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Brea Mall Hell!

I just survived the trauma of shopping at the Brea Mall. Barely.

Why is it a form of torture?

Because the way they have the parking lot set up, people coming in to the mall have the right of way (sorry suckers that are trying to leave, we’ve already taken your money and there’s nothing you can do!), making it pratically impossible to get out. Add to that the general lack of parking and the shitty way the parking structures are set up with anybody being able to go into any lane, and you have an experience that leads to an inevitable rise in blood pressure. It took me a half hour just to get out of the structure. I would have been better off parking across the street!

Whoever thought up the design for that kind of parking lot should be forced to spend their afterlife trying to find a parking spot during the holiday season, the Brea Circle of Hell, if you will.

Parking Genius at St. Jude Hospital


This bozo parked their giant truck in a spot two spots marked “COMPACT”. Jackass.

Parking Tard

Parking Tard, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

Not only did this arse-hole park in a fire lane, he did so in front of the emergency room ambulance entrance. Way to go slick.

Parking Tard of the day

This one was found in the Towne Center Plaza in Foothill Ranch. It is of my opinion if you don’t want door dings, then either buy a smaller car or park farther out in the lot where other cars won’t park next to you.

Parking Genius

Two things:

A) They hate us for our freedom! Typical American. This douche shamefully rolls around town in this beast with its personalized plates and parks wherever he damn well pleases.

B) I’m not surprised that I spotted this genius at a gas station. After all, where else would you expect to find a Hummer?


Parking Tard of the Day: Called out.

This morning when I pulled into a spot at the Irvine Transportation Center I noticed the person next to me was a little of center and not all the way in the spot. It appears that I was not the only one who noticed.
As I rolled down the passenger window I noticed this little note on the truck next to me.IMG_0618.JPG

After seeing that I had to get pictures of this parking placement and share.


The truck is still in it’s space on the right side…barely.


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