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Your parking skills are lacking

What I realized from the meet up is that there are always two things we can always complain about. One is traffic and the other is parking. And while there’s nothing we can do about the first, except for honking feverously or changing our work hours. gives us a great (legal?) way to unleash our rage at those damn SUVs that take up 2 spots. Buy some bumper stickers, find an idiot parking job, stick, and run-away. Repeat if necessary.


Learn English

I love confusion. I thrive on chaos. (I am the Midnight Bomber what bombs at midnight! Ha ha ha!)

Best Martini… Ever?

My mom’s birthday was Friday, so my parents, Grant and I went out to dinner at The Bungalow in Corona del Mar. The place is located right where MacAurther ends on PCH.


The food itself was excellent – I had a petite filet – and the costs are high but fairly reasonable. However, the best part of the meal by far was the Strawberry Lemonade Martini I had the pleasure of ordering. Literally, people, it tasted like candy. Not sickening-sweet candy, mind you, but the kind you want to keep eating. There is a martini list on the website, but the recipe on our menu was different. There was some kind of strawberry vodka, some other alcohol, fresh lemon juice and strawberry puree. I think that everyone at the table can attest to the fact that I was in heaven. Though the price was a bit steep ($9) I

Save the Blue Orchid!

It’s late notice, but a dear friend of mine is in trouble. The Orange City Council will hold a Planning Commission Meeting tonight at 7pm — item “5” on the agenda:

A proposal to construct a two-story 5,836 sq. ft., professional building on a 19,675 sq. ft. lot, located at 305 S. Main Street. Proposal includes the demolition of 1,400 sq. ft. of accessory structures and the relocation of an historic 1927 Provincial Styled gas station building to 887 N. Glassell Street.

That’s the Old Don Clark Station, currently the “Blue Orchid Flower Shop.” I received word today that the good folks at the Blue Orchid have sent out a plea for support at the meeting. Link to the flyer (828K PDF).

I realize it’s a relocation, but take a trip up Main St sometime. It’s a wasteland outside of the few blocks of life in downtown Santa Ana. The Blue Orchid represents one of the only historic structures between Chapman and Civic Center. It’s a breath of fresh air in a sea of strip malls.

Sure, Orange County is a lost cause. We’ve become the incredible suburb, practically devoid of any historical relevance — but, there are a few reminders out there. Little throwbacks to a place that once was.

Anyway, if you’re interested the meeting is at 7 pm in the Orange City Council Chambers on Chapman and Center.

OC Metblog Meetup


OC Metblogs had its second meetup ever yesterday at the Gypsy Den in Santa Ana. We invited authors to show up this time and had a pretty good turnout. Mostly we got to know each other and a little bit about what we’re all interested in. We strayed a little into site topics and I think that will become more important as we have more meetups. We will probably have a meetup every month using the help of Our specific page can be found here. Future meetups will be open to readers so sign up if you’re interested.

The Gypsy Den itself was very cool. There are locations in the Artist’s Village in Santa Ana and also The LAB Anti-Mall in Costa Mesa. The atmosphere is quaint and the place feels very open. The food itself is good and the prices are cheap. Everyone at the meetup liked their food. Both locations have events regularly that are posted online. I recommend finding some event and heading down there for good food and an interesting experience.

My Son’s 17th

My son celebrated his seventeenth birthday last night. A dozen of his closest friends descended upon the house along with a couple of extra X-boxes, a router, cat-5 cabling, teenage appetites, and an abundance of testosterone. In no time at all the house of filled with empty candy wrappers, loud voices and video game violence. In the past, the Wife has fled to her parents home nearby to escape the noise that usually lasts well into the wee hours of the morning. This year, though, she was so spent that she managed to sleep through most of the din.
When morning did finally come I counted heads and it looks like we lost a few. Now all I have to do is figure out how to feed ’em all. Again!

Ambulance chase

When I saw last night’s ambulance chase on the news this morning (dying at the gym), it brought a whole lot to mind.

First of all, if reminded me of something out of the video game, Grand Theft Auto. Oh god, please let’s not have another round of “The video game made me do it!” I couldn’t take that level of stupidity!

For those not in the know, it started last night in Huntington Beach and ended in Dana Point. (“Look at the sparks,” the guy on the treadmill next to mine told me with morbid glee.) Yes, somebody actually stole a ambulance and went for a ride


Yesterday, on my way to work, the freeway slowed down as it normally does around the 91 and 57. I glanced over and noticed there was a Ford Expedition and some other random car pulled over to the side. Yet… as I looked closer, there was a cop getting into that grey, plain, unmarked Expedition! So, I had a flash of “oh, he’s just checking something out in there” or whatever. But as I passed by, I noticed that embedded in the front grill were two lights – one red and one blue.

Apparently, police/CHP folks are crusing around in big ol’ unmarked SUVs, patrolling our roadways unnoticed. Yikes! I had heard that some were now driving all-white Cameros, but I’d not heard about the Expeditions. Is this just an OC thing? Has this been going on for a while? Will I get a speeding ticket as I innocently floor it past a giant, gas-gusling SUV? We shall see…

Is this Orange County?…

Let me preface this by saying that I’m a native of Orange County, born and raised. In fact, like it or not, I’ve been here all of my life.

Well, this morning, while googling around Google (he said, delighted in using “google” as a verb

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