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More Trouble in Orange County East

Oy vey. With my recent post about this guy in Orange County West, several people have commented to me in person that they fear male teachers now more than ever. This most recent (and extremely unfortunate) incident in Orange County Florida, involving a man accused of touching a 13-year-old boy through his swim suit in a Disney water park’s wave pool, highlights the complete moronic behavior of our nation’s parents.

The Orlando Sentinel article is littered with concerned parents who are suddenly going to be keeping a watchful eye on their teenage boys – never letting them out of their sight. Le sigh. Okay, here we go again, I am going to remind everyone that the “vast majority of children who are molested are abused by someone in their own household”. So if you are concerned that some man might do something awful to your son, you may want to start by keeping an eye on your husband. Shocking? Not really.

If you take your kids to Huntington Beach for the day or any private/public OC pool, I agree that you should always keep a watchful eye on them. Not because all men near water should be feared but because your child has an exponentially greater chance of drowning than being inappropriately groped. If you’re really so God damned concerned about their virtue and safety you would be well served to learn CPR so you can actually be of real assistance in case the most common occurrence involving water emergencies should arise.

/end rant

Irvine Representative Speaks Out on Health Care

United States Representative John Campbell (R-Irvine) has an opinion piece in the Register about the health care debate.

And for some reason, he thinks that a comparison between owning a gun and having affordable health care is a good one.

Basically, he argues that because it isn’t stated specifically in the Constitution, the people of the United States have no right to expect affordable health care.

I’m not even going to go into the hundreds, if not thousands, of things the government does that are very much not stated in the Constitution.  Well, ok, maybe I will.  Medicare, the interstate highway system, education, and regulatory bodies such as the FDA, just to name a few of the biggies.

I would like to ask Mr. Campbell if he would also support a measure to abolish Medicare if he is so adamant about government staying out of the healthcare game. 

With a constituency that includes residents of Laguna Woods, I’m not so sure.

Be Vewy, Vewy Quiet… Leisure World Wants to Hunt Wabbits

Oh those cute critters are sure raising some hackles at Seal Beach’s Leisure World.   Dana Parsons has a piece up at the LA Times about the conflict these varmints are causing with some residents.

Seems that some of them view them as pests that are deserving of being killed to “thin out the population” whilst others claim they bring much joy and peace as they munch through the lawns of Leisure World.

But what makes no sense to me at all is this paragraph:

Kurt Bourhenne, who’d like to see the population thinned, said people mischaracterize the pellet guns as dangerous. He said the cage method is inhumane because rabbits invariably lose some skin or fur trying to escape.

Hold on a minute.  The cages are inhumane because the bunnehs might injure themselves with some skin abrasions, but killing them is peachy keen? 

Even better, the residents are just fine with the rabbits being shot, just not in front of them, thank you very much.  It would cause too much distress if it happened right in front of them.  They currently get shipped to and shot in Riverside, and that’s just how they like it.  And hey, someone might just get hit by one of those pellet guns, and that is simply not acceptable.  But fine for the rabbits, of course.

Wasn’t there just an article not too long ago about Los Al having a problem with coyotes and wanting to kill them as well? 

Seems like the two cities might need to talk.  You know, about the circle of life and all that good stuff.  I’m thinking a bargain could be struck.

NBC Sports stinks

I’m a huge tennis fan so I’ve been watching, when I can, end-to-end daily coverage of Wimbledon on ESPN2, until yesterday. I woke up early and saw the end of the Federer match. At 7:00 a.m. PDT, ESPN announces that they are going to stay with the match until it ends, but that NBC is picking up the coverage at 10:00 a.m. in ALL time zones. WTF?

That means the rest of the live matches will be over by the time 10:00 a.m. rolls around here and the scores posted all over the Internet. There were only eight matches yesterday, four women’s and four men’s. It happened again today, no live matches after Safina’s (which went past 7:00/10:00 a.m.) and there were only four women’s matches. The same stupid set-up is scheduled for tomorrow. God forbid they preempt the Today Show. Does anyone on the West Coast even watch it? Everyone I know either watches Good Day L.A. or KTLA.

By the way, NBC pulled this same bullshit with the 2008 Summer Olympics … tape delaying coverage for the West Coast, while airing live on the East Coast. I mean seriously, the Olympics, they only come around every four years. We couldn’t even watch Fishy Phelps win his 8th gold medal live. Is anyone else as pissed-off about this as me?

So you ask, what the hell does this have to do with Orange County? It’s where my TV is. Simple as that.

Am I Losing My Mind?

I had dinner at the Ruby’s at the Irvine Spectrum last night, along with my wonderful colleagues here at the OC Metblogs.

Now, I asked for a grilled cheese sandwich, and a side of Frings. You know, that delectable mixture of fries and onion rings.

The waitress said that wasn’t an option for a side, and I could only get it as a separate appetizer.

Now, maybe some early Alzheimer’s is kicking in, but I swear I have ordered Frings as a side to my main entree before and even though I was charged extra, I got what I wanted.

Can anyone tell me if my memory is correct, or am I lying to myself?

Orange County Doing Slightly Better in Unemployment Rates


But you know, it’s all relative.

According to this chart from the Register, we lag slightly behind both the United States and California unemployment rates.

But 8.6% is nothing to brag about, either. There is of course no number on those that have fallen of the unemployment rolls or those that are under-employed.

It’s weird because I know we are in a recession, or possibly a depression, but I still see plenty of people in restaurants, driving new luxury cars, and shopping malls aren’t exactly ghost towns.

I always wonder if people are still spending money they don’t really have, or if they can truly afford all of the things they buy and consume. There is no doubt in my mind that people here still feel as if they have to have all their material things to feel successful.

Are the latest numbers a harbinger of things to come? Or have we left the worst behind?


OC Supervisors Reject Planned Parenthood Application

Here we go again.

Based on rules they made up a couple of  months ago, the Orange County Board of Supervisors rejected the grant application for tobacco settlement money from Planned Parenthood.

It seems they rejected the grant on a technical issue concerning a nurse case manager, whom the Board claims would not be providing direct clinical care, and thus the application does not meet the requirements.

Uh, I’m going to guess that pretty much any program from any applicant is going to include incidental personnel such as the case manager.  Have you ever known a doctor to answer the phone at their clinic or hospital?

No, what I’m guessing is that Planned Parenthood’s application was gone over with a fine-toothed comb until the supervisors found something they thought could be used against them.

Here’s hoping Planned Parenthood sues the crap out of them.

Stubrik’s- Don’t Believe the Hype

There are not many things in the food world that I love more than a good steak. For the longest time, I had heard various whisperings about Stubrik’s Steakhouse in downtown Fullerton.

Great steaks….mutter mutter mutter…the best I’ve ever had…mutter mutter mutter…it’s fantastic…mutter mutter mutter

So with all these ephemeral compliments floating around, we finally got to try Stubrik’s not that long ago.

And I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but Stubrik’s in no way met those expectations.

For a restaurant that bills itself as a steakhouse, having only five cuts of steak feels like cheating.

If I hadn’t known I had ordered a filet mignon, I would never have known that what was on my plate was a filet mignon. It had maybe three bites that contained the signature filet mignon tenderness.

I’ve had better mashed potatoes and gravy at roadside diners.

For around thirty bucks a meal, I want better a better ambiance than “dive.”

The vegetables were the best thing about my meal. Grilled to perfect crispness and nicely seasoned.

Except I’m at a steakhouse, dammit! I don’t give a rat’s ass about the vegetables!

Stubrik’s doesn’t even give you bread with your thirty dollar meal and charges an outrageous amount for a beer.

For the money, I’m going to be sacrilegious and claim that Outback is a better value for your money.

Grab your suits kids, its hot so were going to….

The Irvine Spectrum Center!?!?
There must have been 25 kids playing in the fountains by Target. And the parents packed for this. What’s up with this trend? No more community pools or the beach? Let’s take the kids to the closest outdoor mall and let them play in the water features. In talking with surrounding shop workers, it is a daily thing, and the main destination at the mall. I just don’t get it.
Even more baffling, the Spectrum center posts rules for the fountains. It doesn’t say which fountains though, I checked.
I think I may have to to wade in the main one hot day soon, or just walk through the middle of it, as long as I have proper footware.

Tea Parties, Where the Fringe Comes to Play

If you’d like, go ahead and visit the picture slideshow at the OC Register of some of the various “Tea Parties” held at various locations throughout Orange County.

I’d like to point out that the vast majority of protesters were white and elderly.

Which would explain why they were completely unaware of what the term “teabagging” means.

What puzzles me is that the events were billed as “non-partisan” gatherings against government spending and high taxes.

So why the signs against Barack Obama? Why the signs saying that this is the USA, not the USSR, which is a large statement of the obvious, if you ask me. Is that supposed to be some oblique nod to socialism? Or communism? Or was the man just really, really confused?

Because I want to tell him that he looks old enough to collect Medicare, and if that ain’t a program that smacks loudly of socialism, I don’t know what is. Yet, I guarantee you there is no way in hell he would willingly give up his Medicare coverage.

So, all you people over 65 at these protests that are eligible to collect Medicare benefits, I call upon you to put your money (and my money, too!) where your mouth is and make the most patriotic anti-tax move of all.

Give up your Medicare.

Then ALL of our taxes will go down.

But, that will be a cold day in hell before that happens, won’t it?

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