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RIP … Mitchell

I’m very sad to report that one of the baby hummingbirds, Mitchell, met an untimely demise on Saturday, April 3, thanks to a dastardly crow. Sorry for the delayed report, but I thought I was coming to an untimely demise as well, in the form of the flu.

So here’s what happened: my husband had been noticing a crow in our backyard, which is kinda uncommon. Then a short while later he noticed it on the ficus tree, with the hummingbird nest. My husband chased the crow away then went to the grocery store to get me more lozenges, syrups, etc. When he came back … “Where’s the nest!?!” We can only assume the crow came back and took the entire nest with poor little Mitchell still in it. Cam either fluttered out or fell out. We found him lying directly under where the nest used to be. He was alive atop the pile of towels positioned underneath; A Tip of the Hat to Jeannie for the towel tip!

A wide shot of the tree, which is pretty protected (next to a house and under a pergola) and all of the blankets underneath.

My husband immediately Googled what to do while I cried. I know it’s part of nature and all, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. So he made a makeshift nest from coffee filters and a hanging glass candle holder. Not ideal, but better than nothing, and put Cam in. The Internet assured us that the mother would indeed find the new nest and continue to feed the remaining baby(ies). You know what, it actually worked.

The makeshift nest. A coffee filter inside a glass candleholder. The fishing line is for stability.

So over the next few days everything was fine, Gloria coming and going feeding little Cam and Cam perched on the edge of the nest poised to fly. One day my husband found him on the ground and put him back in the nest. Yesterday, before I went to work, I found him on the ground and put him back in the nest. When I came home he was nowhere to be found. I looked everywhere, even in the blankets. I saw Gloria looking frantically for him. Nothing. I shed a few more tears. My husband comes home and informs me I was wrong, hallelujah – and for once happy to be – Cam was indeed inside the folds of the blanket. He saw Gloria feeding Cam through an opening.

It was after this last fall we decided (rightly or wrongly) to just leave Cam on the ground in the blanket nest. Thankfully he seems to be doing well and Gloria is continuing to feed him. He’s probably safer

Cam opening wide for breakfast. Glare is from the window, I shot this from inside the house.

Breakfast is served! Glare is from the window, I shot this from inside the house.

All together now ... awww!

Help Future Nurses Help You!

For those out there who don’t know, I’m in nursing school.  In fact I’m in my final semester! w00t!  I got here thanks to some great instructors and some fantastic equipment that our department purchases for us to learn with.  Due to the fact that there is a severe budget crisis, we don’t have as much income as we used to.  This means future students will be learning outdated information on outdated equipment.  For this reason, the Santa Ana College Student Nurse Association (SACSNA) is holding a fundraiser tomorrow at Knowlwood restaurant in Santa Ana.  The money from this fundraiser will not only go towards new equipment, books and videos, but is also used to send students across the country to the National Student Nurse Convention.  This is an excellent opportunity for those selected and is made possible thanks to fundraisers like this.

So PLEASE, if you are able, come by and help us out.  We will receive 15% of your order, as long as you mention Santa Ana College or nursing or SACSNA.

Here are the details:

Knowlwood Restaurant

2107 East 17th Street
(& Tustin Avenue)
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(714) 541-0555

We get our discount from 11am-9pm.  Tell your friends too!!

FREE Pinkberry!!!

Sorry for the last minute post, but I just found out about this. Pinkberry is giving away free small yogurts tonight from 5pm-9pm to celebrate their new Mango flavor!!

More info can be found here.

I’m not so much a fan typically, but maybe I’ll give this new flavor a shot since its FREE. Enjoy! Have a great weekend.

FREE Pancakes!!!!

Tomorrow is IHOP’s National Pancake Day!!  That means from 7am-10pm, go to participating IHOP restaurants and you can receive a FREE short stack of pancakes!!!

Being that tomorrow is also the opening of Captain EO, you can go get your FREE pancakes across the street from the Disneyland Main Entrance at the IHOP on Harbor, then head straight into the park to see Captain EO!  (And yes I called to check, though usually that IHOP does not honor promos usually, they WILL be honoring that promo.)

*Also a little tip: If you park at that IHOP, you can run into the park for a bit and save yourself the Disney parking fees. :-)

Captain EO is back! February 23!!

So long, bad times.......Hello, good times!

That’s right kids.  The rumors were all true.  While it was originally thought that Captain EO would return for the special Halloween celebration Disneyland had in 2009, there simply wasn’t enough time to do it up right.  According to the Disney Parks Blog the official date for it’s return is this Tuesday February 23!!!  Also, according to the blog site, there will be a special Captain EO announcement on the Disneyland Twitter account next week.  So if you have Twitter, follow them to see what it is!

I was lucky enough to be in the first audience to see the movie since 1997 last week when they were doing some special cast member testing.  It sounds great and was so fun to watch in 3D again.  I think this will be a huge success due to fans who remember it from their younger days and also for the new generation who have never seen it before.  Also, be ready for a few new surprises that didn’t exist in the original run. :-)

Anyone going opening day??  Maybe we can have a good old fashion IRL (In Real Life) meetup!

FREE Disneyland 2fer Tickets!!!!

Are you on Twitter yet??  If not, now might be a good time to make an account, and if you are, you need to follow @Disneyland.  Not only do they let you know about deals around the resort and provide fun facts now and again, but at 12pm today they will be having their “first ticket giveaway” on Twitter!  I take “first ticket giveaway” to mean there will be others too.  So hurry up and add them and check in around noon for your chance to win.  I know I will cause my Annual Pass expires this month!

So hurry, cause it’s FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

OC Roller Girls

OC Roller Girls

I was reading the (online) LA Times, and noticed a little blurb about the Derby Dolls of Los Angeles, and got to wondering if Orange County had its own league, or if we were too wussy to have one.

Turns out we are not wussy at all, and we do indeed have our very own OC Roller Girls, with team names like Huntington Heartbreakers, Back Bay Bombshells, and Wheel Housewives of Orange County.  I have apparently been extremely remiss in not knowing about their existence prior to this day.   They are all over, including Facebook, Twitter, and their very own blog.  They even have a calendar, with part of the proceeds going to charity.

They play at The Rinks on McFadden in Huntington Beach, and their first game this season is January 9, 2010.

Damn.  If I didn’t have a newborn, I might have thought about joining!

Photo Credit: OC Roller Girls

Kogi BBQ Comes To Orange County!

That’s right folks.  The legendary Kogi BBQ, which has made quite the name for itself in Los Angeles for having amazing Korean BBQ with a bit of a Mexican flair (Korean short rib taco anyone??), and also for utilizing their Twitter account @kogibbq to tell folks where they are at the last minute, is here in Orange County!!!  A special thanks to Jodi from LA Metblogs for pointing this out to us. Their newest truck, affectionately named Naranja (“Orange” in Spanish for you multi-lingually challenged), is making it’s way around our fair side of the curtain.

It looks like they hit up 2 locations each night.  They have the week ahead planned on their website, but it is strongly suggested you follow them on twitter as the locations can change or as I’m reading, sometimes the addresses aren’t quite right.

I don’t know about you, but I am SUPER DUPER excited about this!!!!!  It looks like they’ll be at “Prim Jewelers – 1736 E. Meats Ave, Orange”  from 10:30-Midnight this Wednesday, you’d better believe I’ll be there!

Thank you Kogi!!!

Clean Clothes, Clean Fun

When most people think of going to the laundromat, they think of 3 hours of hell that they’ll never get back from their life.  And really, how fun can sitting in a hot, loud room full of short bus rejects actually be?  (Actually I’ve always wanted to open a laundromat that had a live DJ and a bar, but I just don’t have the money to do something like that.  If you do, please open it by my house!!) Truth is, unless you use my idea, laundry will probably never be fun.  But isn’t there someplace that one can do laundry and be happy?  Well, in Orange, there is.

Look how happy that t-shirt is!

Look how happy that t-shirt is!


Can’t Get Enough Disney?

Then the new Disney Parks blog is for you.

Written by various employees and cast members, this is the new go-to place to find out what is going on at the Disney Parks.  And if that isn’t enough, they even have @DisneyParks Twitter account and the @DisneylandNews Twitter account to satisfy your Disney fix.

Hmmm, I’m guessing that Pittrollie will not become a subscriber

Unless, of course, she decides to give Disneyland a shot and winds up actually liking it.

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