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Meet Wil Wheaton in Huntington Beach

LA Metroblogger and all-around cool guy Wil Wheaton will be reading from and signing his book Just A Geek tonight at the Barnes and Noble in Huntington Beach. The event starts at 7pm and goes until 8:30pm. The Barnes and Noble in question is at 7881 Edinger Avenue #110 in Huntington Beach, near the old Huntington Center mall.

Wil’s a great writer, and his book is much more than just reflections on Star Trek. If you’re not already reading his blog at Wil Wheaton Dot Net, you should be. Make the trip to HB!

Post-Thanksgiving Shopping

From all the news stations both nation-wide and locally, I was under the impression that Friday the 26th (as well as throughout the weekend) was going to be pure and utter chaos at the malls, Targets and Best Buys in the area..

However, as I discovered, this wasn

The Weekly Imitates The Worst in Blogging

Profiling by government agencies and right wing organizations is certainly a matter that would produce histrionics in the most even-tempered of at the Orange County Weekly. (And it should!) Yet this week, the erstwhile watchdog of Orange-County-style leftist politics does just that with Dave Wielenga’s ballyhooed Orange County: The Quiz.

Quizzes are nothing new to bloggers. Many of us can’t resist undergoing the latest interrogations at Quizzila to see how some only recently deadolescencized pundit pigeonholes us. Now and then you do hit upon a quiz which demonstrates a better than average knowledge of the world — which theologian are you? (Karl Barth here) or which famous philsopher do you agree with (David Hume) — come to mind — or even one which can help you know where you fit in such as the exceptionally well designed Belief-O-Matic quiz (Theravada Buddhist, Unitarian, and Liberal Quaker here). And then you have the trash quizzes, the ones slapped together to fill a back section in a slick magazine or allow bloggers an opportunity to display a cool graphic.

Not only does it not provide a cool graphic for people to display (nor is it automated — couldn’t they have hired a programmer just this once?) but they made it the lead story this week. This in the semi-tabloid which is home of a vapid-angry leftist who not only assailed this blog as “the worst ever” because we complained about noise out on the street invading a coffee shop but proved completely unable to deliver an apology for her character assassination of the one fellow who stood up for her!


A true Orange County Thanksgiving

In a county that has a 200% divorce rate, Thanksgiving weekend can be quite an ordeal for some children. Both sets of parents want to spend Thanksgiving day with their child, and all the kid wants to do is spend the day at his girlfriends house. Nothing good will come of this situation, as I’ve learned from personal experience.

Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. True, you get all the pumpkin pie and cranberry sauce you want, and it marks the arrival of egg nog in the stores, but every year I’m made to feel like I’m choosing one parent over the other.

Compared to Thanksgiving, Christmas is easy. Christmas is a holiday that we have been trained to celebrate for a month, so spending Christmas eve with one parent and Christmas day with the other is no big deal. But if we were to do that with Thanksgiving, it would be the end of the world.

To resolve this yearly problem, I need the housing prices in the county to go down. That way I will be able to afford one and have a giant Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family. Even if that does mean my mom and step-mom have to be in the same room together.

Kitsch is anything but

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and bonding with relatives and those closest to us. The smell of cooking. Familiar family stories. The warmth almost gives you goosebumps. A few friends decided that we’ve had enough of that warmth and needed to get out into the cold. Destination? Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa.

Kitsch bar is a great lounge bar nested in the off South Coast area. Softer down-tempo music makes it to talk. Lounge chairs make it easy to relax. Go before it gets too cool to go. (891 Baker, Costa Mesa)

Hockey During a Lockout?

If you can believe it, there is still hockey being played in Anaheim even though the NHL has locked out its players. The Cincinnati Mighty Ducks played the Grand Rapid Griffins last night at the Pond, but they belong to the American Hockey League (AHL) a minor league of the NHL.

Being the night before Thanksgiving the game attracted a larger crowd then usual. At the box office we had to get standing room only tickets in the lower bowl, mainly due to the fact that the Pond management only opened one section of upper level seating to fans at the value price of 8 bucks. Standing room wasn’t half-bad as it felt like something out of the movie Slap Shot. Wild Wing and the Mighty Duck Cheerleaders acted as if it was a normal NHL season game by going around and finding fans willing to make fun of themselves. Even the entertainment before face offs was based on the show WKRP in Cincinnati and the jumbotron showed clips from previous Duck


Via The Register: Craigs List, the well-known classified website, now has an Orange County section. Personal experience with the SF and LA metro versions prove that it can be an invaluable resource if you’re buying or selling, job hunting, apartment hunting, and all those other things classified ads are good for. But it’s free, and there’s no newsprint on your hands when you’re done.

Happy Thanksgiving from OC Metroblog

The staff of the Orange County Metroblog wishes all of its readers a Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy the feast, but partake wisely.

They Don’t Call it the Harding for Nothing

Approaching Laurel Spring

What is it about lonely men and isolated trails? Yesterday, when I ascended Modjeska Canyon’s Harding Trail, I ran into no fewer than six men on their way down from the snow. Two were on bicycles. The others hoofed it. Today, I saw six cyclists and two hikers. All of them sported grins that nearly spanned Bear Trap Canyon at the sight of our rare snowfall that came down to the 2000 foot level. Most of them reached Laurel Springs at the 3500 foot level and some went even farther down tracks that almost looked like they could have been pulled through a transporter direct from Vermont.

It’s not quite a white Thanksgiving — on Thursday, temperatures will be in the upper sixties to low seventies around these parts. This should melt most of the snow I saw at Laurel Spring yesterday and today, except in a few places in the shadows.


Obey warehouse sale

Burrr. My is it cold. Maybe it’s time to stock-up on some extra layers? Those tanktops & flipflops you trotted around in all summer not cutting it? Well are you in luck. OBEY is having their annual warehouse sale on December 3-5 in Santa Ana. Jackets, pants, tees, hats, and other Obey branded stuff should be on hand for you to show consumer love.

Obey is kind of a poster-art turned skate-clothing-brand turned i-dunno-what. At the very least, you can get your Christmas shopping done for the skate brat in your life.

Dec 3 (1PM – 7PM) / Dec 4 (9AM – 5PM) / Dec 5 (8AM – 2PM)
2313 S. Susan ST., Santa Ana, CA 92704

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