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Support Our Troops! Get FREEEE Coffee!!!!

starbucks supports our troops, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

No matter what your view is on the war(s), my hope is that EVERYONE supports the men and women who fight daily for the safety of our (and others’) country. I personally have several friends who have been/are now overseas, and any little piece of home they can get, they cherish. Well it appears our local Starbucks in Anaheim and Orange (maybe others elsewhere too) are sending them some coffee to remind them of what’s on every corner everywhere in America.

Here’s the deal: You buy 1 pound of coffee to send to the troops, and they will give you a free tall coffee for your trouble! It’s a win-win! So help out the good people trying to do good overseas and do it.

Disney Inspiration (DisPiration?)

Don’t judge me. Disney makes up their own words all the time (Environmentality and Presenteeism come to mind). I digress……

I was reading through an Adventures By Disney magazine at work, and came across a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle. I’ve included a picture below:



Look familiar to anyone?? Come with me past the jump for more pics and comparisons to Orange County’s 1st castle.

An End To Train Horns In Orange?????



And so it begins! For many years, the residents of Orange have been trying to find ways to get the trains the shut the hell up so we can sleep through the night. A couple years ago, it was decided that the city would install arms at all the railroad crossings that dropped down on both sides of the road on both sides of the tracks. This make it so the trains don’t have to blow their horns as much (or at all?? PLEASE???). Well it’s FINALLY starting! According to this flyer I got in the mail, it will all kick off Thursday August 27 at 4pm! Of course it’s a school night for me! But hopefully you all can go and tell us about it.

Although with the prospect of winning an iPod, Flip camera, train tix or gift cards, I may just show up a little late to class…….

More Changes For CHOC



Above is a picture of the intersection of Pepper and La Veta in Orange. Here you see the giant “1201 Building” which housed medical offices and a pharmacy. To the left you can see a small parking structure for CHOC.



Here you see the same intersection now. Just 4 months later and the 1201 Building and parking structure are gone! The enterance to CHOC has changed too. I attempted to take cell phone video of them tearing stuff down, but it was crap footage, so…..sorry. It was neat though!!! And loud!

Can’t wait to see what’s in the future for CHOC Children’s Hospital’s future!!
(redundancy on purpose)

It’s FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Free Jack In The Crack Tacos!

Today you can print this coupon for 2 FREE tacos at your nearest Jack In The Box. What are you waiting for?? It’s almost lunch time!

ICME: Mean Cruiser

ICME: Mean Cruiser, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

Have you seen the new Dodge Charger police vehicles? Anaheim, Orange and Tustin have adopted them over the last year or so. These things look mean! I think they are a definite ugrade from the
Caprice or the Crown Vic. What are your thoughts??

More Disney News: Captain EO Returning?

Our friends over at Mice Age are fueling the fire that the much maligned beloved short film starring Michael Jackson will be returning to the Magic Eye Theater in Tomorrowland. While I am personally inclined to say “no way in hell is that ever gonna happen”, I would still add a caveat that I suppose nothing is impossible.


You can watch the full version of Captain EO after the jump…


Yes We Can Beat a Dead Horse


Hawaii just reconfirmed President Obama’s Birth Certificate. Yes that’s right, they have verified its authenticity two times now because (dumb-ass scrot-boy) Alan Keyes and Pastor (and all around menace) Wiley Drake filed a lawsuit in Santa Ana alleging the President is not a natural-born American citizen. Oy vey.

A message to Alan and Wiley: Stop embarrassing yourselves but more importantly stop embarrassing the rest of the people in this county who have to claim you as fellow citizens of the orangiest place on earth. The horse is dead. The certificate has been authenticated three (yes, count them, three) times now. You should quit while you’re ahead and go back to hating gays and ruining lives on state-wide scale because the national limelight does not agree with you!

Wow, where did that come from? I am just sick of hearing about this garbage and it makes me sicker that the garbage is coming from Orange County.

YA Disneyland Post

I can’t seem to stop Disney blogging these. Clearly things seem to come along all at once or not at all – as there is an ebb and flow when it comes to Mouse related news. The lovely little nugget of Disneyana below, appropriately timed during Disneyland’s birthday month, shows some fascinating time-lapse film of the park’s construction (from 55 years ago).

The commentary accompanying the video is equally interesting – at the 1:20 mark they discuss how the opening is just about 3 month’s from that point and the place was a MESS! Boy, did they work fast or what? This is something I feel maybe we could use a little more of in the modern day Disneyland. It seems like the current DCA expansion is taking forever (and it’s just getting started).

If the commentary bores you, just crank up your favorite concept album, mute YouTube and watch it that way. It’s hypnotic…


[via BoingBoing]

Weekday Fun On The Cheap!

Since my job has me working any day (or sometimes all days) of the week, it is not uncommon for me to have weekdays off. While this seems neat, it can be boring, as most of my friends have Mon-Fri 9-5 jobs. So what’s a guy like me supposed to do? Sure there are a number of things I can do that cost a lot of money, but we’re on a budget, so that’s not really an option. Well now I think I may have found something!

Cheap fun!

Cheap fun!

For $8, I can have a nice sized lunch and go bowling at Lucky Strike Bowl in the Block At Orange! Bowling alone usually costs more than that, and $8 is about what I’d spend at a Carl’s Jr. or comparable place (I know I should really be eating at home if I’m on a budget, but I’m allowed to cheat every now and then). If you have the type of job where you alone or with workers and can take a little longer on your lunch, this would also be perfect since bowling is always more fun the more people you have! From what I’m told, the price includes the food, shoe rental and a game. Nice!

If anyone has a weekday off and you want to challenge me to a game, hit me up! I promise, even if I try hard to win, I’ll still make you look like an amazing bowler.

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