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When Public Utilities Attack

What do you do when 75 gallons of raw sewage comes spewing out of your toilet? Imagine just sitting in your bed reading a good book when a literal shit-storm is unleashed in your master bath – leaving sewage all over every surface in the bathroom and bedroom. Well that very thing happened to one unlucky Huntington Beach family… twice. Oy gevalt.


Apparently, the city was cleaning out a sewage pipe outside their home causing 75 gallons of shit to hit the (ceiling) fan. The family is asking the city for ten thousand dollars to help them clean up the mess and restore order to their lives. This seems like a very reasonable request to me and I think the city ought to cough it up. What do you think?


Sprouts Now Open!



Well, OK. It’s been open for a few weeks now, but it’s still new. Sprouts Farmer’s Market is pretty much a cross between Mother’s Market and Trader Joe’s. The prices are very reasonable. I’ve shopped there twice, getting a decent amount of food and have gotten out under $40 both times.

Mmmmmm....fresh fish.

Mmmmmm....fresh fish.

For location and more pictures, follow after the jump! (more…)

OC Register Needs To Rethink Their Ad Strategy


Above is a screenshot of a story The Register posted yesterday about Ryan Jenkins being found dead in his hotel room in Canada. Now look to the right at the ad for “Killer White Teeth”. So tacky!

If you haven’t been following, it is alleged Jenkin’s committed suicide because he was suspected of killing his wife, whose “body, found in a suitcase in a Buena Park dumpster, was missing her fingers and teeth.” The OC Register’s ad-generating-gizmo apparently picked up on the fact that the article was about ‘teeth’ and decided depositing an advertisement next to it exclaiming “Killer White Teeth” was appropriate.

Now, I know this wasn’t on purpose but still… they need to rethink their advertising strategy and make sure someone vets inappropriate ad-couplings before they publish. I suppose it could just be a tacky coincidence but somehow I doubt it.

Chapman University Rebrands

Much to the chagrin of its students, Chapman University College Irvine is changing it’s name to Brandman University – due largely in part to a $10 million donation by The Brandman Foundation. The new Brandman University, which recently expanded it’s Irvine campus into an all-new and larger complex, is a separate and fully accredited university within the Chapman University System. They are trying to pitch this to students as a simple name change, sort of like how they have the Argyros School of Business & Economics, Dodge College of Film & Media Arts, Schmid College of Science and the Wilkinson College of Humanities & Social Sciences. The difference is, those students will all have a degree that says Chapman University while the new Brandman students will have a really classy crap-ass diploma from Brandman. I ask you this? Why would you knowingly pay Chapman prices for a degree that’s really not from Chapman anymore?


Since they will no longer be the Chapman Panthers, some of my friends and myself came up with a new mascot for the rebranded university. We’ve been colloquially referring to them as the Brandman Asshats. Most (if not all) CUCI students I spoke with are PISSED! Lucky for them, if they were already enrolled they are still considered Chapman University students and will graduate with a Chapman University degree. However, all those new students enrolling will get a big fat Brandman degree. I wish them the best of luck in selling this new brand (and inflated prices) to a group consumers who may be looking for style and substance; brand and comfort.

Opening Date Set for Taryn Rose Outlet

As I was leaving work today I noticed the doors were open to the Taryn Rose Outlet, so me being me I poked my head in and asked when they’d be opening. As luck would have it the manager, Erin Escobar, was there and was able to give me the store details. She was even aware of this. :)

Taryn Rose sign

Shoe lovers of Southern California rejoice, the Taryn Rose Outlet is reopening this Friday, August 21, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Many of you probably remember them from their previous location in Rancho Santa Margarita.

The Spectrum store, like the one in RSM, will, most likely, be temporary. However, this may change depending on any number of factors. Ms. Escobar explained it’s a business decision as rents/leases are much more flexible for – what the retail industry calls – pop-up stores (think Halloween or Christmas). Rest assured they will be at their current location for at least two months. For all of you who will be traveling from L.A. and San Diego Counties this location is much more accessible from both the 5 and 405 freeways (the mall literally sits between the two at the split). This is the ONLY Taryn Rose Outlet in the country. Again, depending on how things go another may open somewhere else. Continue reading for pricing and contact information.


R.I.P. Allen Shellenberger

Allen Shellenberger, the drummer for Lit, has died of brain cancer. He was 39.

The Orange County band recorded three albums, one of which went platinum and propelled them to international fame but to us they will always be part of our talented OC family. My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends during this difficult time.

Here’s a link to his Obituary in the Los Angeles Times.

So sad.

An End To Train Horns In Orange?????



And so it begins! For many years, the residents of Orange have been trying to find ways to get the trains the shut the hell up so we can sleep through the night. A couple years ago, it was decided that the city would install arms at all the railroad crossings that dropped down on both sides of the road on both sides of the tracks. This make it so the trains don’t have to blow their horns as much (or at all?? PLEASE???). Well it’s FINALLY starting! According to this flyer I got in the mail, it will all kick off Thursday August 27 at 4pm! Of course it’s a school night for me! But hopefully you all can go and tell us about it.

Although with the prospect of winning an iPod, Flip camera, train tix or gift cards, I may just show up a little late to class…….

More Changes For CHOC



Above is a picture of the intersection of Pepper and La Veta in Orange. Here you see the giant “1201 Building” which housed medical offices and a pharmacy. To the left you can see a small parking structure for CHOC.



Here you see the same intersection now. Just 4 months later and the 1201 Building and parking structure are gone! The enterance to CHOC has changed too. I attempted to take cell phone video of them tearing stuff down, but it was crap footage, so…..sorry. It was neat though!!! And loud!

Can’t wait to see what’s in the future for CHOC Children’s Hospital’s future!!
(redundancy on purpose)

Irvine Hands Lennar Corp a Sweetheart Great Park Deal

According to this piece in the LA Times, it looks like housing builder Lennar Corp is getting a great deal.

Oh yeah, you know the golf course they were contracted to build in exhcange for the right to build a few houses?

Well, never mind that, forget the golf course.  Just give us a fairly paltry 58 mil, and we’ll call it even.  Well, more than even because now you get to build up to 5,000 housing units on land surrounding the park.

Because that’s exactly what I go to a park for, to be surrounded by thousands of houses.

When Crime Really Doesn’t Pay

Gun wielding robber steals safe with a grand total of fifteen bucks inside.


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