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ICME: Parking Tards Not Limited to Autos

As I was leaving the Irvine Spectrum Center this afternoon, I saw this. Seriously? You can’t put your cart in the cart return? The best you can do is beside the cart return.

Ugh, so annoying.

Ugh, so annoying.

Yet Another Entitled Politician

Huntington beach councilman devin dwyer

This time the honor goes to Huntington Beach councilman Devin Dwyer, who apparently is unable to move his car in time for street sweeping and thinks he should get a pass.

There seems to be no really good reason why Mr. Dwyer can’t move his car in time, he just thinks that because he comes storming out of his home after the street sweeper has already gone by, that the city should simply make the sweeper back  up, sweep the affected area, and not give him a ticket.

He claims that if the city will not rescind his (dozen or so) tickets, he will resign.

By all means, Mr. Dwyer, do the residents of Huntington Beach a favor and do just that.

Because if you were a councilman in my city, the fact that you have a dozen or so street-sweeping tickets would make me dubious as to your capabilities to run your district.  I mean, if you can’t move your own damn car in time, how can I trust you to fix those potholes in a timely manner?

Oh, and he also thinks that the sweepers should go down the street with a loud beeping noise emanating from them.  Because, you know, the signs posted everywhere and the fact you can already hear the sweepers from two steets away isn’t good enough.


Lights Out, Crash, Crash Crash

The car hit some sort of electrical doodad ... I think.

The car hit some sort of electrical doodad ... I think.

I was at the Spectrum today when the electricity went out, for a few minutes. I thought it was from all of the air conditioning units working overtime. By the way, didn’t every single weatherperson say it was going to cool down? Whatever.

So anyhoo, this electrical snafu happened around 2:30 p.m. or so. When I was walking to my car, which was parked near Target, a short while later I think I discovered the cause of the short-lived power outage. I’m assuming this car crashed into what appears to be an electrical transformer is what made everything go wonky for a few minutes. However, we all know what it means to assume.

Did anyone else happen to see this? What a bummer of a way to kick-off Labor Day weekend. Speaking of … stay safe everyone!

Two more photos after the jump.


Baby You Can Park My Car

As traffic and attendance at the Disneyland Resort grows, parking continues to shrink. With the recently closed “2,226-space Timon parking lot, new parking spaces are needed during the $1-billion expansion of Disney’s California Adventure.” People have to park somewhere and that ‘somewhere is at the Buzz Lightyear lot located at 1946 S. Harbor Blvd on the other side of the current Cast Member lot past Katella Ave.

The Anaheim Planning Commission approved a plan to expand the current 12 acre lot to a much larger (temporary) 35 acre lot. The additional 2,500 spaces being created will hopefully alleviate the parking snarls around the Resort until the rumored parking garage is constructed just north of the GardenWalk some time in the next decade.

If you are traveling to the Resort, pay special attention to the Anaheim Police and Cast Members on hand to direct you – and follow their instructions about where to park. At this point the only location you want to avoid is the lot behind the Paradise Pier Hotel as that location still does not offer tram or bus service to the Main Entrance.


On The Street Where I live


I watched this guy get out of his car, look at how he was parked, then shrug and walk into his apartment. What an ass-hat! We live in a complex that’s tight on parking as it is, so why would a person go and do this?

I hope he got his ass towed.

You Know You’re a Redneck When…


Proof that there are rednecks in Orange County. I spotted this lovely sight inside the secured parking garage at my “luxury” apartment complex in Anaheim. Nothing hotter than putting your Cadillac up on blocks and then letting it sit there for weeks on end. Maybe it’s time to move….

Today’s Parking Tard …

… is brought to you by none other than SKWERT!



Found at the Souplantation parking lot off Newport in Tustin.

Three for the Price of One

When one has Blogger’s Block, one posts trivial softball posts like this one. Just wait until I get really desperate later in the week and post bitch about how people can’t seem to observe basic traffic safety in the city of Anaheim. Until then, please observe the three geniuses afflicted with the parking skills of a wall eyed salmon.


Just how many wrongs does it take to make a right anyway?

Parking Tard

Parking Tard, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

Spotted this douche at CVS at Main ‘ La Veta in Orange. I suppose I should forgive him since he drives an Infiniti SUV….so you know, he can do whatever he wants. Buuuuut I won’t.

Parking Tard

Parking Tard, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

remember what I said I do to parking tards?? Don’t mess with the roller skate!!!

*Looking at the pic, I see it doesn’t look to bad. But there was only about 10 inches b/w my passenger door and their driver-side door.

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