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Titans BEAT the ‘Eaters for the BigWest Title!!!


UCI lost to the Cal State Fullerton Titans who whomped the ‘Eaters in the Big West Title game at the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Titans will finally return to the tournament for the first time in thirty years.

What a sight to see Tuffy crowd surfing the “Orange Curtain!”

Now the Titans will wait and see who they will face in the first round.

UPDATE: The Titans are going to take on Wisconsin in the first round.

Ducks Not Looking Likely to be Repeat Division Champs

Well, it looks like the Anaheim Ducks are not going to repeat as division champs this year.All hope is not lost, the Ducks will still make the playoffs, but winning the division and then going in to the playoffs healthy and strong is a big boost.Wait, the Ducks are not healthy!? Perry is out and Pronger’s jaw is still healing.It looks like the Ducks might have a tough first round opponent on their course to a possible repeat.Here is to hoping that this doesn’t happen in real life.

Whoa, Titan Basketball Packing the Stands!

The Register is reporting that one of the largest crowds packed the stands at Titan Gym to watch the Titans take on Cal State Northridge.

While the crowd of 1,983, the largest crowd to see a CSUF home game this season, gave the Gym a big league atmosphere, the Titans lost to Northridge by 8-points.

This leaves the Titans a game and a 1/2 out of first place in the Big West Conference.

I wish the basketball program could reach the level of the CSUF Baseball program. Then the Titans could build a larger fan and donor base for a possible return to college football.

New Ducks Jerseys Again?

Howdy all, I know its been a while since I have written a post here at the Metroblog, but having my head buried back into the books will do that to a person.

However there has been one rumor that has been circulating on the internet regarding the Anaheim Ducks: They will have new jerseys when the Stanley Cup champs hit the ice and begin their 2008 campaign.

The entire NHL is switching from the old style floppy jerseys to ones made by Reebok that have a sleek appearance to them.

According to one site the new Ducks jerseys may replace the “Anaheim Ducks” on the front to a simple webbed “D” logo. I’m not sure if the jersey will still have Anaheim on them. The Kings launched their new jerseys and it has their crown in the middle with Los Angeles along the bottom, maybe Anaheim will do the same? For the record, the jersey better have Anaheim on them, don’t get me started on what happened when the owner across the street on Katella started messing with long team names.

A supposed spy picture of the new jersey after the jump. If anyone has any more details, or if anyone with the Ducks would like to confirm or deny this, leave a message in the comments.

Always looking for the silver lining.

It was just being discussed at my place of work, that Anaheim should feel no shame in the recent Angel Stadium rat crisis. Why? Because the Angels are a Los Angeles team now. =) So really, it’s LA that should be hanging their halos in disgrace. Whew! Orange County can rest easy.

“…come see the Stanley Cup.*”

*but it will cost you.

Tonight at Angel Stadium of Anaheim the Stanley Cup made an on field appearance, but I didn’t get to see that, nor did I see the first pitch, or for that matter the first two innings. I was in a line since 5:30pm to take a picture with the Stanley Cup.

Ah, but there were no signs or fine print anywhere telling fans who or what may take your photograph with the cup and how much the photo will costs. Add to the fact that I waited two hours in line for a picture, just to be told I had to buy it when I had my own camera made me as mad as hell. I’m not blaming this on the Anaheim Ducks or the NHL, as I’m sure this wasn’t their idea of a fan experience with Hockey’s Holy Grail, but the work of the Angels Baseball Club LLC.

Nice going Arte. You change the name of the Angels by adding Los Angeles (when there not even close to LA) and you nickel and dime the fans to death. It must be the fact that another team wins a title with Anaheim in front of the team name that bugs you.

Also reading the draconian photo release (far from a standard photo release), which I had no opportunity to read prior to the picture, you basically sign away any intellectual property rights to your likeness to the Angels Baseball Club LLC, FanFoto, and Major League Baseball. Looking at the photos on the FanFoto site, they are locked down from the right click “save as” method and the originals have “Proof” stamped across the front. Ugh, maybe this is one for the Electronic Frontier Foundation to take a look at?

Legal notice should have been posted or notice of a professional photographer would be available to take your photo, even the pregame announcement said the cup would be available and no one had prior knowledge of how the cup would be presented or what time it would be on display until game time.

With the Cup taking a tour of the Southland and the Anaheim Ducks taking it on a tour of Orange County hotspots to thank their fans, I’m sure I’ll run into it again, just not at the costs of $9.99.

CSUF returns to the CWS and somehow UCI followed

Cal State Fullerton returns to Omaha tomorrow taking on Oregon State in the first round of the College World Series tomorrow. On the same day, UCI (you mean they actually have a good baseball team, besides having the national champs in volleyball. Wait, they won and no one noticed? Not surprised) plays Arizona State.

The Titans basically live in Omaha:
15 CWS Appearances (out of 33 seasons in division 1)
5 CWS Titles
29 Regional Appearances
Best record for on the road wins in Regional and Super-Regional games
CSUF Fans Party and BBQ at the Titan House
Kevin Costner … “Field of Dreams
Knocked out UCLA!

UCI – Baseball built from CSUF talent (Current Head Coach Serrano was an assistant under Horton)
0 – Previous CWS Appearances
1992 – Year baseball was axed due to budget cuts
1998 – Year Students voted to bring Baseball back to UCI
8 – Number of Players drafted in the MLB draft this year
4 – Number of blocks from the Titan house where UCI will have their BBQ

Since we don’t have Division 1 football at both CSUF and UCI, Baseball has become the marquee sport for Division 1 NCAA schools in Orange County.

Go Titans!

Could we see CSUF v. UCI at the College World Series?

Stanley Cup Celebration

The following is the the official Stanley Cup Celebration News Release:

Official Fan Celebration is Saturday!!!!

The 2007 Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks are inviting all fans to attend the team’s official Stanley Cup Fan Celebration on Saturday, June 9 at 6:30 p.m. just outside the south entrance (facing Katella Ave.) to Honda Center.

Fans in attendance will receive free Wienerschnitzel hot dogs, Pepsi Cola and Aramark barbeque potato chips. The event will feature the entire roster of the 2007 Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks as well as live music and entertainment.

Parking for the Stanley Cup Championship Fan Celebration will be free for all attendees. In addition and in an effort to lessen impact on the environment, all beverage containers and products associated with the Wienerschnitzel hot dog giveaway will be recyclable.

Heavy traffic is expected between the hours of 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., with the party starting at 6:30 p.m.

From approximately 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Katella Avenue both directions and Douglass Road both directions will be closed. Additionally, beginning at 8 p.m., the north and southbound exits at Katella and Ball Road on SR-57 will be closed.

Please visit to read more about the celebration and view a map of parking information.

Anaheim Ducks – SoCal’s First Stanley Cup Champions

History was made in Anaheim, California tonight. The Anaheim Ducks became the first team on the West Coast to win the Stanley Cup in the NHL.


The Ducks won the Cup in Fourteen Years, the Kings have taken over thirty years (even the years with Gretzky) and they have still not won the Cup.

If you have been following the bet that was placed between the Toronto Metroblog and the Anaheim/OC Metroblog, this now means Toronto will have to pay up with a nice picture of their captain wearing anything with a Ducks logo in front of a famous Canadian landmark. I’ll post the picture and the link to their posts when they deliver.

You have to hand it to Ottawa, they played tough and stuck with it almost until the end. Emery, one of the best goalies in the NHL, gave up some goals that are traditionally tough to block. The one goal where the puck went off his skate and into his own net, while tough to watch for Senators fans, was the goal that broke the Senators back.

So with the OC Register Special Section headline of “Impeachment” (You have to love that one, I’d thought I’d see that for the current President…) the Ducks made Southern California Sports History!

This is now going to make for a great game when the Stanley Cup Champion Anaheim Ducks play the Los Angeles Kings in London to start the ’07-’08 season. Ducks fans who suffered through the Eggplant and Teal of the Disney-era finally have something to hang over the heads of the suffering Kings fans 45 minutes to the north.

Go Ducks!

Game 4 – Ducks WIN! One Game Left to Go…

What a Game!

The Anaheim Ducks won game four in Ottawa and return home to Anaheim on Wednesday to play for the Cup.

Down in Irvine, at the Fox Sports Grill, the crowd of Ducks fans went nuts with each goal scored and when the final seconds ticked off the clock. I was even surprised to see Mario from Channel 4 make it out of the sea of Ducks Fans with his hair still intact.

Can’t wait to see the picture Arvin…

Pictures from the Game 4 Watch Party after the jump.

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