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Polynesian Islander Festival

September 19th & 20th from 10 am until 5 pm head on over to the Huntingon Beach Central Park for the 1st Annual Polynesian Islander Festival!

There will be cultural demonstrations, authentic music, hands-on arts and crafts, vendors, performances, story-telling, villages representing the Pacific Islands and of course, good food.

7111 Talbert Avenue,
Huntington Beach, CA.

Star Tours 2.0 Blasting Off in 2011

Okay… So this excited me WAY more than I thought it would! Are you ready for the new version of Star Tours at Disneyland? Watch the announcement below…


Calling All SoCal Artists

Irvine Fine Arts CenterAre you an artist? Do you live in Southern California? Do you have a recent work that hasn’t been shown at the IFAC? If you answered “yes” to all of those questions the Irvine Fine Arts Center just might have the exhibition you’ve been waiting for.

The Irvine Fine Arts Center presents All Media 2009, a juried exhibition open to Southern California artists. This show will feature two and three-dimensional art, including painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, and digital media. The deadline for submissions is Monday, September 28,2009.

Click here for more more information regarding submission requirements and the entry form.

The All Media 2009 exhibition will run from November 20, 2009 through January 16, 2010 (or the 23rd … depending on which document you look at). The IFAC is located at: 14321 Yale Avenue, Irvine, CA 92604.

If your work is accepted to be part of the exhibition, please let us know. The OC Metblog readers and posters alike would love – I’m sure – to come out and show our support.

“I’m Very Impressed With Your [Douche] Bags”

Not much gets past Jay Louis, the owner/author of the Hot Chicks With Douchebags blog. He even took notice of our little post a while back taking quasi-umbrage with his placement of OC as one of his “top five HCwDB areas”. So it should be no surprise that he (and his readers, of which I am one) found amusement in a bit of spam masquerading as reader-mail from the great city of Anaheim. He writes…

Reader Mail: Unclear on the Concept


[Image via HCwDB]

I’m very impressed with your bags. I think they’re perfect for the department stores, apparel and accessory retailers, gift shops and large chains we work with. If you can offer good pricing and if you’re interested in selling your bags to more stores visit us at

Sincerely, Kevin Sanderson
VP Merchandising
866-788-5799 (extension 3)
5753 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road
Anaheim, CA 92807

Hahaha. I feel the need to hang my head in shame, for I am from A-Ville and apparently, not only are we douche-ridden but we’re completely inept at spamming people. Of course, if it isn’t spam then I would love to see how they plan to sell these ‘bags’ in local retailers. I almost called to ask but alas cooler heads prevailed. Besides, I’m pretty sure you can already rent them by the hour but the cost to buy one outright is going to send you well into six digits.

[via HCwDB]

From Bob’s Own Lips

“There aren’t plans to bring back Captain EO at this time. We are looking at it. It’s the kind of thing that, if we did it, would get a fair amount of attention and we’d want to make sure we do it right.“

– The Walt Disney Company President and Chief Executive Bob Iger addressing rumors about the return of Michael Jackson’s short film Captain EO to Disneyland.

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Murphy!

Well, miracles never cease. Murphy, the fire-breathing dragon in Disneyland’s Fantasmic, finally made his debut and he looks incredible! Click here to see the big guy in all his glory! Has anyone been out to see him yet? If so, what did you think?


Orange International Street Fair

It’s that time of year again. “Every Labor Day weekend for the past three decades, the Orange International Street Fair… in downtown Orange has been the place where friends, families and neighbors get together to experience a wide variety of food, music and dance from cultures and ethnicities throughout the world” Long story short, it’s one gigantic orgy of food, food and more food. If you like it fried, barbecued or served by volunteers then this is the place for you. Get it hot and get it now!


[This is not a picture of the Street Fair. Send us your photos from this year’s event and we’ll post ‘em]

The event begins on Friday, September 4th at 5 PM and continues in a non-stop flurry of international beer and fried cuisine through Sunday, September 6th at 10 PM. Need help finding the place? Click here for directions! See you at the (street) fair!

6th Annual Fire Knife Competition in Anaheim

Fire Knife of Samoa presents the 6th Annual Fire Knife Championships in Anaheim on Saturday, September 5th and Sunday, September 6th (4 PM to 10 PM). The event is located outdoors at the Pearson Park Amphitheater, 401 N. Lemon St., Anaheim, CA, 92805.

So, the wifey and I attended last year’s event and had ‘spec-freaking-tacular’ time! The contest is “hosted by the actual descendants of Freddie Letuli, the man who literally invented the concept of adding fire to the traditional knife dances the warriors performed before and after battles”. Last year was so fun we’re planning on attending again on the night of the final competition (that’s Sunday for those keeping track). I know the poster says 4PM but we showed up at 6 PM and it was perfect – the sun was setting, the heat dissipated and the night sky was literally on fire!

Anyone care to meet us there for some fun out of the sun? Maybe we can have have drinkies at Hotel Menage afterwards?


See What You Have Been Missing

I posted a gushing review a while back of the new Cinema Fusion theaters located on the upper level of the GardenWalk. Remember that? Good. Anyway, many people who live locally keep saying they have yet to go. Why why why? One of the weird things a hear is “Oh, I prefer to go to Century’s Stadium Promenade Theaters”. Seriously, you prefer Century? How can you have a preference for one if you have never tried the other? Le sigh. Anyone who has been to both theaters comes to the immediate conclusion that Century is a disgusting pig mess by comparison.

I finally had a camera with a flash so I could snap a photo inside of Theater 5 with its plush overstuffed fully reclining leather seats! if you’re over 21, the screening rooms are always always always the way to go. Theater 5 is especially nice because of the recliners and relaxing atmosphere.


One more photo after the jump…


Tickets Still Available

There are still tickets available to the Orange County Beer Festival taking place on Sunday, August 30 at Irvine Lake. Please note the web address on the flyer had to be changed due to technical difficulties. This is the active web address: or you can just click on the flyer.

Please note: the address in the flyer had to be changed due to technical difficulties. Use this instead:

To order tickets click on the top right of the Drink:Eat:Play website or here. Tickets MUST be purchased in advance, none will be available at the door. There is also a designated driver special of $15, which gives you access to everything except the beer tastings, obviously. Enter code “dd” when ordering tickets.

Remember folks it’s gonna be hot, Hot, HOT on Sunday. In addition to all of the wonderful beer we’ll be drinking don’t forget to drink plenty of water. I don’t want to see someone keeling over ’cause, you know, that’d ruin my buzz. All kidding aside drink responsibly people and that means water and lots of it … that goes for yours truly as well. And to prevent this nonsense from happening iced tea and water will be available for FREE.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the  LA Beer Festival on September 19th.

This is a 21+ only event. Even if you are the designated driver you must be 21 to attend.

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