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Corona del Mar High School Sucks


Queerty picked up a story about how Orange County’s Corona del Mar High School has banned ‘Gay Characters’ in the Drama Department.


With all the shiz that is going on around the globe why are we obsessing over irrelevant crap like banning a play that features gay people when we should be obsessing over the x-rated pictures of Marlon Brando sucking a big uncut wang that just leaked. Obviously the link is NSFW.

Let them put on their play. Sheesh. Can’t we all just get along?

What a Purpose Driven Tool

Our esteemed friend David Markland up at the LA Metroblog was so kind as to create this video of Saddleback ass-hat Pastor Rick Warren making, well, and ass out of himself.


Essentially, the man has no credibility – and his goatee is just so delicious! Yummy (with a spoon)! In case you think David took the comments out of context here’s a link to the unedited Larry King segment and a link to Warren’s original statement on his site.

Dear Saddleback members: It’s time to put a muzzle on your mouthpiece. It’s YOUR church and YOU have the power to shut him up… or fire him… or boycott his church and all it’s related services. So many of his church members (ahem, that includes you Dave Share) tell me they don’t support his stance on this. If that’s true then I think it’s time to send him a message of love and tolerance by finding a new church. I know people disagree with me on some of my ideas about organized religion and the like. I am not saying don’t go to church, I am just saying put your money where your mouth is and go to a different one.

/end rant

Its over there

Monolith Sign

Monolith Sign

Just in case you couldn’t see it, The Irvine Spectrum Center installed a new 10 foot+ monolith sign at the corner of Pacifica and Irvine Center Drive. My question is how do you miss it? The angle it is facing assumes one either excited off the freeway or was heading North/East on Irvine Center Drive. The Spectrum is fully visible day or night coming from that direction. /rant

Typical OC Douchery

You know what? I think you are a douche. And by “you” I mean the fucking idiot who brought his two preteen children to see Watchmen. I find it appalling that you deem it okay to sit through the endless images of disemboweling, brain splatter and dismemberment with your kiddies. I find it even more appalling that you seem to think it was acceptable viewing for your children. Then, to add insult to injury, you storm out of the theater halfway through the movie all huffed-up about the repeated images of a giant blue animated dong.

I can’t even begin to go into the ills of a society that thinks the image of slicing off someone’s skullcap and scooping out their brains is wholesome while the rendering of a phallus is morally offensive. You sir are a bad parent. Do the rest of us a favor and please stop procreating.

Orange County Board of Supervisors Weighs Awarding Contract to Pro-Life Group

Note to the Orange County Board of Supervisors:

Keep your religious views out of county policymaking!

So, because you don’t believe in “funding abortions,” whch is in no way what the money awarded to Planned Parenthood was used for, you pulled the plug on the funding.

Not cool.

Now you are considering awarding the funds to a pro-life group known as Birth Choice Health Clinics.   This particular set of clinics and their “Teen Integrity” program basically teach an abstinence-based approach to teen sex.

And we all know how well that works.

The next elections cannot be held soon enough so that I can vote you and your backward views out.

Let Freedom Rin… um… Fry?

I went to the brand spanking new Johnny Rocket’s at Anaheim Garden Walk yesterday. I haven’t been inside a Johnny Rocket’s a in a couple of years. In fact, the last time I ate there was at the location inside Knott’s Berry Farm in the Boardwalk area.

Anyway, aside from the unusually small space, the food was delicious and the experience was fun. I snapped a picture of their menu when something caught my attention…


[Blurry photo courtesy of my trusty phone cam]

American Fries? Really? Are we still doing that ridiculous removal of the word “French“ from the name of the food? Even the US House of Representatives changed their cafeteria menus quite a while back. I’m not certain the genesis of calling these ”American Fries“ – maybe they have always been called that – but it doesn’t preclude me from thinking the name is stupid.

Besides, millions of people gulp down Orange Fanta without a single thought given to its origins. Maybe we should change the name of the drink to Liberty Squeeze or some such thing…. cause the nation of origin for that foodstuff has got to be worse than the origin of deep friend potatoes.

TapouT Founder Killed In Car Crash

Charles “Mask” Lewis was killed yesterday in a fatal car crash in Costa Mesa. The accident occurred on Jamboree between Bison and East Bluff Drive. A police officer, who witnessed the crash, said he saw the victim’s red Ferrari and a white Porsche spinning out of control. The Ferrari spun in to a curb then hit a light pole, which quite literally split the car in half. The Porsche stopped briefly then sped off. The driver and passenger of the Porsche were spotted shortly after trying to walk away from the injured car, but police quickly arrested them. The driver has been charged with vehicular manslaughter and has bail set at $1 million. The passenger was arrested for drunk in public. Lewis was killed upon impact. His girlfriend was lucky enough to have been ejected from the car. She is now hospitalized and in stable condition.

While this is a tragic story, and I wish all my hopes and prayers to his family and his girlfriend and her family, I can’t say I’m sad he died. It is estimated that he was traveling twice the 50 mph speed limit, racing the man in the Porsche. He’s lucky he’s the one that died and he didn’t kill his girlfriend. For once, the wrongdoer got what they deserve. I have no sympathy for people that are selfish, stupid and dangerous. We’ve all seen footage on those “police chase” videos where some selfish asshole crashes into an innocent person’s (sometimes a whole family) vehicle and survives while they all die. One less idiot on the road is fine by me.

You can see the mangled car photos and video from the crash site here and here. You can also read more about it here

Really Southwest Airlines?? Really?

I just saw an ad on TV last night that on May 9, Southwest Airlines will be starting non-stop service from John Wayne Airport to San Francisco! Really Southwest?? Really? Where did you get that idea? It couldn’t be because Virgin America starts the exact same service, from the exact same airports on April 30 could it?? Maybe? OK, I know. They have way nicer interiors, staff, food, in-flight entertainment and ASSIGNED SEATING, so surely you’re going to be much cheaper to fly. Oh no? You’re going to charge $118 round-trip compared to their $88?? Really??

Good luck with that Southwest……really.

Orange County Board of Supervisors Suspends Planned Parenthood Funding

In a move that seems designed to cater directly to the Board of Supervisors’ religious beliefs, a unanimous decision was made to suspend the county contract with Planned Parenthood. Never mind that none of the money in the contract was used for abortions, but for sex education.

Supervisor John Moorlach was quoted as saying, “I personally have a problem with government funding of an organization that provides abortion services.”

Well, Mr. Moorlach, I personally have a problem with governments who are unable to separate church and state.

People are of course highly divided on the subject of abortion, but the simple fact remains that it is legal. And despite what some in the religious contingent would have you believe, the main mission of Planned Parenthood is to provide low-cost birth control services for people who need them. Which would be many, as there are millions of people without health insurance.

Shame on you, Board of Supervisors, for your short-sighted decision.

OCTA Cuts Bus Services

Commuting in Orange County has taken a turn for the worse. Again. Due to a $17 million cut in the budget from our state, bus services will face major cuts in the coming months. While the figures aren’t out yet, the county is estimating approximately 130,000 hours will have been cut from December last year to June this year. The changes are said to be minor, and will alter 26 of the 80 routes in Orange County.

I have taken the bus twice since I moved to Orange County 8 years ago. Both times I felt there was far too long of a wait between buses. Now, if I’m on the wrong route, I could be waiting longer. Thanks budget crisis thing!!!

Our very own fejsez takes the bus regularly. Jeff? Any thoughts???

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