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ICME (Print Edition): What Big Ears You Have

Kids ride free?  Gross.

Kids ride free? Gross.

*WARNING- NSFJH (Not Safe For Jr. High)

I’m not so sure I want to see Al’s brains anymore.

I mean really. Who looked at this and thought it was OK to publish? A 13 year old boy?

Stay classy OC Fair OC SUPER Fair.

Luna Bella

As I was walking through the Spectrum around 9.30 tonight, I snapped this photo with my phone. I thought the moon looked gorgeous. Sorry, for the poor photo quality, but I didn’t have a “real” camera and my battery literally died as soon as I took this. Hope you all got to see it tonight.Luna Bella

It’s FREEEEEEE!!!!! (kinda) Free Jamba Juice! (sorta)

Well, actually it’s Buy One Get One Free. BUT that’s still an awesome deal!

And what’s better is that it’s until July 12! So you can print up a bunch of these and do it over and over again!

C’mon. Buy something refreshing AND good for you!
(mostly….read the nutritional facts to see what I mean. Of course, they’re always a better decision than McDonald’s)

I would include a store locator, but let’s face it. Who in Orange County doesn’t know where the nearest Jamba is?? That’s like saying you don’t know where the local Starbucks is.

Archiving Orange County (AOC): Dopey Dick Nixon

Dopey, slippery Dick Nixon

Dopey Dick Nixon

In 1955, Vice President Richard Nixon visits the less-than-1-month-old Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. Of the Seven Dwarfs whose names grace the cars in the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” ride, “Slippery Dick” chooses “Dopey.”

Strong work Mr. Vice President.

It’s FREEEEEEE!!!! Free Hot Dog On A Stick!

Tomorrow Monday, June 15 is FREE hot dog day at Hot Dog On A Stick!!

Head over after work from 5-8pm! Yay!!!!!!!

ICME: contrasted Beauty

ICME: contrasted Beauty, originally uploaded by suprdave89.

I would like to thank the sisters of St. Joseph Hospital in Orange for providing some beauty and color on this colorless, gloomy day.

Weird Al To Be Featured Attraction At The Orange County Fair

Yes folks, it’s true. According to this OC Register article, the fair committee approved (and apparently already filmed) a 3-D movie about “Al’s brain” to be shown at this year’s OC Fair. The 10 minute film will be shown in a temporary tent that will be set up for this year, however there are plans to build an $8 million permanent building at the fairgrounds site.

OC Fair CEO Steve Beazley likened the film to Disney’s “Captian EO”. (I personally would love a full-scale Weird Al spoof of the entire Captain EO short instead of a journey “inside his brain” but….whatever). He goes on to compare the fair to Disneyland (hehe), by stating Disney opens new attractions every year to keep interest in the parks, and they want to do the same with the Fair.

Feel free to read the full article and see the pros and cons to putting this into the fairgrounds.

But I want to know, what are your thoughts? Do you agree with spending $2.5 million on this film, just for the OC Fair? Or do you think this is about as smart as building the New Year’s Eve Orange Drop thingy?

Better yet….let’s do a poll! But please feel free to comment as well!

**Special thanks to former OC Metblogger Mike for sharing this via his twitter account.

If anyone cares what I think, I say build the thing. I don’t think we’re in a position to rule out ANYTHING that could possibly end up making money for fair. Let’s just hope it at least makes $2.5 million to cover the cost of the film!


Wish You Were Here

Surf music at the beach??

Surf music at the beach??

I would like to start off this post by apologizing. I’m sorry if you were working or otherwise involved with life las Sunday, that you were stuck indoors or couldn’t make it to the beach. I’m not trying to rub it in your face. I promise!

My best friend and his wife just got new bikes, so my wife and I decided to join them for a ride around Huntington Beach. Oh boy was I glad I did! I’m fairly certain the weather at the beach was even nicer than it was inland. Honestly, how often does that happen? Especially in June!

More photos and a video after the jump……. (more…)

It’s FREEEEEEEEE!!!!! Free Root Beer Float!!

That’s right folks! Sonic will be giving out FREE root beer floats tonight from 8pm until they close, which if I recall is midnight!

We here in Orange County are lucky to have 2 Sonics! There are NONE in LA. The only 2 “close by” are in Hemet and Apple Valley.

The Anaheim location is on Lemon St just north of the 91 freeway. There’s also a Mission Viejo location (which I didn’t know about until now) located at Jeronimo and Los Alisos.

So go get it! And while you’re at it, take a picture of yourself and upload it to their website. Your face could grace their home page! Ooooohhhh! :-O

Go Titans!

Pano-View of Goodwin Field

Pano-View of Goodwin Field

One of the most underappreciated college teams in the country happens to be our very own Cal State Fullerton baseball team. 

I don’t know why, but hardly anyone seems to pay any attention to them, although they have won four National Championships in the Baseball College World Series since 1979, a better record than both the Dodgers and the Angels.  Combined.

They are consistently one of the highest-ranked college baseball teams in the country, and have an elite training program that has produced 43 Major League players.

It seems that the fightin’ Titans are on another nice streak, having just won against Utah to secure a spot against Louisville in the Super Regional.   They will be playing this weekend at CSUF’s Goodwin Field.

So why not treat yourself and the family to some good old-fashioned fun this weekend, minus the bazillion-dollar paychecks and egos. 

And, as a total aside, as I was doing some research, I stumbled across this entertaining page on Wikipedia.  Somehow Octomom has managed to earn a slot.  Sigh.


Photo courtesty of Wikimedia Commons and Arnold C. Buchanan-Hermit

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