nice at least) and Block Party. But not all of the parades can be that successful (I was in Eureka for crying out loud). I will admit they need to stop selling it as a parade. It’s obvious they’re capitalizing on the idea the Block Party made work very well…..audience participation. Play songs everyone knows and can sing along with and pull them into the action.

    Now, is it up to the standards that I (as well as cast members and annual passholders) know they are capable of? Hell no. But for the general population that attend Disneyland on a daily basis, it’s pretty cool. And for kids, to be out dancing with their favorite character I’m sure is amazing.

    I will say though, my favorite part was seeing Mickey Mouse dance the hip hop section of "I Love Rock N Roll". Whoever "helped" Mickey out for that show rocked it out.

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