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Support Our Troops! Get FREEEE Coffee!!!!

starbucks supports our troops, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

No matter what your view is on the war(s), my hope is that EVERYONE supports the men and women who fight daily for the safety of our (and others’) country. I personally have several friends who have been/are now overseas, and any little piece of home they can get, they cherish. Well it appears our local Starbucks in Anaheim and Orange (maybe others elsewhere too) are sending them some coffee to remind them of what’s on every corner everywhere in America.

Here’s the deal: You buy 1 pound of coffee to send to the troops, and they will give you a free tall coffee for your trouble! It’s a win-win! So help out the good people trying to do good overseas and do it.

Eat at Joe’s (Italian Ice)

If you’ve never been, Joe’s Italian Ice is located on the corner of Harbor and Lampson in Garden Grove and it’s like a heaven in the form of a quick-service ice cream parlor. Joe’s is a no frills, no seating, outdoor, walk-up, open late institution in GG.

Pictured below is a large Black Beauty Joe Latti which is Philly Water Ice (pick your flavor) layered with the most delicious soft serve in the world. I’m not sure what it is that makes it so good but I am sure it’s the high fat content and the homemade water ice. Swoon…


I command you to run, don’t walk, down and get some right now! While you’re there pick up a punch-card and get your addiction started. You waistline won’t thank you but your taste-buds will! As always, there is another photo after the jump (a peanut butter fudge sundae… mmmmmm).


k’ya Anaheim

We dropped by the newish restaurant k’ya, at the corner of Harbor and Ball in Anaheim, with the intent of attending their fun/delicious Aloha Brunch. Well tough luck kiddies, they have canceled that indefinitely – a fact which this announcement at the OC Register failed to note.

No matter. We glanced at the menu and decided to stay for lunch anyway. It’s a good thing too, because it was a real treat. The menu was all “street food”, as in gourmet versions of the type of food sold on street corners around the world. Don’t bother looking at the web site’s menu because it’s outdated. Anyway, there isn’t a single item on the menu over nine dollars (but you would be best suited to order two items) because the portions are (not small but) of less-than-gigantic size. Think Cafe Tu Tu Tango – only way better!


I had Asian Chicken Salad and Loco Moco, my wife has Lobster Raviolis and a Walnut Cranberry Salad and we shared some fried asian dumplings to start. We washed that down with a couple of drinks were out the door for $32.00 (before discounts & tax)! Affordable and delicious! If you’re a Cast Member (or dining with one) you get a whopping 25% discount. The food was tasty, the atmosphere was outstanding and the wait staff was attentive. If I had one complaint it would be this: their menu is unique and really needs some explaining to first-time guests; this was something our waiter failed miserably at doing. Let’s hope they figure out how to explain their new diminutive portions and fun menu in the future.

How and why such an upscale place landed in the Anaheim Resort is a mystery, but it is a place I recommend you take out for a test drive! Yummy Yummy Yummy!

There is a picture of the fried asian dumplings after the jump…


FiRE + iCE

FiRE + iCE is a new restaurant inside the Anaheim GardenWalk, featuring a huge variety of fresh food, cooked on an open grill. They offer a varied selection of meat, seafood, vegetables, salads and sauces for you to gather and take up to the grill to be turned into your own personal masterpiece. It’s like a Mongolian grill only without the, you know, Mongolian part.


It looks like they are getting pretty close to opening their patio (and fire pit) which should add some more seating and the nice outdoor atmosphere of the GardenWalk. They also have a full bar and you can order your drinks and they will bring them to you while you are up at the grill waiting for your food to be cooked. It’s a unique communal experience to say the least.

The wife and I ate dinner there last night and I have to tell you that the hamburger they grilled us was AMAZING! The food was tasty, the drinks were strong and the price was right! Dinner is $16.95 (all you care to eat) and Lunch is $9.95 (all you care to eat). There’s no Cast Member discount but they do have an e-club that sends coupons out once in a while.

I highly recommend you check this place out, as it’s a unique concept that may (or may not) be struggling due to it’s lovely, yet isolated location inside Anaheim GhostTown GardenWalk. More pictures after the jump…


WHAT… is this?

Eat at Joe’s Chubby’s Diner. It looks like a Bob’s Big Boy clone huh? It’s located at the corner at Harbor and Orangewood in Anaheim. I’m not sure what it is exactly because it’s not open yet. What I do know is it took over the old Baker’s Square building; thank God someone finally put that shithole out of its misery. A quick Google search yielded many Chubby’s Diners around the nation but they don’t appear to related in any way to this one. In fact the only thing I could really find on the place was a very sparse MySpace page which you can check out here.

Anyone have more info on this oddity?


In Case You Missed It

Bob’s Big Boy is now open for business in Orange! We went last night; wait time: 30 minutes.


Celebrity Profile: SpongeBob SquarePants

Orange County Celebrity Profile:

Name: SpongeBob SquarePants

Age: 10 years old

Birthplace: Dana Point

Current Residence: A pineapple under the sea

Occupation: Fry Cook

Hobbies: Jellyfishing and Karate

Relationship Status: Single


So. Bottom line is… he’s a sponge. Who knew SpongeBob was born in OC eh? Cool. I wonder if he will do an interview here on the Metblogs. What a get! We could take him out to lunch at The Crab Cooker in Newport Beach and he can compare and contrast their menu with that of The Krusty Krab.

It’s FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Free Jack In The Crack Tacos!

Today you can print this coupon for 2 FREE tacos at your nearest Jack In The Box. What are you waiting for?? It’s almost lunch time!

I Went to the Super Fair…

And All I got was this lousy stomach ache. Of course, eating a batter dipped deep fried White Castle cheeseburger probably contributed to that.


I wasn’t going to go, as I have turned abstaining from the Fair into an art form but my friend Jamie somehow convinced me. I guess eating deep fried shoe leather seemed more appealing than a day of exercise in the fresh air at the beach. Now if you don’t mind I am gonna take my stomach ache and go to bed with my head hanging low – I went to the OC Super Fair and it totally kicked my ass.

Man Sale! Hubba Hubba!

It’s a A Bachelor Auction that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. You can win a date with a hot and sexy hero! And by hero, I mean firefighters, police officers, armed forces, lifeguards and doctors. The event is being held on Saturday, July 25 7:00 PM at Hilton Irvine.

The cost? Only 39.99 for VIP Admission to the auction event. Sadly it’s for women only – that doesn’t seem fair. Mmmmm. Well if any of you women wanna go, be sure and tell me how it was. So much for my dream date with the sexy fireman of my dreams. Hey Date a Hero: When you gonna have a Man Sale that I can attend? I feel like the hooker in Pretty Woman, you know, when they won’t let her shop. [sigh]


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