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OC Auto Show in a snapshot and a quick snark


Camaro and a Transformer from the movie.

Love them cars and auto shows.  The OC Auto Show is one of my favs as it is small enough you can see it in one afternoon and still have seen it all.  The other nice thing about it is that it isn’t all concept cars so you have plenty of opps to kick tires, slam doors and sit in your favorite cars.  Well, mostly you can do that.  The exotics are still behind bars where you can only ogle them and lust deeply in your heart for a chance to place your rump in them and imagine the pure enjoyment of running one through the gears.

Probably the most popular showcase was the Transformer Camaro.  At that little spot people are qued up 20-30 deep waiting for their turn for a quick pick in front of the group.  On the sidelines were people equally deep trying to sneak in their own pic without the line.  What ever if you don’t mind other people in the pic with your loved one if it works for you it works for me. (more…)

Laguna Cyclery

I hate when I step into a bike shop for a part or a minor repair and get attitude because they look at my bike and think I am a “fixie kid” (I am actually riding a single speed, and I personally don’t like the term “fixie”). Some shops will look down their nose at you saying that is not “real cycling” (true quote, bit I will spare the shop that said that.)
Laguna Cyclery is not one of those shops.

Laguna Cyclery

Laguna Cyclery

Patrick, Tim, Josh & the rest of the crew there are very helpful with any questions one may have about bikes. Twice in as many weeks I have had minor repairs needed on my bike and the they have come through. They talk to there customers as they are fellow riders, no matter what their level. I am still relatively naive to the parts and servicing of my type of bike, so I ask a lot of simple questions. Not once did it feel like they were put out by answering my questions and even offered more insight beyond the questions. I saw this with other customers also.
Tim and Josh

Tim and Josh

They sell and service all types of bikes from kids bikes to competition road bikes. What has me excited is they have recently started stocking more fixed gear and single speed bikes and parts.
Inside Laguna Cyclery

Inside Laguna Cyclery

They have all types of bikes, parts, clothing and accessories for all types of riders. In addition to sales and service they also provide rentals and guided bike tours

Check out their website and new blog for the latest news.

OrangeJuice: OC’s Other Zoo

While you were liquefying in the record heat (102 degrees!!!), we went to the Orange County Zoo. Honestly I had no idea OC had two zoos.  Did you?  Don’t lie; you didn’t know either smarty pants.

The “zoo” is located inside the Irvine Regional Park, Orange County’s largest public park.  The zoo works as part of a trio of low-fee attractions sequestered in the far reaches of the city of Orange.  There is the Train ($4.00) and the tandem bikes/paddle boats ($14.00) and finally the Orange County Zoo ($2.00).  Oh and let’s not forget the $5.00 parking fee.  Still, a family of five can spend a pleasant hour or two at the zoo for mere ten dollars; you can’t even park at Disneyland for that amount of money.  What a bargain!

So, you know, it’s not the San Diego Zoo people, in fact it’s really quite small. Don’t set your expectations too high.  For our money, it was a pleasant diversion on a sunny afternoon.  We occupied our time studying the bears and mountain lions and foxes and porcupines.  Did I mention all the animals in the place have been rescued?  Well they have. Did I mention they have an Alpaca?  Well they do – and it’s the cutest frigging thing I have ever seen.

There is only one down side:  There is no bathroom in the Zoo proper.  You have to leave the zoo and go use the horror show park bathroom outside.  I would gladly pay a couple bucks more if they would put in some restroom facilities.  Just who are these zoo employees and exactly where is it that they poop?

Toilets aside, you should check it out. It’s good fun.  There web site is at:

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