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Metrolink FTL

You guys remember a while back when I posted about my awesome trip to The Valley aboard the Metrolink? I even had another one just a couple months ago where I utilized the Gold Line to Pasadena! Both trips were fairly easy and made it so I didn’t have to drive through traffic. However, I had to plan a few days ahead of time, because as I’ve mentioned, Metrolink doesn’t exactly have a “regular” schedule. Well today Metrolink let me down not once, but twice.

To hear the reason, just follow the jump… (more…)

Oh there you are fall…


Have you come back to stay?

Ice Skating in Irvine


Its that time of year when the air is cold enough for an outdoor ice skating rink in Irvine Spectrum!

Well, maybe its not cold out but that isn’t stopping Irvine Spectrum from starting in on the holiday cheer.

Located in front of the ferris wheel is the annual ice skating rink.  Check here for schedules and pricing.  I’m happy to annouce they are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas and will be open every other day from now until January 17th.

This is the only outdoor skating rink in Orange County so be sure to stop by!

An Orange County Autumn Day


Days like this I am amazed that the rest of the country is preparing for winter.  They are bundling up against the wind and the cold.   Yet here we are, enjoying a gorgeous Saturday at Crystal Cove.


We may not get the fall foliage that so many do but I have to appreciate this time of year at the beach. The crowds are gone and you are left with stretches of beach to yourself.

All you hear are the waves. All you smell is the ocean. Life is so good.


I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park


I’ll be honest and say I haven’t been exposed to much wildlife ’round these parts. I still get excited when I see rabbits and squirrels. So when we saw deer a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t stop snapping pictures.

We were scoping out Riley Wilderness Park for an engagement photo shoot and I am so happy our photographer pointed this place out. Also known as Wagon Wheel Park it is off of Oso Parkway just before the entrance to Coto de Caza and its awesome. There are short trails to walk on or to ride,wildllife to see and hardly any people the couple times I’ve been.


We must have seen more than 20 deer roaming around. So if it must be 80 degrees in November you might as well make the best of it and head here for a picnic or an early morning walk.

The Block Takes 2 Steps Forward & 1 Step Back

Well, it looks like The Block @ Orange is really classing the place up with this coveted retailer moving into the old Hilo Hattie store in the center of the mall.


This huge retail space is perfect for retailers such as H&M or perhaps Barnes & Nobel but the prevailing wisdom at Mills Management seems to be the anything is is better than nothing approach. Hence this upscale high-end retailer named Warehouse Furniture Outlet. And to think, just recently things were looking up with the opening of Neiman Marcus Last Call, Converse and Off Broadway Shoes. Hmmmmmmm, maybe they’ll put a 99 Cent store in the old Steve and Barry’s space. Oh yes, wouldn’t that be nice?

ICME: They Still Do This?

Multimedia message, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

I saw this in the sky over Orange a few hours ago. I didn’t know people still did skywriting! I have n’t seen it in years!

I can’t figure out if they’re saying “S ‘heart’ S” or if it’s “SOS” but a heart for the O? Whatever. I’m sure it was very special to the person it was meant for.

Kogi BBQ Comes To Orange County!

That’s right folks.  The legendary Kogi BBQ, which has made quite the name for itself in Los Angeles for having amazing Korean BBQ with a bit of a Mexican flair (Korean short rib taco anyone??), and also for utilizing their Twitter account @kogibbq to tell folks where they are at the last minute, is here in Orange County!!!  A special thanks to Jodi from LA Metblogs for pointing this out to us. Their newest truck, affectionately named Naranja (“Orange” in Spanish for you multi-lingually challenged), is making it’s way around our fair side of the curtain.

It looks like they hit up 2 locations each night.  They have the week ahead planned on their website, but it is strongly suggested you follow them on twitter as the locations can change or as I’m reading, sometimes the addresses aren’t quite right.

I don’t know about you, but I am SUPER DUPER excited about this!!!!!  It looks like they’ll be at “Prim Jewelers – 1736 E. Meats Ave, Orange”  from 10:30-Midnight this Wednesday, you’d better believe I’ll be there!

Thank you Kogi!!!

San Onofre Nudists Now Need to Cover Up

According to this article, the nudists of San Onofre have suffered a setback in that the State Supreme Court has refused to hear their appeal.

Now, my views on this whole thing are pretty well known on this blog, and I don’t necessarily take pleasure in the fact that it’s now pretty official that nudity is no longer allowed at San Onofre.

But my point all along has never been a condemnation on nudists or nudity, but rather the fact they were doing it on public land, which is not the same as private property, and thus one cannot always do what one wants to do.

So, we will see if they go the route of civil disobedience or if they will simply choose to find a legal and more appropriate place in which to practice their preference.

Newport Beach Officials Getting Rid of Fire Pits?

According to this article, Newport Beach officials are considering getting rid of 66 or so fire pits along the coast from the Balboa pier to Big Carona.

I just so happen to LOVE the fire pits.

I don’t know that I’ve used the ones in Newport as often as the ones around Huntington Beach, but my memories of them stretch back to high school, where we would all gather around and, uh, innocently have a good time.

Really, we weren’t all that bad.

But the rings have always been magnets for partygoers, as there is something sort of hypnotizing about a huge flaming pile of wood blazing at sunset and beyond.

Now we use the fire pits as a family.  My son loves nothing more than to hang out, play in the sand, have a picnic, and help his dad build the fire.

I hope that Newport doesn’t ban the use of the rings, but instead beefs up enforcement. 

And let’s hope that Huntington Beach doesn’t get any bright ideas from Newport, either.

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