Irvine Representative Speaks Out on Health Care

United States Representative John Campbell (R-Irvine) has an opinion piece in the Register about the health care debate.

And for some reason, he thinks that a comparison between owning a gun and having affordable health care is a good one.

Basically, he argues that because it isn’t stated specifically in the Constitution, the people of the United States have no right to expect affordable health care.

I’m not even going to go into the hundreds, if not thousands, of things the government does that are very much not stated in the Constitution.  Well, ok, maybe I will.  Medicare, the interstate highway system, education, and regulatory bodies such as the FDA, just to name a few of the biggies.

I would like to ask Mr. Campbell if he would also support a measure to abolish Medicare if he is so adamant about government staying out of the healthcare game. 

With a constituency that includes residents of Laguna Woods, I’m not so sure.

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