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Is there a blimp convention in Orange County today?

In the past two hours I’ve seen two different blimps. On my way to work I saw a blimp circling around MCAS Tustin (the blimp hangers). It just kept going in circles, I really didn’t understand what it was doing, maybe it was lost and thought that those blimp hangers were still in use.

I really wish I had had my camera with me, because wasn’t just some ordinary Goodyear blimp, it was painted in bright colors, almost like it was painted in graffiti art. The second blimp I saw was a Goodyear blimp, flying above Newport Beach. Not too odd of a sight, but that first blimp was acting weird. Anybody know what it was up to?

Sheriff Carona Kicks Off Re-Election Effort

Things are heating over at the Orange County Sheriff’s office. And just in time, if you ask me. With the presidential election over, the wheels seemingly falling off Arnold’s revolution, and the Haidl trial now over, I was beginning to think things were on the verge of settling down. Then I heard a report on La Causa on KPFK of the goings on in the Sheriff’s office. We already know of the formal charges against former Asst. Sheriff George Jaramillo — misappropriation of funds and conflict of interest. Penny ante stuff that deserves to be to prosecuted but, quite frankly, just isn’t that entertaining. But the plot has become steamier. According to published reports in the Orange County Register, Sheriff Carona claims that Jaramillo “showed him sexually explicit photos of [Erica] Hill” (Jaramillo’s sister- in-law) and that “he saw the two engaged in sexual activities.” In addition, sheriff’s detective Bud Hood testified before the grand jury that “Assistant Sheriff George Jaramillo carried a binder of nude photos of his sexual ‘conquests’ and showed them to associates.” Can you spell hostile work environment?

In Carona’s defense, a sheriff’s spokesman claims that Carona’s comments were simply “taken out of context.” All this comes just in time for Carona’s re-election campaign.

More Free Ice Cream!

On the heels of last week’s Ben & Jerry’s free ice cream event, Cold Stone Creamery is offering a free slice of “Make-A-Wish” Cake from 5:00 to 8:00 PM tonight. In exchange for the free cake slice, customers are encouraged to make donations to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. There are locations throughout Orange County. Help a good cause and get some free ice cream cake!

Oh, and thanks to the tipster who let me know about this. From now on it will be my duty to help you find free desserts in the county of Orange!

Yield to my horse

The bling does strange things to people down in south county. Apparently the folks down around Nellie Gail Ranch in Laguna Hills still deem horses as a feasible means of transportation. Heck, they even have raised cross-walk buttons for you to traverse busy intersections:

What bites me the most as a biker is that I

Ringers Premiere

Last night was the West Coast Premiere of Ringers: Lord of the Fans at the Newport Beach Film Festival. I went with Jill and her parents. We knew there was going to be a line party before the movie, so we decided to show up early to both see the people in line and to make sure we got a fairly good seat in the theater.

When we got there the line was already good sized, and only continued to grow. People might not have been lined up for this movie for six weeks, but the size of the line makes this one far superior to LA’s puny little line of nerds. There were a number of people in costume, which I found really funny. Some of them were quite good, others, not so much. There were people with “Honk if you love Hobbits” signs, and a constant stream of people driving by honking. (I think I saw the same Lexus drive by a half dozen times.)

Ringers West Coast Premiere

On Saturday, at the Newport Beach Film Festival, there will be the West Coast Premiere of Ringers: Lord of the Fans and after-party at the Hard Rock Cafe. It’s going to be a bunch of nerds celebrating their nerddom! It will be better than the Star Wars line. Even Billy Boyd will be attending the party. I don’t see Natalie Portman showing up at the Star Wars line. (Trust me, if she did, I would be there until the movie opened in hopes that she would come back.)

Anyways, if you want to check out this oh-so-nerdy event, you can still get tickets. Or just live vicariously through me, I’ll post pictures and stuff when I have a chance to recover on Sunday.

Look mommy!

See what I made in art class. So puerile.

The troubling case of the poop in the pack

I can only wonder what the judge must have thought.

Leave it to San Jose to point out the things I never knew about my home town. Turns out that the case of the mother who put dog poop in her son’s backpack wrapped up this week with the mother sentenced to 120 hours of community service

Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s!

From our friends at

Holy darn! It’s Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s today, and I almost missed it! If you know what’s bad for you, you’ll go find a shop near you and make with the fattening. I’m heading over the shop at West Hollywood Gateway after work.

While I won’t be heading up to WeHo for Ice Cream, there are locations in Orange, Fullerton and Irvine for all you OC folks. Enjoy!

Amazon BBQ

Vicky and I, along with my best friend, Tim, decided to try something a bit different this past weekend. We drove out to a bland, little building off of the 91 freeway and Lemon, in Fullerton. Well, it’s bland as you approach and then you go into park and see this big sign with prices. “With meats” and “Without meats” it says

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