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So Bad It’s Good Newspaper Headline

Woman carrying noodles hospitalized after being hit by car

Everyone wants to know how the noodles are doing.

The Return to Flash Mountain

According to the Times, Disneyland’s staff reductions will apparently include the photo-editors at Splash Mountain that made sure no Disneyland patrons were “going wild.” 

It seems that the ride had earned the nickname “Flash Mountain” for the exploits of some its classier riders.

But hey, way to go LA Times, for making a very loud and prominent announcement as to the exact date of when the editors would be leaving, and then doing some pseudo hand-wringing over the fact that the flashing activities might return.

Well duh, if nobody knew about it, it probably wouldn’t happen!  But now that you’ve gone and publicized it to death, I’m sure that many well-endowed (and mayhap not-so-well-endowed) guests will be sure to give everyone an eyeful, making sure to Tweet and send the photos around the  internets instantaneously.   Because in this digital age, the kids don’t even bat an eyelash at some boobage flash.

And they thought it was bad in 1997!

Countdown To Virgin America!

In just 1 day, Virgin America will make its inaugural flight into Orange County’s John Wayne Airport.

Orange County has a new high-tech hookup. Join iJustine as she hosts Virgin America’s celebrity air-to-ground stream for the launch of the OC. Video stream with cameo celebrity appearances will be online at 1:15pm on 4/29 at

While I couldn’t convince the wife to let me be on the flight (I wanted to do live MetBlogging!!!), I’ll certainly be watching to see if anything cool happens.

However, I have a small WTF bone to pick with VA. For the Boston launch, they had a huge party on the ground with celebrities and even got Richard Branson to dress in drag! Why do we have nothing here?! Oh well. Guess I’ll do the usual and live vicariously through the interwebs.

PS- If any of you are fans of The Crystal Method like I am, VA will be hosting a live chat sesion with them in the air on May 5 at 12pm. Check their site for more details.

This Little Piggy


[Repost of map from LA Metroblog — thanks Sean]

Sean posted a nice Swine Flu update over at LA Metblogs with a neat (and slightly concerning) map. I can only imagine the Emergency Rooms are filling up with paranoid patients freaking out as I type this. Maybe Dave can confirm my suspicions.

I am certainly not advocating (un)necessary panic but if you are the paranoid type, you may want to avoid going places where… ahem… large groups of international tourists tend to congregate in confined areas. Just sayin’. Then again you currently have a better chance of contracting HPV than swine flu so best to just let cooler heads prevail.

Lasers Pointed at Jets=Federal Prison

The Register reports that Dana Christian Welch of Orange could face up to 20 years in federal prison after being found guilty of shining a handheld laser at jets landing at John Wayne Airport.

Seriously, I’d like to know exactly what goes through the mind of someone who decides to deliberately shine lasers into the eyes of airline pilots.

Is it a mental dialogue comparable to that of Beavis and Butthead? “Huh, huh, huh, huh, lasers!”  Or is it simply a complete disregard for the safety of hundreds of people?

Either way, it looks as if Mr. Welch has discovered it totally wasn’t worth it.

The Rise of Politweets

Gavin Newsom is running for Governor. He made the announcement via Twitter. He’s got my vote! I know this is incredibly immature and completely inane but let’s face facts: Gavin is easy on the eyes. Not a (good) reason to vote for him but I think of it as an added bonus.

17 Again

The wife and I spent an evening at Anaheim Garden Walk and took in a show while we were there. 17 Again was on on the menu and it went down like sparkling orange soda pop – all smooth and fizzy with a sweet aftertaste. This Zefron vehicle is better than expected but never really soars beyond the contrived confines of its plot device. And oh what a tired plot device it was. We’ve seen variations on the body-swapping (sounds kinky doesn’t it) concept over and over and over again. At least the film touched on a version of the retread that hasn’t been done before. Think of it as Big or 13 Going on 30, only in reverse.

There was possibility in this movie and there were chances to be taken. Sadly most of them were left untouched. Zac Efron, doing his best manic Matthew Perry impression, was likable, lickable and just north of serviceable as an actor. Not bad at all. Considering the fact that he was literally upstaged by his own armpit hair on two separate occasions, it’s amazing he pulled it off at all. If you think I am kidding about the pit hair let me assure you I am not. It’s a dark and mysterious tangle of distraction – so noticeable as to illicit several “eeeeeeeeeeeews” and gasps from the audience. I shit you not.

Armpits aside, I wish I could say the same nice(ish) things for the supporting cast, which sometimes acted like they were in a different movie altogether. The brilliant but horrifically miscast Thomas Lennon as the lead’s best friend brought down the house – the same house that Zac Efron and Leslie Mann were both so desperately trying to prop up. What should have been a genuine portrayal was weird and and off-putting. Not only was the wacky best friend schtick distracting it was also just plain wrong.

Still, despite all it’s flaws, 17 Again manages to be warm, occasionally genuine and a benign pleasure. You’ll watch it, enjoy it and promptly forget about it. What you won’t forget however, is the film’s star. He’s going to be around for many years to come. Whether that’s a blessing or a curse has yet to be decided.

The Orange County Perspective: Residents of our fair county will enjoy the tropical SoCal setting (hellooooooooooo Santa Monica) and persistent shirtlessness of Disneyland golden boy Zac Efron. Also, the grotesque display of consumer youth culture should really hit home for all you Newport Beach types. Just put it on my black American Express card please…

17 Again is currently showing at all major OC theaters: Edwards/Regal, AMC, Century, The Movie Experience and Krikorian

Trailer after the jump…

Tea Parties, Where the Fringe Comes to Play

If you’d like, go ahead and visit the picture slideshow at the OC Register of some of the various “Tea Parties” held at various locations throughout Orange County.

I’d like to point out that the vast majority of protesters were white and elderly.

Which would explain why they were completely unaware of what the term “teabagging” means.

What puzzles me is that the events were billed as “non-partisan” gatherings against government spending and high taxes.

So why the signs against Barack Obama? Why the signs saying that this is the USA, not the USSR, which is a large statement of the obvious, if you ask me. Is that supposed to be some oblique nod to socialism? Or communism? Or was the man just really, really confused?

Because I want to tell him that he looks old enough to collect Medicare, and if that ain’t a program that smacks loudly of socialism, I don’t know what is. Yet, I guarantee you there is no way in hell he would willingly give up his Medicare coverage.

So, all you people over 65 at these protests that are eligible to collect Medicare benefits, I call upon you to put your money (and my money, too!) where your mouth is and make the most patriotic anti-tax move of all.

Give up your Medicare.

Then ALL of our taxes will go down.

But, that will be a cold day in hell before that happens, won’t it?

What a Purpose Driven Tool

Our esteemed friend David Markland up at the LA Metroblog was so kind as to create this video of Saddleback ass-hat Pastor Rick Warren making, well, and ass out of himself.


Essentially, the man has no credibility – and his goatee is just so delicious! Yummy (with a spoon)! In case you think David took the comments out of context here’s a link to the unedited Larry King segment and a link to Warren’s original statement on his site.

Dear Saddleback members: It’s time to put a muzzle on your mouthpiece. It’s YOUR church and YOU have the power to shut him up… or fire him… or boycott his church and all it’s related services. So many of his church members (ahem, that includes you Dave Share) tell me they don’t support his stance on this. If that’s true then I think it’s time to send him a message of love and tolerance by finding a new church. I know people disagree with me on some of my ideas about organized religion and the like. I am not saying don’t go to church, I am just saying put your money where your mouth is and go to a different one.

/end rant

Santa Ana to Host Teabaggers this Wednesday

Santa Ana, that bastion of right-wingacy in Orange County, is set to host what is projected to be thousands of “teabaggers” protesting something along the lines of “too much taxes, too much government, wah wah waaaah.” Never mind that the federal government was expanded in an unprecedented manner by George W. Bush, not Barack Obama.

Let’s not confuse things up with facts, now.

And I have to ask, why, oh why would you name yourselves after something like this? It just goes to show it takes a special sort of person to embrace this movement.

So, apparently there will be some hootin’ and some hollerin’ going on, and I totally respect their right to hold a peacful, planned rally.

Just as they need to respect people’s right to flip them the bird as they drive by.

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