New Moon at the Spectrum


B and I were walking thru the spectrum when we started to notice the amount of people walking around in blankets… sleeping bags along the parking structure…. people camping out. How could I have forgotten about New Moon opening?

New Moon has already broken records for presale tickets.  What always surprises me is the mixed audience.


According to these ladies (who kindly let me lurk around them) the people at the front of the line got there at 8:30 am!

They had been in line since 6:30 pm and they had quite the layout.  Do you see the luminaries?

See more of the New Moon mania after the jump…

Lets take a closer look at those handmade luminaries….


They were set out in a circle around their group.  Prepared with chairs, blankets, coffee, snacks and magazines these ladies were waiting the 5 1/2 hours until opening in as much comfort as possible.


I apologize now for the craptastic pictures… its either blown out with flash or blurry without.

In line I saw men, women and lots of teenage girls.  Mother and daughter cuddled up together watching something on a laptop sitting next to a circle of girls stretched out on blankets reading books and playing games.


I almost forgot the candies!  Provided by the same lovely ladies with swanky set up…


Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?  Ummmm…. Team Edward.  The question took me by surprise and I stuttered my answer.  But it seems to have been a good one because I got the reward of these candies.

Each has a picture on the front and a saying from the book on the sides.  As I was taking a picture of them someone brushed by me and called me a freak.    It made me laugh.

Do I have a point?  Not really.  This much anticipated movie has a huge fan base and there definitely was excitement in the air outside the theatre.  I can only imagine the cheering when the curtain rolls up.


That blur in the middle is a man trying to dodge my camera.  Excuse me sir, I’m here to retrieve your man card.  I believe he was just dropping off provisions but I’m not quite sure.

I’m really curious to find out the numbers New Moon pulls in this weekend.  Tell me, have you seen the movie?   Have you read the book?

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  1. Dave Share (daveshare) on November 20th, 2009 @ 12:29 am

    I’d love to talk trash (cause you know….it’s Twilight)…..but I don’t just show up at noon for premiers…..I dress up. BTW….next year is sure to be Nerdvana. I’ll be posting pictures of my midnight adventures for sure.

  2. jupiter on November 20th, 2009 @ 8:18 am

    “Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

    I’m on team WGAF.

    The small excerpt of the book I read had some of the most horrifically cheesy writing I’ve ever seen. No wonder it’s a hit!

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