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Earthquake in LA!


Holy Shit! That was significant. I hate being naked during these things… standing in a door frame with no pants. That’s not how I’d like to die thanks.

Patchwork- Indie Arts and Crafts Festival

Do you crave independent, high-quality, nonconformist goods?

Then Patchwork might be just the place for you.

Being held tomorrow near the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, this event features emerging crafters and their goods, yummy food, and even music!

For more info, pop on over to their official website for directions and times.

17th Annual Duck-a-Thon in Huntington Beach


Yes, friends, it’s that time again. Time to watch hundreds, if not thousands of yellow rubber duckies in the waters of the Pacific off the Huntington Beach pier. If yours is one of the first 50 that make it back to shore, you get a very special prize!

This fundraiser benefits the AltaMed Huntington Beach Community Clinic, which serves thousands of un- and underinsured patients every year.

According to the official website:

The Duck-A-Thon™ begins Friday evening with a Sunset Wine Tasting at the Pier. This beautiful setting provides as a wonderful kick-off for the weekend. Local restaurants supply an array of tantalizing hors d’oeuvres while wineries from across California donate boutique wines that are poured all evening.

The actual Duck-A-Thon™ takes place all day Saturday & Sunday. Vendors line Huntington Beach Pier Plaza to sell arts & crafts, yummy treats, home décor, jewelry and much more.

A larger – than – life Children’s Area includes bounce houses, retired rubber duck decorating, games, a toddler’s zone and prizes!

Sounds like a worthy and worthwhile event! You can even buy your duckies online at the official site! Race time starts at 3pm Saturday, but this is a three-day event.

Loving Our Beaches to Death

According to The ScienceDude, a study done by UCSB has found that Orange County beaches in particular have had quite a bit of damage done by, you guessed it, people.

Well, it’s no surprise that the more people visit something, the more jacked up that something tends to get. Think of the Sistine Chapel, or the caves of Lascaux, or the entire city of Rome. Ha, kidding on that last one. Sort of. But, eventually they figured out that reducing human exposure was actually a good thing, even though some of that damage was done inadvertently, from like, the act of breathing. Hard to avoid, that. However, if you wanted to limit the damage, then you had to limit the people.

So why not the same for our coastline? Sure, beaches may be public, but that shouldn’t necessarily mean that anyone who wants to be there should be there. Many buildings are “public” spaces, but the amount of people allowed is not infinite.

Perhaps we should limit the amount of people allowed on the beach per day, lumping sunbathers and recreational fisherman all together. After that amount has been reached, then someone can only arrive if someone else leaves.

Our beaches and coastline are precious natural resources. Let’s not screw them up for future generations in the name of “Me, me, me!”

Can You Taste It?

It’s time for the Taste of Anaheim again. Actually this is the fourteenth annual Taste of Anaheim and it’s this Thursday! They have moved the venue to Anaheim Garden Walk this year, which is a good move. The place is half empty and they should make pretty good use of the unused space.

My favorite entertainment on the schedule is LIGHTS: The Premier Tribute Band to Journey. Holy crap how exciting is that? The web site says “LIGHTS infuses the air with electricity and ignites the crowd with energetic fire. Experience The Premier Tribute to one of the truly great bands in Rock and Roll… Journey.” Oh my… they will infuse the air? Sound dangerous.

They also have somebody called Oreo Divas performing and lets not forget Eli Mattson: Americas Got Talent Finalist. What a get! [smirk] Anyway, the cheesy entertainment and the large list of participating restaurants should be well worth the price of admission ($40.00 at the door).

Who wants to meet me there for some Journey induced madness? The big list of participating vendors is available after the jump.


I still believe in public transportation

Today I wanted to go to Disneyland to visit some friends who are here from out of town for MouseAdventure put on by My wife had to work and needed the car so I thought I would try the bus. A couple weeks ago I did the sametrip and I was there in an hour, but this being a Sunday and Mother’s Day, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It turns out the trip is only an hour and a half due to a thirty minute wait between the two buses.

I used that time to get coffee, a snack, catch up on some news, and start this article on my iPhone.
Even better the 2nd of the two buses for this trip has reclining seats!

The total fare one way is $3.00, but for $4.00 one can buy a day pass and save $2.00 if doing a round trip. (I have a monthly pass)

I arrived at the bus stop at Katella and Harbor at 9:45 and was inside Disneyland at 9:58 am, just an hour and thirty-five minutes from when I left my house, and already had breakfast.
It may have taken me about 15 minutes more from my door to a Dole Whip Float, but it was surely less stressful. I was able to write this on the way. Even better I didn’t have to stress about driving, parking, or wondering which tram I would get from the parking lot.

While there have been OCTA cutbacks recently, there are still plenty of workable routes to get around Orange County.

Remembering The End Cafe


Whenever we go to the Huntington Beach pier and eat at Ruby’s, I always remember the restaurant that used to be there.

Yup, I’m talking about The End Cafe.

Instead of the corporate slickness embodied by Ruby’s, The End Cafe was good old-fashioned eats at a family-owned business. I was particularly fond of their grilled cheese sandwich, a perfect symphony of just the right amount of gooey cheese and thick egg bread.

My friends and I ate there not long before its second incarnation was destroyed by storms in 1988. The first building was destroyed, again by storms and the accompanying large waves, in 1983. We were on the second story, and the view was lovely, as always. If only I had known that was going to be the last time I would eat there. I surely would have at least taken a picture.

And while I’m glad a similar destruction hasn’t visited Ruby’s, I kind of wish they had fixed the stuctural problems the first time so that Ruby’s wouldn’t even be there. Sorry, Ruby’s.

Sure, Alice Gustafson owns Alice’s Breakfast in the Park at Huntington’s Central. I’ve not eaten there, but I’ve heard they serve a mean French Toast.

But, it isn’t quite the same. I miss you, End Cafe.

So Bad It’s Good Newspaper Headline

Woman carrying noodles hospitalized after being hit by car

Everyone wants to know how the noodles are doing.

The Dead

Who’s with me?

Fountain Valley School Closed Due to Suspected Cases of Swine Flu

Yes, I know that at the behest of the pork industry, the government wants us to call it the H1N1 virus.  But that just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

Today the decision was made to close Fred Moiola Elementary for at least seven days.  With STAR testing due to begin today, that makes only the kids happy.

Personally, I think that there has been an overreaction to the entire swine flu thing.  I understand that in some cases it has caused death, but I think there are factors beyond simply having the virus that contribute to that outcome.

What do you think?


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