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Big Orange

Let’s face it. Gas wars or not, Americans like trucks. While many Americans own them as a necessary tool for their occupation, there are plenty who also own a truck because they like how it looks or the size or they enjoy going off-road on the weekends. I fall into the last category. Actually, I think I fall into all the categories. When I owned my truck, I used it to haul my DJ equipment, I loved how it looked, I liked being bigger than most other vehicles and I LOVE to go off-road! The only problem is, for that last group, the off-road enthusiast, there really have never been any truly off-road capable trucks you could buy off the dealer’s floor. Sure there was the Hummer, but who has $100,000+ to spend on something that’s not even really capable of being a daily driver? How can we get our off-road fun toy without spending many thousands of dollars on conversions, just to make the thing unbearable to drive to and from work??

Thankfully, Ford not only heard our calls for help, but they decided to spoil the hell out of us. Drum roll please…..ladies and gentlemen, I present my new obsession……The Ford F-150 Raptor.
2010 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor

Bringin' the Orange to the County

Bringin' the Orange to the County

I highly suggest you follow me past the jump for more pictures and information that will make many of you want to run to the nearest Ford dealership. Yes, really! (more…)

Another Pop-Up Store Comes to the Spectrum

DSCN4605I know, it’s starting to sound like the beginning of a joke, but … as I was walking through the Irvine Spectrum Center the other day I saw a sign for a Toys R Us Holiday Express store.

Not sure when it’s expected to open, but as you can see in the photo, they are already stocking the store with merchandise. The store is located in the aisle between Nordstrom and Target. It’s located in the spot that has been occupied by a million different things and I don’t remember any of them.

It’s a 100 degrees outside, football season hasn’t officially begun, Halloween is still eight weeks away and we’re already being reminded that Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus – or whatever it is you celebrate or don’t celebrate – is not about being spiritual, but about who gets the most crap. This is just the beginning of “the airing of the grievances.”

P.S. sorry for the poor photo i.e. huge shadow. Unfortunately, I can’t control the turning of the Earth.

Opening Date Set for Taryn Rose Outlet

As I was leaving work today I noticed the doors were open to the Taryn Rose Outlet, so me being me I poked my head in and asked when they’d be opening. As luck would have it the manager, Erin Escobar, was there and was able to give me the store details. She was even aware of this. :)

Taryn Rose sign

Shoe lovers of Southern California rejoice, the Taryn Rose Outlet is reopening this Friday, August 21, 2009 at 11:00 a.m. at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Many of you probably remember them from their previous location in Rancho Santa Margarita.

The Spectrum store, like the one in RSM, will, most likely, be temporary. However, this may change depending on any number of factors. Ms. Escobar explained it’s a business decision as rents/leases are much more flexible for – what the retail industry calls – pop-up stores (think Halloween or Christmas). Rest assured they will be at their current location for at least two months. For all of you who will be traveling from L.A. and San Diego Counties this location is much more accessible from both the 5 and 405 freeways (the mall literally sits between the two at the split). This is the ONLY Taryn Rose Outlet in the country. Again, depending on how things go another may open somewhere else. Continue reading for pricing and contact information.


Shopping is Fun Again

I picked up this little gem at the (newish) Fortuosity Shop on Main Street inside of Disneyland. This is the type of novel and amusing thing you don’t regularly see at The Mouse. It’s nice to have a little variety, especially after being assaulted by branded merchandise at every turn. So when I saw this luggage-tag-of-my-dreams I snapped it up and made it mine! After all, the words expressed on this kitsch are a deeply shared sentiment with yours truly.


Remember the good ol’ days when they used to have a wide variety of different eclectic merchandise at unique shops all over the park? The old (and now defunct) One Of A Kind Shop in New Orleans Square comes to mind. Anyway, those days are mostly gone and can only be relived in our memories. While the Fortuosity Shop is perfectly lovely, and it does make Disney shopping fun again, it can’t quite compare to the wonders that preceded it.

Taryn Rose Outlet @ Spectrum

Shoe fashionistas rejoice. AKA all women. As I was walking through the Irvine Spectrum Center yesterday I noticed a sign for Taryn Rose Outlet. It will be located in the storefront previously occupied by Bebe Sport, in the corridor between Nordstom and Target.

Anyone have any information of when it will be opening?

I’ll snap a pic on my way to work today.

Update: here are a few photos, click to enlarge.

ICME: The Bird Tree

This was taken in the parking lot of my local Target not too long ago.

And even though you probably can’t see all of them due to shadows, trust me when I say there seemed to be almost as many birds as branches.

I think they hang out in the Target parking lot so they can lie in wait for all of the spilled popcorn.098

Man Sale! Hubba Hubba!

It’s a A Bachelor Auction that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project. You can win a date with a hot and sexy hero! And by hero, I mean firefighters, police officers, armed forces, lifeguards and doctors. The event is being held on Saturday, July 25 7:00 PM at Hilton Irvine.

The cost? Only 39.99 for VIP Admission to the auction event. Sadly it’s for women only – that doesn’t seem fair. Mmmmm. Well if any of you women wanna go, be sure and tell me how it was. So much for my dream date with the sexy fireman of my dreams. Hey Date a Hero: When you gonna have a Man Sale that I can attend? I feel like the hooker in Pretty Woman, you know, when they won’t let her shop. [sigh]


Pure Light


As I mentioned in a previous post, the Rockport store recently closed. However, as I was walking by the other day I saw workmen in the old store and a new sign go up for Pure Light, a create your own candle studio. I think this sort of thing is really fun, so I checked out their website to learn a little bit more about the store/studio and contacted the owner Judy Kelly for a bit more information. 

I recommend you read the story of how Pure Light came to be, it’s very touching and inspirational. The Kelly family truly developed a positive uplifting space and message when they created and opened Pure Light in Laguna Beach. They are hoping to bring that positive energy to the Irvine Spectrum (I think it’s great to have a local boutique store amongst all of the chains … IMHO, of course).

When do you plan on opening? Pure Light

If all goes to plan, we hope to open our doors in the Spectrum on Sunday, June 21… Summer Solstice and Father’s Day (in honor of my son and his being a father to Tyeson Lhyric). We will hold a Grand Opening celebration on Thursday, July 9th.

Are you still going to have your Laguna Beach store?


How will the Spectrum store be different or the same?

The Spectrum store will be primarily focused on candle making and gift shopping. We do have a “Celebration Room” where people can have candle making parties for birthdays, team celebrations, girls night out etc., along with a whole host of events that will soon show up on a separate calendar for the Irvine store on our website. The Laguna store is where we hold blessing ceremonies and can cater in food for a full service type of event in addition to the candle making and retail. The look and feel of both stores will be similar with a few different aspects to each store.  But we are all about Bali and nature and feel good.  

Why an additional location? 

Laguna Beach is magic, especially being in the Laguna Canyon, but the walk by traffic is non-existent. Most of our business is during the Sawdust Festival and events on weekends. We have had such an amazing response to the store with repeated requests that we open in cities all across the county so we thought we would give a modified model of the store a try in a high traffic area and see where it goes. It seems many people love candles, and the idea of making one themselves. It’s fun, positive, smells great, and people love to make them for themselves or to give as gifts.   

Why now?

Just being lead this way as I have been in this entire process of creating Pure Light. What we offer does not cost a lot of money, and it’s a very uplifting and positive experience for people to share with friends or family. There are a lot of reasons why, and in this economy, could be a lot of reasons to say not to. However, I trust the process and hope to provide something fun and uplifting that is a positive experience, and makes people feel good because it is something completely unusual that can be made with great meaning behind them, created by them. It helps with the void of lack of art in the schools, it’s not difficult to do, it appeals to so many of the senses, and no two candles made are ever the same. Why not now! We all need some good, positive experiences in our lives… especially now. We are about moving positive energy, so we hope to move some in a good direction.  

Are all of the same services going to be offered, that are available in LB, and at the same price? 

As I mentioned above, the candle making will be in both locations, along with our Candle Bouquet line and our retail gift shopping. Ceremonies and catering are only in Laguna. 

Is there anything you’d like to specifically make mention of or point people to on your website? 

If your readers are into something fun and unusual to do that will bring them accolades for finding something awesome, they should check us out, and the story behind us.

Can you accommodate children or is the candle making primarily geared to adults? 

We accommodate ages 5 on up! There is something for just about everyone.  

“We miss our son, Tyeson, so very much, but his creative spirit shines on at Pure Light and we are very blessed to feel his presence come through in the creative going on at the shops.  Check out our latest creations at  These are candles that can be sent as bouquets as an alternative to the traditional flower, cookie or fruit bouquets.  Each one has a message in a bottle.” ~ Judy Kelly

I am very much looking forward to checking this store out when it opens. Have any of you been to the Laguna Beach store? If so, what are you thoughts, impressions, etc.? 

Patchwork- Indie Arts and Crafts Festival

Do you crave independent, high-quality, nonconformist goods?

Then Patchwork might be just the place for you.

Being held tomorrow near the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, this event features emerging crafters and their goods, yummy food, and even music!

For more info, pop on over to their official website for directions and times.

Can You Taste It?

It’s time for the Taste of Anaheim again. Actually this is the fourteenth annual Taste of Anaheim and it’s this Thursday! They have moved the venue to Anaheim Garden Walk this year, which is a good move. The place is half empty and they should make pretty good use of the unused space.

My favorite entertainment on the schedule is LIGHTS: The Premier Tribute Band to Journey. Holy crap how exciting is that? The web site says “LIGHTS infuses the air with electricity and ignites the crowd with energetic fire. Experience The Premier Tribute to one of the truly great bands in Rock and Roll… Journey.” Oh my… they will infuse the air? Sound dangerous.

They also have somebody called Oreo Divas performing and lets not forget Eli Mattson: Americas Got Talent Finalist. What a get! [smirk] Anyway, the cheesy entertainment and the large list of participating restaurants should be well worth the price of admission ($40.00 at the door).

Who wants to meet me there for some Journey induced madness? The big list of participating vendors is available after the jump.


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