Real Housewives Are Not Recession-Proof

Lynne Curtin (one of the ‘stars’ of the ubiquitous Real Housewives of Orange County) and her husband were served with a 72-Hour eviction notice from the landlord of their laguna beach home. Wait… hold on… they’re renters???? Buwahahaha! As usual, nothing is what it seems behind the Orange curtain. I suppose it’s going to be hard to play a housewife on TV when you don’t actually have a house. Apparently, they never paid the property owner his $10,000.00 security deposit and several other various and sundry fees. Basically if they haven’t coughed up over 12-large by close of business today, the ‘real’ couple will be out of their asses. I don’t wish anyone to be homeless but come on. Don’t move to Laguna Beach if you can’t afford it dumb dumbs.

I’m sure, we’ll see all this go down on the next season of The Real Housewives of Orange County because, of course, Bravo’s cameras were rolling. Buuuuuurn! Yesterday I stated our county needed it’s own publicist just to counteract all this foolishness and it seems I was right. Given the circumstances surrounding our constant portrayal in reality as television as vapid douchey-McDouchingtons, I ‘d say that publicist will have their work cut our for them.

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  1. pittrollie on August 26th, 2009 @ 1:21 pm

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