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Hope Your Turkey Day Was Awesome, OC

And damn, is it cold.

I for one, although I do love me our OC shopping malls, tend to avoid shopping on Black Friday.

I have never, ever slept outside in a tent or lined up at 4AM to be among the first to get into a store.

It just isn’t that important to me. 

I think this year everyone (except the kids)  is going to get my homemade scones.  Everyone I know has pretty much everything they need, so why wrack my brain to buy them something they never knew they wanted?

I think the only time I’m going to hit a mall between now and Christmas is when I take the baby to see Santa.  Which is either going to be a lot of fun, or end up with someone in tears.  Knowing my daughter, that will most likely be Santa.

Boo to the City of Orange!

For actually taking to court a couple who is trying to reduce their water consumption.  They tore out their lawn and replaced it with fencing and drought-tolerant plants, but that didn’t appease the city.  Who (because I can’t believe it and I have to repeat it to myself) is now prosecuting them for not having a lawn!

In this age of being water-conscious, ridiculous!  As long as it isn’t endangering anyone and isn’t an eyesore, it is their private property to do with as they wish.

Good luck to the Has!

A Plea


Dear Something Corporate,

My husband and I were just listening to one of your best songs, “If U C Jordan” and we were wondering if you couldn’t just let bygones be bygones and get your original lineup back together?


Upated: They will be reunited and performing at Bamboozle Left at Anaheim Stadium this March! OMG!

ZOMG! 2.5 Bil for High Speed Rail from Anaheim to SF

The ZOMG is actually more in reference to the giddiness I would feel at being able to hop on a train/monorail/whatever the hell they come up with and be in SF in something under three hours.

2.5 billion sounds impressive until you hear the figure the entire project is supposed to cost, which is somewhere in the realm of 42 billion.  Even if California matches dollar for dollar the federal money they receive, it’s still a paltry amount compared to the final total.  And uh, last time I checked, the state has a pretty gnarly deficit.

We’ve got a long way to go, apparently.

Kiddie Kandids Shuttered

DSCN0162As I was walking into Target (at the Spectrum) this afternoon I noticed a sign announcing “This Location Closed” in front of Kiddie Kandids (located next door to Target and JoS. A. Bank) I also noticed two pieces of paper taped to the window, so I walked over to take a closer look.

I was surprised. It seems, to me anyway, that it was a pretty busy store. I always saw kids dressed up for photos and saw the flash going off. Well, maybe this location was busy, but not others around the nation.

One of the signs posted is from the staff of the Irvine Spectrum store. Based on the verbiage, they were not expecting the shutdown. There is a contact e-mail – – if you have photos that need to be picked up. It seems like they are going to really try and accommodate their customers.  The other is similar to what the Kiddie Kandids website is showing.

Good luck to all of you that have photos that need to be picked up. Let us know if you were able to get them.

You can read both signs/letters below and they get larger by clicking on them.

Letter to customers of Irvine Spectrum Kiddie Kandid store. Click to enlarge

Letter to customers of Irvine Spectrum Kiddie Kandids store. Click to enlarge

This is the statement that is showing on the Kiddie Kandids website. Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Knott’s Blast From the Past

If you find yourself at Knott’s Merry Farm this year be sure to check out the Barn in Ghost Town for a nice display featuring some familiar characters from the venerable theme park’s past…


If you don’t know who that is in the picture above, it’s a (non functioning) animatronic from the famed and long-gone legendary dark-ride Knott’s Bear-yTales. The Bear-yTales website notes the attraction took you along “various adventures of the Bear-y Family. Along the way, you’ll see Frog Forrest, the Candy Company and bakery where everyone is making boysenberry pies and preserves, the Gypsy camp, where Sara tells your fortune, and the spiders and creatures of Thunder Cave. And you can’t forget the Weird Woods, home of Crafty Coyote, or the trilling conclusion at the Country Fair.” The Boysenberry smell piped into the attraction was the best!!


Interestingly, KBT was replaced by Kingdom of the Dinosaurs in 1986. That ride (also quite good) closed in 2004 and you can find some of the former set pieces in the Timber Mountain Log Ride; such as the evil red-eyed wolves.

It’s nice to see Cedar Fair making use of old Knott’s props and historical ride pieces throughout the park. Now if only they would scale down the thrills and beef up the family entertainment. A nice new Peanuts dark-ride or even a new concept dark-ride altogether would we a welcome addition.

The Block Takes 2 Steps Forward & 1 Step Back

Well, it looks like The Block @ Orange is really classing the place up with this coveted retailer moving into the old Hilo Hattie store in the center of the mall.


This huge retail space is perfect for retailers such as H&M or perhaps Barnes & Nobel but the prevailing wisdom at Mills Management seems to be the anything is is better than nothing approach. Hence this upscale high-end retailer named Warehouse Furniture Outlet. And to think, just recently things were looking up with the opening of Neiman Marcus Last Call, Converse and Off Broadway Shoes. Hmmmmmmm, maybe they’ll put a 99 Cent store in the old Steve and Barry’s space. Oh yes, wouldn’t that be nice?

Angels v. Yankees


Let me begin by saying I grew up as a Dodger fan.  I was born and raised in the LA area and my family had season tickets for about 15 years until Fox bought the team and jacked up the price and actually physically moved what were once fantastic seats.  Instead of being five rows from the field between the opposing team’s dugout and home plate, we somehow wound up much closer to first base and more like 30 rows from the field, and all for a bigger price.

When Fox took over the Dodgers, that sort of soured me on the team, and my loyalty has never managed to recover.  To go from the O’Malleys to soulless Fox was wrenching.  It also probably didn’t help that I had met my husband-to-be, who also hated the Dodgers, despite also having been born and raised in LA County.

Oh, you must be thinking, he was an Angels fan, right?

Wrong, he was an unabashed Yankees fan.  When he was a young lad of 12 or so, Don Mattingly of the Yankees was at his peak.  My young-version husband latched on to good old Donnie and has never let go of the Yankees.   Which is ironic because Don Mattingly is now a hitting coach for the Dodgers.

But, as you can see, my husband was no fair-weather Yankee fan.  They have always been his team, and by default, they became mine. 

So you’ll have to forgive me as I am gleefully watching Guerrero struggle at the plate, and thanking the stars that the Angels have made so many defensive errors.  I mean really, Angels fans, they’ve been especially horrible in the field so far this series. 

We are also fully aware that the Angels usually have the Yankees’ number, having a winning record against them that normally sends us home packing.

So, may the best team win.

Life is Short. Save Time & Fly From OC to Hawaii!

Well, it’s been a while since I had anything constructive to say, school work and a record streak of posting in August and September nearly killed me (and you I suspect). Well your reprieve is over and I’m back baby! Buckle your seat-belts because it’s going to be a bumpy ride flight.


Paid be to Allah because Continental Airlines will start non-stop service from Orange County to Honolulu beginning March 7! Hooray! Here’s one less reason to go to LAX. After Aloha Air went belly-up a while back i figured I was going to have to trudge up north to catch a flight to paradise but now Continental is here to save the day.

Will you be traveling on Continental’s new schedule? It’s almost enough to make me switch my frequent flyer program.

Breaking: Disneyland Resort President Ed Grier Says So-Long

Now it’s time for Ed to say goodbye to all his family.
M-I-C See ya real soon!
K-E-Y Why? Because… uh… we like you.

We knew the day would come eventually: Ed Grier has joined the ranks of Matt Ouimet, Cynthia Harris and Paul Pressler in the recent revolving-door Resort presidency. Happy retirement Ed!

I wonder who will replace him???

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