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Shirtless Mormon Hunks From Irvine!

Who needs friends when you’ve got a subject line like that? Can you believe I am posting about this calendar for a second time? Yeah me neither.


[Photo courtesy of CMH Entertainment, LLC]

Last year I made a sexually ambiguous post (poor Dave, his head nearly aspload) about the 2008 Men on a Mission calendar I spotted at the Main Place Mall. It was a softball post really. A couple of shirtless CoCal mormon boys making (men and) women pant. Your basic beefcake and sacred garments kind of fair.

Now, here I am again posting about the 2009 calendar. Dear Lord why? Because that sharp looking fellow on the cover happens to be from Irvine, that’s why. His name is Cody Bloomfield aka Mr. April [smirk] and he currently resides in Orange County and works as a finance manager for a family business. Family business eh? Sounds like the LDS Mafia to me. Kidding.

Anyway, Cody got his call to serve in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission and has a first hand account of the horrors brought about by Hurricane Katrina. He sounds like a standup guy in the bio on their web site. God – I have so many questions. I wonder how he felt about posing for this silly calendar? After all, the calendar’s creator was excommunicated from the LDS church and had his degree from BYU revoked due to the “scandalous” 2008 version. Does he worry about the religious repercussions? Is he even that devout? Given the bad press the LDS church has endured lately, it begs the question: How did he vote on Prop 8?

Finally, and most importantly, what the frack is wearing in that picture?

Old Towne Orange Menorah Stolen

Sorry, I’m a little late on this. The OC Register announced Thursday that someone (or more than one, as the menorah is quite large) stole the Old Towne Orange menorah on December 6th. Police are under the impression that the menorah was stolen either as a prank or for the monetary value of it’s recycle-ability. I hope that’s it and religion has nothing to do with it. I was at the tree lighting last Sunday and don’t remember hearing anything about the menorah being missing.

Luckily a nice Orange couple is lending the city the large menorah they built for their front yard.

For those of you who like video over text, ABC covered the story here.

The Cheerful Assassins

There won’t be any SWAT, Special Forces or armed guerillas. There won’t be any Russian paratroopers falling from the heavens. We won’t have a Governmental collapse and not a single shot will be fired. They’ll show up at the door with clipboards and broad toothy smiles. I am absolutely convinced that when they come to take away our rights they will show up with suits, ties and Bibles.

When I watched the results pour in during the wee hours of Wednesday morning it became clear that Proposition 8 (a measure to remove the rights of same-sex couples to marry) was headed towards a win. The local news station recognized this too and cut to a Yes on 8 “party” in Irvine. The reporter, surrounded by fine upstanding suit-and-tie wearing, bible-thumping heterosexuals flashing their pearly whites, reported an atmosphere of “cautious optimism”.

Was this hack seeing the same “party” I was? This wasn’t cautious optimism. This was malicious satisfaction. Their faces were not emoting caution – the expressions I saw can only be described as glee. A certain sort of repulsive joy was oozing from every pasty white pore. They had worked hard; some of them had given up their careers to dedicate their life to this campaign. This was the fruits of their labors and their smug satisfaction showed.

You know, I can respect deep and abiding personal beliefs. I can understand people who have profound religious convictions, one of our most valued rights as Americans, even if I don’t agree with them. But this… this was something else completely. This was more about keeping others down rather than “standing up for family” – you could see it written on their faces. These were indeed gleeful idiots, cheerful assassins if you will: here to save society from itself. They were giddy. I was revolted.

Tuesday’s election results were astounding in so many ways. California managed to take a step forward and a step backward at the same time. We wanted change but not too much change apparently. The dichotomy of voting for Barak Obama as well as yes on Proposition 8 is lost on no one – least of all the thousands upon thousands of protesters who have flooded the streets all across our fine state. They clearly felt the revulsion I felt and chose to voice their displeasure in a big way.

So what’s next Orange County? Where will you draw the line? Adoption? Interracial marriage? When will you have had enough of the hatred? Here’s another question: When they show up at your little suburban door to stake their next constitutional claim will you take to the streets or will you invite the smiling foot soldiers in for tea?

I am disappointed. I thought we were better than this. Last week, for the first time ever, I was ashamed to call myself a Californian.

Prop 8 Rally

So, for those of you that haven’t been watching the news, over the last several days there have been rallies around the state of people protesting the passing of Prop 8. Some ending smoothly, while others ended far from smoothly. (I feel like I’ve been transported back to the civil rights movements of the 50’s after reading that post.)
With all the protests happening in LA and SF, I was wondering how long until we had one here in Orange County. Now thanks to a heads-up by LA Metblog’s super-green frazgo, I have one to share for you!

“Laguna Beach, Saturday, Nov 8, 5:30 P.M. at City Hall – march to Main Beach for candlelight vigil. Parking available at Act V parking lot at 1900 Laguna Canyon Road – shuttle busses will be running every 15 minutes. Bring signs, flags, candles (or flashlights), whistles, and dress for a cool evening.”

Sadly (as it seems to be when anything I want to do is happening) I’m working and won’t be able to make it. I hope some of you out there can, and can help show that gay rights are civil rights.

PS-Do whatever you can to make it peaceful. We only hurt our cause when we get violent.

Welcome President Barack Obama!!!

I’m so excited! And that speech…….wow. I’m so excited for what’s to come!

As of 9:23 with 21% of votes in, Prop 8 is 54% Yes, 45% No. I hope things turn around by the time I wake up tomorrow……

update: Looks like all hope is lost on 8 with 96% of the votes in. Let’s hope the courts can help.

OC Metblogs welcomes President (ok President-Elect) Obama!! :-)

No On 8 Needs Help!

With less than a week to go until the election, the No On 8 campaign could use some help. The Yes campaign recently received $2 million in donations, whereas the No campaign received approx. $250,000. We could use all the help we can get. You can donate here. I don’t have much to give, but I gave what I could.

I know there are a lot of people out there who believe homosexuality is wrong. And there’s nothing wrong with that. People have the right to believe what they want. But please don’t take away a right that every American should be able to experience. Marriage. Love crosses race, religion and sometimes even gender. Who are we to tell them any different?

My best friend (and best man for that matter) will be discussing this issue on 105.9 Power 106 this Sunday morning at 7am. I know it’s early, but your calls into the show could be enough to change some minds out there. It doesn’t take very many people to make a difference. Be one of those few.

I did it….


I forgot about the whole “against the law to show your ballot to other people” thing.

But just know that I voted No today! w00t!

…so can you.
Vote NO on 8!

Equality Rules. Discrimination Sucks.

Yes. I’m here asking you, again to vote NO on Prop 8. I don’t think it can be said enough how much discrimination sucks. If you like discrimination, then by all means vote yes. But if you’re smarter then the average straight (forgive me for assuming no gay folks are voting yes), vote NO!

If you’re someone who needs audio/visual stimulation to help you with your voting, watch this snarky little video from the No on Prop 8 folks.

Vote NO on Prop 8!!(sorry, we can’t embed YouTube stuff on here)
Turns out we can! Thanks Jon!

PS Chal over at the LA Metblog site has had a LOT of posts lately regarding the NO on Prop 8 campaign. In his latest post he notes that even Mayor Villaraigosa donated some of his own money to defeat the same discrimination he faced as a minority.

Praise the Lord and pass the grits!

So, one of our goals this fine labor day weekend, was to do things that we have never done before. Yesterday we went to Mel’s Drive-In in West Hollywood and today we went to the Gospel Brunch at the Anaheim House of Blues. At forty dollars a pop we weren’t sure what to expect but what we got was a heaping pile of stellar entertainment and a towering assortment of mediocre food.


On the southern brunch buffet you find the good, the bad and the ugly.

  • The Good: The homemade biscuits and country gravy, white chocolate and banana bread pudding, cheddar cheese grits and the “Hallelujah Omelette Station” all hit it out of the park. Delicious.
  • The Bad: The homemade cornbread, creole chicken jambalaya, roasted breakfast potatoes and smoked sausages were fairly far south of edible. Delirious.
  • The Ugly: The worst of the worst was the smoked bacon – it had the wonderful full flavor of old rancid grease and an aftertaste that lingered on the palate far too long. Disgusting.

[It should be noted we didn’t even try the “Have Mercy Carving Stations“ feature brisket, turkey and ham. It’s just not our speed.]

The real treat here was the entertainment. This alone is worth the price of your ticket. Every week gospel groups from around the area perform live on stage. If what my wife and I experienced this morning was representative of what every performance is like, then run (don’t walk) and buy tickets now! The vocalists (The Clara Ward Singers) and band were all spectacular. I was particularly moved (almost to tears) by a touching tribute to Judy Garland – she really brought it.

The only sour notes came from the staff who were often too loud and raucous behind the bar area and downright negligent in their serving duties. They should be there to enhance your experience, not to detract from it. If I can hear you snapping each other in the ass with bar towels throughout the performance, then you richly deserve the crappy tip I left as your reward.

Have any of you been to the HoB Gospel Brunch in Anaheim? What were your thoughts? Share in the comments!

Help Children With AIDS. See Tyrone Wells Live!

For those of you who do not know who Tyrone Wells
is, you’re missing out. He’s an OC resident who got his start playing at McClain’s coffehouse in Fullerton. He’s grown over the last few years and has a huge following. Now is your chance to see him live AND help out an organization that provides homes for abandoned HIV and AIDS babies.

Unfortunately the flyer is pdf, so click here for the link!

I’d love to make this a giveaway, but I don’t have the connections or the money to do that. Besides, donations don’t work unless you pay for them!

Go support a local charity and local musician! I’ll be there….look for me!

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