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The Battle Over One Broadway Plaza

In the city of Santa Ana, a storm is brewing. Not a storm of politics, nor referendums, but of progress.

It is a fight which has caused rifts among all major political parties in Orange County. The project is so controversial is has caused all of them to abstain in voicing their opinion on the project. Last night, I saw first hand how the “wheels of progress” can quickly become a “shredder.”

The development of One Broadway Plaza in Downtown Santa Ana has caused both Republicans and the Democrats to look at if they want to become a new metropolis or remain in the shadows of Los Angeles. Union supporters are supporting the project since the construction crews, the janitorial, and workers in the proposed restaurants will be supposedly union (as of yet I have yet to see a written agreement between the developer and the unions). The Democratic Central Committee meeting on Monday was heated and the arguments, both pro and con, raised valuable points.

Paving Paradise & Putting Up Parking

This weekend, my girlfriend and I started off her career as an amateur day-hiker. I’ve always loved hiking and we were both excited, having gone to REI to get her boots, as we heading down Ortega Highway to the trailhead. It was the San Juan Loop trail, which is a good beginning trail because anyone who asks to be airlifted off that is never going to make it to the tougher trails.

Saturday morning was absolutely glorious out there. The waterfalls were thundering, the flowers were in bloom, the birds were singing pretty much the whole way through – we even found a very fresh mountain lion print, which was as big as Vicky’s foot, I kid you not! Afterwards, we crossed over to the candy store – nicest little place – you should go.

On the wall, as we walked up, we saw a huge display of signs reading, “Save Our Wilderness” and “Say NO to Killing Orange County’s Only Wilderness Resource” and “STOP THIS

Wabbit hunting season

According to this Times article, residents of the Casta del Sol community in Mission Veijo are going to be allowed to shoot rabbits in their neighborhood who have been plaguing their

Shonen Knife at the Galaxy

Back in college, my friend Teresa turned me on to Shonen Knife, a pop-punk Japanese girl band. I didn’t know much about them, but their song “Cookie Day” got a lot of airplay on my radio show. My weekly mailing from the Coach House and Galaxy let me know that they were in town this week, playing Thursday, March 24 at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana. Until doing more research, I never knew they were one of Kurt Cobain’s favorite bands, or that they toured with lollapalooza ’94. If you’re looking for what will surely be a unique punk-pop evening, check them out. Tickets are available from the Galaxy, $12.50 or $15 day-of.

Baby Drop-off

When I was a kid, I lived right down the street from the fire department. They helped engrave our personal info into our television, in case it was stolen. (It was a big thing at the time and I’m guessing it’s so the crook could call and ask how we ever got more than three channels in

Soka University

So I was taking a bike ride along Aliso Creek trail when I stumbled across Soka University. Well, not really. I knew it was there, but never actually visited. Anyways, I decided to have a self-guided tour and realized that: Soka University is the nicest university that no one will ever attend.

I mean, their campus is really beautiful. But at $20,000 a year for tuition, who will want to attend a liberal art


Well, it’s official: Big Lots is coming to Anaheim Hills. According to the OC Register, the lease has been signed and they might move in as early as this summer.


As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m not a fan of this at all. “Close-out prices” and clearance items are neither needed nor wanted in Anaheim Hills. I’ve been in a Big Lots (near my work) and they are junky, messily filled with unappealing merchandise and disinterested employees. I also find it ‘heartening’ how the owner of the property ignored the community demographics and desires to put in a store that in my opinion, no local will shop at. Thanks, man-whose-name-I-don’t-know. Appreciate it.

On a funny note: The spokewoman from Big Lots says she hoped that “the firm’s close-out moments would win residents over” and she thinks “they will be calling each other to say what bargains they have found.” Right.

National Writers Workshop!?

Writers may want to look into the National Writers Workshop hosted by CSU Fullerton. Though promoted to have “something for everybody,” it is heavily geared toward journalists. A quick glance at the speakers and all of them are journalists, former journalists, or giving presentations targeting journalists. Nothing wrong with that, I suppose, but if you’re an aspiring writer of children’s books, science fiction or historical biographies, I’d recommend looking beyond their “something for everybody” marketing claim. Sure, it might be worth checking out — I’m just not sure if it’s worth checking out to the tune of $50 for all of the “other writers” out there.
Details: Saturday, April 30. $50 / $25 for members of AAJA, IRE and the Orange County Press Club, students and journalism professors.

Using FullertonWireless (instead of paying for it!)

Offering anything for free in a county which suffers from NIMBYism (i.e. the death of Centerline and the proposed El Toro Airport) just clashes with the style of the county supervisors. Of course if something is offered for free from the city level of government there is probably a good reason for it.

In Fullerton, home of a major junior college and Cal State Fullerton, the purpose of the free WiFi is to get the students away from the campus and into the local businesses of the downtown area. If you look at a map of Fullerton, Fullerton Junior College, Cal State Fullerton, and the Downtown area serve as three different islands across a semi-vast area of land.

Driving legally… but really bad…

So, I was driving home along the 55 freeway today… I’ve noticed that when you do that you have plenty of time to read. Every couple of minutes or so, you move your car up an inch. I keep hoping it’s the drive-through for Dairy Queen… but it’s not.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t read in my car – I don’t read anything inside my car, that is – I read the bumper stickers of the cars around me. I grimace at the “W-04” bumper stickers and hope they’re very happy, thank you. I like to find the funny ones so I can laugh, but when was the last time you saw one of those?

Then, I saw this old Dodge plastered with bumper stickers against illegal aliens getting drivers licenses. Now, I don’t know about you but I couldn’t care less about it. They’re here – let’s get some of their money as they steal our jobs… busing tables and washing cars. (They used to pick strawberries but I think we lost our last strawberry patch last summer.)

Now, I don’t know anyone who’s been hit by an illegal. I do know a few people who were hit by people without insurance, though, and wonder when that stopped being an issue. I’ve been hit a few times by very nice white people who made the “stupid face” as they walked out of their cars… one time, it was me.

Several minutes passed as I crept past this guy. And then, I noticed that his entire front end was mangled beyond recognition. As far as I can guess, this guy

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