Disney Inspiration (DisPiration?)

Don’t judge me. Disney makes up their own words all the time (Environmentality and Presenteeism come to mind). I digress……

I was reading through an Adventures By Disney magazine at work, and came across a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle. I’ve included a picture below:

Look familiar to anyone?? Come with me past the jump for more pics and comparisons to Orange County’s 1st castle.

Imagine walking from your sunny bedroom downstairs to your fog filled dining room.

It’s said that when Walt was looking for inspiration for his “real life” Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, he looked to Bavaria, Germany. Anyone who’s been to Disneyland once can see the resemblance, but in case you’ve forgotten, I’ve included a picture of that too:
Home sweet castle

I know. You’re thinking “Of course Disney would send it’s ‘adventurers’ to something ‘Disney-fied'” but you can’t tell me you wouldn’t love to see something like this in person. I love how many ideas they took from the original castle. Even the double spire!

If you’ve never heard of the Adventures By Disney, and you’re someone who wants to travel, but don’t like the hassle of planning everything or you’re not sure what your kids would like, I’d suggest checking it out! They actually do a lot of very interesting, educational, exciting things! Just looking at their magazine makes me want to travel the world immediately.
For now though, I guess I’ll just stand in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle and imagine I’m high in the hills of Bavaria, Germany. Who wants to join me??

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  1. Jon (oc_jon) on August 18th, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

    This is fascinating Dave! I love the double spire! Great post!

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