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Earth Day OC: Honda Giving Away a Free Insight Today

Where else but at the Honda Center of Anaheim, of course.

The event is being held from 10am to 2pm, and includes all kinds of freebies, such as food from Togo’s, Oggi’s Pizza, and Pepsi.

You have to register in person for the free car, but you don’t have to be present to win! The drawing will be held today at 2pm. Hurry! You can totally make it there on your lunch hour!

And if you win the car, I fully expect at least one ride.

It’s FREEEEEEE!!!!! Ben & Jerry’s Edition!

Today is Free Cone Day st Ben & Jerry’s!

Sorry for the late posting, I can’t believe I missed this one.

Check the link above for participating locations and go get your free cone from 12 noon until 8pm.

GO! What are you waiting for?!?
Looks like the ONLY option we have in Orange County is at The District in Tustin/Irvine. Lame B&J. We like hippies too!

Student Saves Teacher from Choking

Because I’m old and am starting to think of teens as “those whippersnappers,” I thought I’d give a shout-out to one outstanding young man.

The Register reports that Cypress High student Sam Barrera, 15, had all his wits about him as his English teacer was choking on an almond, one of a handful she had popped into her mouth. He rushed to perform a successful Heimlich manuever, and most likely saved her life.

Can we vote for Sam at least getting out of taking the final exam?

300 Anaheim- Adventures in Bowling

I admit it, I like bowling. I’m retro that way. I don’t like it in a “meets-twice-weekly” bowling league type of way, but throw some friends together and a good time can be had by all.

Last week, eight of us went to celebrate my birthday at 300 Anaheim, the new upscale bowling alley located in the oft-malinged (but not by Jon!) Anaheim GardenWalk.


Arrested Development Movie is a Go!

banana-standThat’s right, Orange County’s favorite dysfunctional family is reportedly making it to the big screen.

About damn time.

The Huffington Post has a clip of producer Ron Howard giving the affirm.

Apparently Michael Cera aka George Michael, is the lone cast holdout. George Michael, don’t make me come over there and kick your ass!

So, fans of the Banana Stand, rejoice!

P.S. According to a comment from my esteemed colleague pittrollie, I will no longer have to kick George Michael’s ass. You got lucky, kid!

Give Blood, Beat L.A.!

Over on LA Metblogs, David Markland just put up a post that LA area public service agencies (police, fire and even FBI) are competing in their 3rd annual Battle of the Badges from January 20 – February 2.

“But Dave, what on earth does this have to do with Orange County???”

Well, as it turns out, Orange PD and Santa Ana Sheriff’s Dept. are participating too. So I say we show those LA folks we can rock it out down on this side of the curtain and kick their butt! For more information on the drive just click here.
In case you’re not convinced the Red Cross need your blood, think again. Less than 3% of our population donates blood. Not so good if you need an emergency transfusion. So do it.

If you require compensation for your blood, the Red Cross is giving out a FREE t-shirt and 2 free Clippers tix. (Orange is throwing in a gift certificate to Daphne’s Greek Restaurant too!)

Inaugural Cookies, Courtesy of OC’s Wonderland Bakery

The OC Register reported that Newport Beach-based Wonderland Bakery has been asked by the Obama administration to supply over 6,000 cookies for inaugural parties.

It seems a celebrity client of theirs sent Obama some sugar and gingerbread cookies, and it seems that they were liked. A lot. Enough to be served at two evening galas and a luncheon.

The cookies, which were hand-cut and hand-frosted with French vanilla buttercream frosting, were shipped last week.

All right, so OC so far has the inaugural invocation and cookies. For a “red” county, I think that’s doing pretty good. Does that qualify us as purple yet?

Fans of the Double-Decker, Rejoice!

For Bob’s Big Boy is returning to Orange County!

According to the Fast Food Maven, they will be opening at the Stadium Promenade, down the street from the Pond the Honda Center on Katella.

Whenever we go to the Griffith Observatory, we always make sure to hit up the location in Burbank, so I will be happy to decrease the drive by several tens of miles to fulfill my Hot Fudge Cake fix.

Hopefully, the new location will maintain that old-fashioned feel in its shiny new digs. And between this and the Farrell’s openings, I will be able to spend almost an entire culinary day back in the 1970’s.

They put the "El" in "El Taco"

I’d like to talk to you about a place called “El Taco.” Now, Orange County has a couple of locations, but never mind those.

The best location by far is on Firestone Blvd. in the city of Downey.

They have a huge menu, which is printed on the wall outside the ordering window, and dude, it’s taller than you are. I went there with some friends of mine over Thanksgiving weekend, and they asked me the age old question of what should they order.

My reply?

You can’t really go wrong here.

They have made-from-scratch guacamole, as well as their own taco sauces, which my husband used to hoard for use at home.

So the next time you are in the Downey area, give El Taco a try. There’s also a location on Florence Ave, but the one on Firestone is the original and best.

El Taco
7665 Firestone Blvd
Downey, CA 90241
(562) 806-0672

The Holidays at Disneyland Resort

My family and I were guests of the Disneyland Resort this past weekend, courtesy of my mommyblogging and, ahem, friends in high places.

We were lucky enough to be seated in a special area to watch the “Believe….in Holiday Magic” Fireworks Spectacular, and it was indeed truly spectacular. And did you know that Sleeping Beauty’s Castle has been reopened?

After the show and the subsequent “snowfall,” my sister turned to me and said, “You know, I didn’t really feel like it was Christmas yet. But I do now.”

And that pretty much says it all.

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