Counting Down While Waiting in Line [Part 3]

Like death and taxes, waiting line at Disneyland is inevitable. Fortunately for us, the venerable theme park has turned the mathematical inevitably of waiting in line into an art form. It’s because of this thoughtful design that some queues rival the main attraction in areas such as story, interactivity and atmosphere. Let’s take a few moments and bask in the glory of Disney Imagineering as we explore the Top Five Places to Wait in Line at the Disneyland Resort.

Number 3: Star Tours


Here you will blast off on a Star Tours express shuttle to the forrest moon of Endor. It should be a leisurely trip an out of this world intergalactic adventure that “turns into a heart-pounding warp-speed odyssey from the brilliant minds of George Lucas and the Disney Imagineers”. Yeah. That about covers it.

Why It’s In the Top Five: It’s a spaceport! From the moment you walk through the entrance to Star Tours (and even before that) you are completely immersed in a Star-Warsian spaceport, complete with departing flights all over the galaxy. Keep your eyes peeled for advertisements for transit to other exotic destinations on the huge video display as you enter. Never before seen and classic beloved robot characters make audio-animatronic appearances along the way, not to mention the full-scale replicas of the Star Speeder you will soon be boarding. The liberal use of these animatronics are what really brings the Star Tours spaceport to life. The pre-boarding safety video is both amusing and appropriate to the theme – let’s face it, it’s worth the price of admission just to see that lady’s awesome teapot hair. Even the overflow queue is (mostly) indoors, air conditioned and features animatronics as well. Lots of famous robots, total immersion and intergalactic hijinks, securely dock this queue at Number 3.

Why It’s Not Number One: There are a three reasons. 1) That aforementioned overflow queue? It’s still a massive and unruly serpentine that even high pressure chillers and hydraulic animatronic space aliens can’t save. After five minutes in here you’ll be longing for the wide open spaces. 2) The exit queue is an unmitigated disaster – both boring and significantly unappealing due to an unmistakeable K-Mart atmosphere. 3) While it is an astounding place to wait in line, there are still greener pastures to graze in.

Trivia: Are you ready for Star Tours 2.0? The new upgraded Star Tours may premiere as soon as 2011!

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