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Archiving Orange County AOC: OC Fair

Main Exhibit Hall

Main Exhibit Hall

The OC Fair wasn’t always host to giant $2 million shows or an exhibit hall-turned-“As Seen On TV” playroom.

The fair used to (*gasp*) showcase the surrounding cities that make up the county. Here we see Tustin’s “Farm Center” and a little special appearance by San Diego County. Times were a little less “in your face” back then. But they still loved comics, though probably not as much as we do.

But this was 50 years ago, 1949.

Weird Al To Be Featured Attraction At The Orange County Fair

Yes folks, it’s true. According to this OC Register article, the fair committee approved (and apparently already filmed) a 3-D movie about “Al’s brain” to be shown at this year’s OC Fair. The 10 minute film will be shown in a temporary tent that will be set up for this year, however there are plans to build an $8 million permanent building at the fairgrounds site.

OC Fair CEO Steve Beazley likened the film to Disney’s “Captian EO”. (I personally would love a full-scale Weird Al spoof of the entire Captain EO short instead of a journey “inside his brain” but….whatever). He goes on to compare the fair to Disneyland (hehe), by stating Disney opens new attractions every year to keep interest in the parks, and they want to do the same with the Fair.

Feel free to read the full article and see the pros and cons to putting this into the fairgrounds.

But I want to know, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with spending $2.5 million on this film, just for the OC Fair? Or do you think this is about as smart as building the New Year’s Eve Orange Drop thingy?

Better yet….let’s do a poll! But please feel free to comment as well!

**Special thanks to former OC Metblogger Mike for sharing this via his twitter account.

If anyone cares what I think, I say build the thing. I don’t think we’re in a position to rule out ANYTHING that could possibly end up making money for fair. Let’s just hope it at least makes $2.5 million to cover the cost of the film!


Wish You Were Here

Surf music at the beach??

Surf music at the beach??

I would like to start off this post by apologizing. I’m sorry if you were working or otherwise involved with life las Sunday, that you were stuck indoors or couldn’t make it to the beach. I’m not trying to rub it in your face. I promise!

My best friend and his wife just got new bikes, so my wife and I decided to join them for a ride around Huntington Beach. Oh boy was I glad I did! I’m fairly certain the weather at the beach was even nicer than it was inland. Honestly, how often does that happen? Especially in June!

More photos and a video after the jump……. (more…)

Preview Park becoming a Sports Park?

Hangar view from Balloon

Hangar view from Balloon

Last week I was on a bike ride and decided to stop by the Orange County Great “Preview” Park. I happened on a day where the wind was calm enough that the Balloon was open and taking passengers. I decided to take the trip and am glad I did. From the height of about 400 feet, the view is spectacular.
Space being cleared for Sports Park?

Space being cleared for Sports Park?

One of the first things I noticed was the lack of RV’s that were previously behind the gates as I drove/rode in to the park, and that they were clearing the land. It got me wondering, “Is the Preview Park actually becoming more than a preview?” I asked the balloon operator and she confirmed that they were actually breaking ground on the construction of the Sports Park.

Remembering The End Cafe


Whenever we go to the Huntington Beach pier and eat at Ruby’s, I always remember the restaurant that used to be there.

Yup, I’m talking about The End Cafe.

Instead of the corporate slickness embodied by Ruby’s, The End Cafe was good old-fashioned eats at a family-owned business. I was particularly fond of their grilled cheese sandwich, a perfect symphony of just the right amount of gooey cheese and thick egg bread.

My friends and I ate there not long before its second incarnation was destroyed by storms in 1988. The first building was destroyed, again by storms and the accompanying large waves, in 1983. We were on the second story, and the view was lovely, as always. If only I had known that was going to be the last time I would eat there. I surely would have at least taken a picture.

And while I’m glad a similar destruction hasn’t visited Ruby’s, I kind of wish they had fixed the stuctural problems the first time so that Ruby’s wouldn’t even be there. Sorry, Ruby’s.

Sure, Alice Gustafson owns Alice’s Breakfast in the Park at Huntington’s Central. I’ve not eaten there, but I’ve heard they serve a mean French Toast.

But, it isn’t quite the same. I miss you, End Cafe.

Long Beach Grand Prix!!

Dave Goes!!!!

Dave Goes!!!!

It's a beautiful day for a race.

It's a beautiful day for a race.

“Gentlemen, start your engines!”
These, as they say, are the most famous words in motorsports. Last weekend, we heard that phrase five different times as the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach hit the streets of a city that might as well be in (and some L.A. folks wish it was in) Orange County.

Many race fans feel that the Grand Prix of Long Beach [GPLB] is one of the most fun race weekends we have here in the US to attend. Want proof?? Follow after the jump and I’ll show you! (more…)

Its over there

Monolith Sign

Monolith Sign

Just in case you couldn’t see it, The Irvine Spectrum Center installed a new 10 foot+ monolith sign at the corner of Pacifica and Irvine Center Drive. My question is how do you miss it? The angle it is facing assumes one either excited off the freeway or was heading North/East on Irvine Center Drive. The Spectrum is fully visible day or night coming from that direction. /rant

Archiving Orange County AOC: Madame Modjeska’s Canyon

Madame Modjeska

Madame Modjeska

Here sits the famed Polish Shakespearean actress Madame Helen Modjeska in front of her home in Santiago Canyon in 1898. She came to America in 1876, and 12 years later, her husband Count Bozenta had this home built for her. The home is now a National Historical Monument. Though in 1906 the home was sold, actors and actresses flocked to the area for years, buying up the little cottages that sprung up in the area. The residents would later name this portion of the canyon after her.
In 2007, 109 years after this photo was taken, there would be a fire that would damage or destroy 22 homes in peaceful Modjeska Canyon…

Still More Celebrating

Celebration Roundup and Barbecue at Big Thunder Ranch opens today April 2, 2009! Big Thunder BBQ has been closed for years but the location is back and serving yummy chicken and ribs again (no foolin’, I promise).


I have sampled the family-style cuisine served here and it’s quite delicious. There are also vegetarian options available if you request them. Keep your eyes peeled for live entertainment and Disney Character appearances as well. Also the desert, a cupcake served in a waffle cone, presented in a HUGE table centerpiece is as beautiful as it is tasty. In my opinion it’s the best part of the meal!

The whole concept behind this new sit-down eatery is to help Guests at the Resort celebrate their special day in style. To do that, the resort recommends Priority Seating arrangements which can be made in person for this location on a limited basis. Priority Seating can also be arranged in advance by calling Disney Dining at (714) 781-DINE.

Sneak Peek Inside the New Lincoln Attraction

Our friends over at Mice Age have a really exciting behind the scenes look at the all new Magical Moments With Mr. Lincoln attraction inside the Main Street Opera House: Click here for all the sordid details.

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