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Preview Park becoming a Sports Park?

Hangar view from Balloon

Hangar view from Balloon

Last week I was on a bike ride and decided to stop by the Orange County Great “Preview” Park. I happened on a day where the wind was calm enough that the Balloon was open and taking passengers. I decided to take the trip and am glad I did. From the height of about 400 feet, the view is spectacular.
Space being cleared for Sports Park?

Space being cleared for Sports Park?

One of the first things I noticed was the lack of RV’s that were previously behind the gates as I drove/rode in to the park, and that they were clearing the land. It got me wondering, “Is the Preview Park actually becoming more than a preview?” I asked the balloon operator and she confirmed that they were actually breaking ground on the construction of the Sports Park.

Saving water?

This morning while on my way to the train station I was reminded of something that, a couple years ago, I thought was odd. Along the center divider from the 5 fwy to Technology, the grass has been replaced with artificial turf.
I am wondering why. It could be they put the divider in later and it would cost too much to run water out to it. Another thought is that, while athestically pleasing to the eyes, the real grass kept dying due to the emmissions and debris from the freeway and on/off ramps.

Anyone have any answers? Also has anyone noticed anything like this in their cities that are geared mor toward conserving resources?

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