“My Big Fat O.C. Wedding”

I’ll quote you the blurb:

 It’s the classic story: Girl meets Boy. Boy proposes to Girl. Girl’s outrageous Riverside family meets Boy’s Irvine power elite parents. With wedding planners running amok, budget problems and scheming aunts, will it be happily ever after?

Wait, WUT?

“Outrageous Riverside family?” is that code word for trailer trash or something?

And “Irvine power elite parents” made me snicker.  Not to diss Irvine, but when I think of Irvine, the phrase “power elite” does not come to mind.

Ah well, they’re out of Long Beach.  Should have known.

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  1. Ken Parks (unregistered) on May 29th, 2011 @ 1:40 am

    I am the writer of “My Big Fat O.C. Wedding: The Musical. I changed
    the location of the family to Buena Park. It isn’t code for trailer
    trash. The family represented in the show is based upon my own
    family. So, if we are trailer trash, so be it. I have an idea…You
    should come see the show, then you would have a more informed
    knowledge of what you are writing about. Unless making the trip to
    “Long Beach” would be beneath you. Ken Parks

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