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I Went to the Super Fair…

And All I got was this lousy stomach ache. Of course, eating a batter dipped deep fried White Castle cheeseburger probably contributed to that.


I wasn’t going to go, as I have turned abstaining from the Fair into an art form but my friend Jamie somehow convinced me. I guess eating deep fried shoe leather seemed more appealing than a day of exercise in the fresh air at the beach. Now if you don’t mind I am gonna take my stomach ache and go to bed with my head hanging low – I went to the OC Super Fair and it totally kicked my ass.

Weekday Fun On The Cheap!

Since my job has me working any day (or sometimes all days) of the week, it is not uncommon for me to have weekdays off. While this seems neat, it can be boring, as most of my friends have Mon-Fri 9-5 jobs. So what’s a guy like me supposed to do? Sure there are a number of things I can do that cost a lot of money, but we’re on a budget, so that’s not really an option. Well now I think I may have found something!

Cheap fun!

Cheap fun!

For $8, I can have a nice sized lunch and go bowling at Lucky Strike Bowl in the Block At Orange! Bowling alone usually costs more than that, and $8 is about what I’d spend at a Carl’s Jr. or comparable place (I know I should really be eating at home if I’m on a budget, but I’m allowed to cheat every now and then). If you have the type of job where you alone or with workers and can take a little longer on your lunch, this would also be perfect since bowling is always more fun the more people you have! From what I’m told, the price includes the food, shoe rental and a game. Nice!

If anyone has a weekday off and you want to challenge me to a game, hit me up! I promise, even if I try hard to win, I’ll still make you look like an amazing bowler.

Big Waves Coming To Orange County Beaches This Weekend

Thanks to a storm in Tahiti, this weekend will be a great time for surfers. South facing beaches in LA and Orange Counties are expected to have 8-10 foot swells. This translates to LARGE waves. In some spots, the surf will be well overhead (approx 6+ feet). This weekend is the U.S. Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach. You can bet these guys and gals will take full advantage of this swell. If you’e never seen pro surfers shred it up in person before, this would be a great weekend to do so.

If you’re not a surfer however, this may be a crap weekend to be at the beach. Sure the temperatures will be high, but the lifeguards will most likely be keeping people out of the water as best as they can. With large waves comes strong rip currents. Weaker swimmers can easily get knocked over by a wave and then sucked out to sea very quickly. The lifeguards will have their hands full this weekend.

On The Street Where I live


I watched this guy get out of his car, look at how he was parked, then shrug and walk into his apartment. What an ass-hat! We live in a complex that’s tight on parking as it is, so why would a person go and do this?

I hope he got his ass towed.

ICME (Print Edition): What Big Ears You Have

Kids ride free?  Gross.

Kids ride free? Gross.

*WARNING- NSFJH (Not Safe For Jr. High)

I’m not so sure I want to see Al’s brains anymore.

I mean really. Who looked at this and thought it was OK to publish? A 13 year old boy?

Stay classy OC Fair OC SUPER Fair.

New This Halloween at Disneyland

A new attraction offering this fall during Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort is a little something called Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy.

Here’s the art for for the Hong Kong version of the ride overlay:


Ok. Discuss.

Man Sale! Hubba Hubba!

It’s a A Bachelor Auction that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. You can win a date with a hot and sexy hero! And by hero, I mean firefighters, police officers, armed forces, lifeguards and doctors. The event is being held on Saturday, July 25 7:00 PM at Hilton Irvine.

The cost? Only 39.99 for VIP Admission to the auction event. Sadly it’s for women only – that doesn’t seem fair. Mmmmm. Well if any of you women wanna go, be sure and tell me how it was. So much for my dream date with the sexy fireman of my dreams. Hey Date a Hero: When you gonna have a Man Sale that I can attend? I feel like the hooker in Pretty Woman, you know, when they won’t let her shop. [sigh]


OC Super Fair Photo Booth

The LA Times gives us a peek into the OC Super Fair.

I went on Friday, and I’ll wait until tomorrow to tell you about it.

Disney’s D23 Expo to be Held at Anaheim Convention Center


If you are a big Disney fan, then the place to be will be the Anaheim Convention Center from September 10 through 13.  Disney is presenting what they call the “D23 Expo” and it sounds like a lot is going to be happening.
From a Disney Archives exhibit to an entire floor devoted to the Walt Disney Studios, it seems as if Disney is really pulling out all the stops for this one.

Go here to find out more details, including a floor-by-floor description of the events.

11 Year Old HB Junior Lifeguard Killed

Our condolences go out to the family of Allyssa Squirrell, who died tragically during a routine “drop” exercise yesterday at Huntington Beach.  Allyssa was part of the famous HB Junior Lifeguard program.  It is the first fatality for the program since it was begun in 1964. 

The Register reports that initially it was believed that the propellers of the boat struck her as it passed by to pick her up, but apparently there will be an autopsy and an investigation into exactly what happened.

I’ve seen those Junior Lifeguards during parts of their training, and man, I don’t think I could even do half the things they do.   And of course, we have all seen lifeguards and the dangerous and stressful job they perform. 

Sympathy also goes out to the driver of the boat, a marine safety officer with 32 years of service under his belt, as well as all the participants and leaders of the program.

I’m sure this was a horrible accident, although nothing can bring Allyssa back.

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