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Malpractice Suit = Catharsis?

Ah yes, good morning!  How was your weekend?  Well while you were busy getting ready for Earth Day on Tuesday (be sure to head to Disneyland to get your free recycled button) and voting for your favorite cat (be sure and bring your insulin and Pepto-Bismol) this Orange County family was suing the pants off of Anaheim Memorial Hospital.

Seems that about an hour after the child was declared dead after drowning in the family’s swimming pool a police officer noticed that, you know, she was breathing again.  Isn’t it enough to thank Zeus almighty for bringing her back from the dead?  Why do we have to sue someone over it?

Here’s an idea: Focus on the future and the child’s future.  Oh and by the way, call me uncaring but how long is it before someone sues the parents on behalf of the child for not properly supervising her and therefore letting her drown.  OK, maybe that was a bit harsh but you get my point. Move forward, let go, forgive yourself and shut up.

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