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Newport Beach Officials Getting Rid of Fire Pits?

According to this article, Newport Beach officials are considering getting rid of 66 or so fire pits along the coast from the Balboa pier to Big Carona.

I just so happen to LOVE the fire pits.

I don’t know that I’ve used the ones in Newport as often as the ones around Huntington Beach, but my memories of them stretch back to high school, where we would all gather around and, uh, innocently have a good time.

Really, we weren’t all that bad.

But the rings have always been magnets for partygoers, as there is something sort of hypnotizing about a huge flaming pile of wood blazing at sunset and beyond.

Now we use the fire pits as a family.  My son loves nothing more than to hang out, play in the sand, have a picnic, and help his dad build the fire.

I hope that Newport doesn’t ban the use of the rings, but instead beefs up enforcement. 

And let’s hope that Huntington Beach doesn’t get any bright ideas from Newport, either.

OC Autoshow It’s FREEEEE!!

Hi kids!  Sorry for my lengthy disappearance.  School and work have finally started to take a toll on my personal life.

Oh Raptor.  Until we meet again! Thursday is too far away!

Oh Raptor. Until we meet again! Thursday is too far away!

I wanted to let you all know that this coming weekend, October 15-18, is the OC Autoshow!  While it’s obvious I love cars, and I have been to the LA Autoshow numerous times, I have never made it out to the OC Autoshow.  My main reason is that I know it’s not quite the spectacle of the LA version, and if I’m going to pay the entrance fee, I’ll wait a month and hit up LA.

BUT!  Thanks to my all-time favorite daily deals website, (well…OK…second to I found FREE tickets!!! And not only do you get FREE tickets to the show, but you get a FREE one year subscription to Motor Trend!! (Promo code is: OCCERRACUfriend )Oh sure you may get a little junk mail, but to me it’s worth it.

So what are you waiting for??  Go!!!

I’ll be heading out there Thursday.  Who wants to come with??

Mickey’s Halloween Trick or Treat Party

My family and I were lucky enough to be invited guests to Mickey’s Trick-or-Treat Party being held on select nights this October at California Adventure.

We visited on October 2, and luckily, it wasn’t too crowded and the weather was just right.  My son, dressed in his “most intimidating knight costume we were able to find on the internet” was of course, extremely excited to be there.

When we entered the park, we were handed some trick-or-treat bags and right away, Disney gets you into the ahem, spirit of things.  The giant sun wheel above the fountain had cool light projections on it, and it presided over a fun, DJ’d dance party.  Also entertaining were the whirling projections being cast on the ground, which all the kids were either sort of freaked out by, or jumping on.  There wasn’t really a whole lot of in-between. 

Treat stations were set up all over the park, and the lines for some were quite long, but the staff tried their best to keep the times down.  And to be sure, the candy and treats were first-rate.  Normally my son would sort of scoff at raisins as a Halloween treat, but they were packaged in some very cool Cars-themed boxes, so that made up for it.

It was great to see all the families dressed up in their costumes, many of them going as a theme.  There was a family of Incredibles, a father and son who were Woody and Buzz respectively, and even some caveparents with their kids as dinosaurs.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone being so happy and enthusiastic, seeing as how Halloween is pretty much my favorite holiday.

Even though the fireworks show is held in Disneyland, it’s still possible to see quite a bit of it from California Adventure if you’re in the right place.  Just as a heads up, some of the rides in the park are still being renovated.  But, the best one is of course operational, and that would be Toy Story Mania.

So, I recommend getting some advance tickets (save yourself some money!) and have a great time!

Angels Organization is LAME!!!

I am watching the  11:00 a.m. news on ABC7, one of the perks of working part-time, and they just did a story about how you can’t tailgate in the parking lots at Angels stadium. Wait, let me clarify … you can tailgate, but you can’t drink alcohol. What!?! But here’s where it gets really stupid. There was a private lot across the street, that charged the same as the stadium, that did let you booze it up. However, the City of Anaheim shut it down for the playoffs citing zoning violations.

As a huge sports fan I take offense to this. Tailgating, with alcohol, is part of the experience. Of course there are always people who drink too much and become belligerent and want to start a fight with anyone for any reason, but that can happen anywhere.

What everyone needs to remember is tailgating is about celebrating the commonality that is your team, which makes it a community. When you have a shared community you have respect, or should have, and that means respecting your fellow fans and the fans of the other team. I’m all for good natured ribbing of the rival team especially if they come into your stadium all decked out in their teams gear. It’s expected and if you don’t know this you’re very very naive. Remember though, mean-spirited barbs and violence is never appropriate.

Okay, end of my rant. Do you guys agree with me or the City of Anaheim?

Unfortunately, I can’t imbed this particular video from the ABC7 website (it was shot earlier than the live shot I saw), but click here to see the video/story.

Flu Information

I received the following e-mail yesterday, from the City of Irvine, and thought it was worth sharing with everyone.

The City of Irvine is taking a proactive approach in enlisting the help of residents in the prevention and transmission of influenza (flu) this season.

Click this link for information regarding the transmission, signs, symptoms, and tips on how you and your family can stay healthy, which will in turn contribute to a healthy community.

In addition to this letter, more information is available on the City’s web site and the Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) web site

Thank you for making your health and the community’s well being a priority.

Community Services Department
City of Irvine – One Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92606

Yay, Fall is Here … Kinda

As you probably know I grew up back east, but what you probably don’t know is that I absolutely LOVE autumn. I love seeing the leaves turn beautiful shades of yellow, orange and red. I love that exquisite can’t-quite-put-my-finger-on-it scent that fills the air, which is crisp and cool and a nice contrast to the subtle warmth of the sun. I love breaking out my turtlenecks, wool sweaters and jackets. I love that with fall comes football season and tailgating. I love getting the season’s first snowfall. Of the four seasons it is by far my favorite.

My new version of autumn/fall. The sun setting over Dana Point Harbor

My new version of autumn/fall. The sun setting over Dana Point Harbor

Obviously living in Orange County many of these things don’t occur. We may only have two seasons, as a lot of people like to say … summer and not summer. However, it doesn’t take away from the best part of experiencing all four seasons as they do in other parts of the country. In my opinion, the best part of the seasons changing is the anticipation of the change regardless if it is traditional or not. And in my case, wearing a whole different wardrobe. I’m a sucker for any kind of black turtleneck sweater.

I’m totally digging the cooler weather we’re experiencing this week. While we don’t have trees bursting with vibrant colors and it’s not quite turtleneck sweater weather yet it is light sweater weather and  the air is crisp and cool. I can live with that.

So, OC Metbloggers, what is your favorite season? Do you share my affinity for black turtleneck sweaters?

Yet Another Entitled Politician

Huntington beach councilman devin dwyer

This time the honor goes to Huntington Beach councilman Devin Dwyer, who apparently is unable to move his car in time for street sweeping and thinks he should get a pass.

There seems to be no really good reason why Mr. Dwyer can’t move his car in time, he just thinks that because he comes storming out of his home after the street sweeper has already gone by, that the city should simply make the sweeper back  up, sweep the affected area, and not give him a ticket.

He claims that if the city will not rescind his (dozen or so) tickets, he will resign.

By all means, Mr. Dwyer, do the residents of Huntington Beach a favor and do just that.

Because if you were a councilman in my city, the fact that you have a dozen or so street-sweeping tickets would make me dubious as to your capabilities to run your district.  I mean, if you can’t move your own damn car in time, how can I trust you to fix those potholes in a timely manner?

Oh, and he also thinks that the sweepers should go down the street with a loud beeping noise emanating from them.  Because, you know, the signs posted everywhere and the fact you can already hear the sweepers from two steets away isn’t good enough.


Breaking: Disneyland Resort President Ed Grier Says So-Long

Now it’s time for Ed to say goodbye to all his family.
M-I-C See ya real soon!
K-E-Y Why? Because… uh… we like you.

We knew the day would come eventually: Ed Grier has joined the ranks of Matt Ouimet, Cynthia Harris and Paul Pressler in the recent revolving-door Resort presidency. Happy retirement Ed!

I wonder who will replace him???

We’re Everywhere!

So, I was at my local Ralph’s the other day getting fixin’s for sandwiches. As I was waiting for my stuff at the deli counter I looked to my right and saw this …


It’s the Kids Book Festival!


For the 6th year OCC will be hosting the Children’s Book Festival. I will totally be going to this festival. It doesn’t matter that I’m 30 years old and don’t have any kids of my own.

There will be authors, illustrators, exhibitors and entertainers. There will also be face painting, a petting zoo and train rides for those not so into books. This will be a book lovers dream… OK a kids book lovers dream.

Sunday, October 4th, 2009
9:30 AM- 4:30 PM

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